Friday, December 4, 2015

Thinking Upon New Year's Resolutions...

Because it's not really so very far off now, I've been thinking upon New Year's Resolutions...

I always make them, Resolutions for a New Year and a Fresh Beginning as the New Year is ushered in... because I am a Goal Oriented Person by Nature.

The end of every year kinda Rushes right up on ya... due to the rapid succession of Holidays and packing so much Activity into just a few short Months of one Season, a Season that seems to speed by faster than the other Seasons!

Up until I'm preparing to Celebrate Halloween, the rest of the year seemed to mosey by at a less accelerated pace, one I could keep up with... well, mostly.

And though the Weather, the Holidays and the Celebrations of this time of year here in the Desert makes it my Favorite Season... the pace of it all is too fast for me.   I intentionally attempt to slow it down and linger in it all, rather than Rushing through it.

I make it a point to slow down my thoughts and my own pace so that everything can be savored properly and have adequate time for Reflection.   Quiet Reflections if I can manage it, which is quite a feat around here to be sure, but one worth striving for.

So after I've set the Mood, the Ambiance and sufficiently Decorated our Home... I'm inclined to start thinking upon what I would really like and want the New Year coming up to bring?  What do I really want it to play out like?  What do I REALLY WANT?

Often when Life is hectic, and mine always seems to be, since it's very Full and I pack a lot into any twenty-four hour period, you just start Doing and don't really Think about things too deeply.

And that is why a Game Plan... some Resolutions and definite Goals, are very Important to me, so that I do have some aim and direction rather than just Reactively Living and ending up someplace quite by accident.   I would much prefer to be Intentionally Living if I can, with a concise destination I Hope to arrive at.

Because if you don't really know where you are going, how on earth do you know, would you know, could you know, when you actually get there?!   I don't attempt to make my Resolutions and Goals so ridiculously lofty that I give up on them completely or right away.

And I know my Personality well enough to realize that if I am determined about a Resolution or Goal, there is a very good chance that I will attain it... even though it might not have a specific deadline for me to attain it.   I don't much like deadlines anyway... or even keeping track of Time, Truth be told!

I only keep track of Time because I HAVE to... not because I WANT to.  Idyllic World for me would be to never consult a Clock, a Watch or even glance at a Calendar all that much.   I always get far more done without deadlines or focus upon how much Time has elapsed.

Since I like the Journey as much as arriving at any particular Destination then it just can take as long as it takes.  I like to Wander and to Meander when I'm Journeying towards anything... I'm not much of a Point A to Point B Type... I take a lot of Detours... on Purpose.

If it weren't for the Financial Constraints right now I wouldn't really Care how long it took me to Clear Out the Old Homestead and get it readied for Sale.   I'd just keep at it... and end each day at it whenever I Felt Tired or I'd done enough, without regards to how long it had been that day or even how much got accomplished.

I'm like that when Creating too... which is why Commissioned Pieces were the Devil to me... I HATED knowing someone was waiting on a piece.  Nothing stifled Creativity quite like a deadline!  I'd much rather Create when I felt like it, for as long as I felt like it, with the Goal of finishing a Piece but with no thought at all as to when that might be?!

Sometimes when I'm Creating... Junquing... Clearing Out the Old Homestead I can be at it for hours and hours and hours but it doesn't even seem like it because I'm in The Zone for the Doing of it.   But I have to first possess the Resolve to what I want to be doing, like to be doing, and what I REALLY want?

There are so many things falling off of my Really Want List now that I'm Simplifying Life on Purpose.  It is quite Empowering when that List gets Shorter because then you actually spend more Time on what you REALLY Want!

Lately Princess T and I have spent more Time Playing Together for example, because it's Fun... she Enjoys the Quality Time Together... and at this Season of Life I realize how easily we often Forget how much Fun it is to actually just Play!

She and I both like Doing a lot of similar things that for us is Play... like Organizing and Sorting through our bits and bobs.   Our Collections of Tiny Treasures brings us a lot of Joy and we can spend a great deal of Play Time just sitting down with some of it and going at it 'til we don't want to anymore! 

  I won't go thru the Short List of what Resolutions I've already decided upon... maybe I'll Profile some of them in Future Posts.   But one Resolution I've kept at Faithfully for several years now and Plan to Continue with... is spending Pleasurable 'Down' Time Blogging.

And taking it Easy once some of the Major Projects of 2015 wind down and are Completed! *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Resolutions!! I think I might have only kept one I ever enter checks into my checkbook log which is now my debit card log so I have complete knowledge at all times how much cash is in our acccount, lol. Been keeping that one for 20+ years now since a total disaster occured when I forgot to make a deposit at the bank.

    For the most part, in each new year I review what my current focus is and resolve to tweak it and become more productive and creative. That's it because my daily focus is always to be a better person which I need to remember each and every day lest my mind turns to the dark side, lol.
    HO HO HO!!

    1. Oh yes, keeping the Dark Side at bay is always crucial isn't it!? *LOL* I think we all have one actually, it takes a lot to make mine surface, but once it does, Dark Dawn isn't my better person that's for sure! *ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I agree with you about 'time' a while ago I sent you a pic of the only clock I have in my house, but I don't know id you ever received it.I'll try sending it again. Blessings to you and yours.
    PS sending clock to you other e-mail

    1. I don't know that we even have any Clocks in our Home, I don't think so and the Vintage Alarm Clock Collection is non-functional. *LOL* I do wear a watch, because of coarse I have to know what time it is for appointments, picking the kids up from school or getting them there on time and to get to work on time. But if I don't have an appointment or need to be somewhere at a particular time I don't pay any attention to Time... it's irrelevant to me. Dawn... The Bohemian


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