Monday, December 21, 2015

The Home Stretch... Countdown To Christmas

Yes, we're on the Home Stretch now on the Countdown to Christmas... only four more days!

I have kept adding to the Holiday and Seasonal Ambiance here at the house with small touches like Simple Greens.  Wish they could be the Real Deal, but in a Desert Environment they just dry out too quickly to Enjoy long enough.

Some folks might go with a more Traditional Basket of Pine Cones and Greens... ours is more Our Style of a Basket of Ostrich Eggs and Greens!  *LOL*

I tore apart an Old Centerpiece Display to get these Greens because they looked the most Realistic... in Real Life they don't shine so they actually look more like the Real Deal than in Photographs.

In fact I went on a Greens tucking Mission all over the house with my faux sprigs of Pine!  *Smiles*

I actually have some Pine Room Spray that smells like the Real Deal, but since I'm burning Patchouli Candles, I think we have enough Scent around the house and I don't want the Aromas competing!

I don't know about you but typically I keep Decorating right up until a particular Holiday arrives... just small touches, as I find them and feel they'll add to the Atmosphere.

This year my Pickin' Mission Statement for additional Christmas Touches was to find more Organic Simple Touches like the Greens and Natural Elements that evoke a Christmas Feeling to our New Home's rooms.

One side of the Fireplace on the Dining Room side I added a faux Berry Garland... we decided not to use the Gas Fireplace for the Winter, it just got too Hot and the flames weren't Impressive enough for me anyway. I prefer a Wood Burning Fireplace... the Pyro in me just isn't Satisfied with Natural Gas paltry Fireplace flames.  *Smiles*

And since we haven't added a Mantle to either side yet, since we're still debating what look we want for each side and to Source and Create the Columns and Mantle from Architectural Salvage... I had to hang the Garlands with Magnets and didn't want them to melt with any heat!  *Smiles*  The Living Room side has a faux Pine Garland.  

Most of my Natural Touches were Sourced secondhand at about a dollar a pound so they only cost me Pennies.   The Tin Star was supposed to go atop the Dining Room Christmas Tree, but after putting it up on a Footlocker I couldn't reach the top, so made an impromptu Centerpiece with it instead.

Now in my Head my Fireplace should look something like the one at Cracker Barrel, you know, large enough you could almost walk into it and Cook over it with a Cauldron!  *LOL*   Theirs is Gas too but they get some Impressive flames out of their Gas and it's Open!

But though we Love Flagstone Fireplace Facades we've had them before and we are leaning towards at least the Living Room side of our Fireplace to be Old Brick... and then an entire Wall opposite it to have an Old Brick Facade Industrial Loft Style eventually.

For now the Budget can just swing minor Touches that cost Pennies... and a Creative Pickin' to Source them... so I did snatch this Cute Velvet and Metallic Trim Mini Santa Hat off an Old damaged Santa for my Mini Medical Cadaver to wear.  *Winks*

And snatch this Cute Santa Hat off a larger damaged Santa.   If you have a Pickin' Place that is the Graveyard of damaged Merchandise don't discount it as being a Wealth of Possibilities to Salvage parts from for other Projects.   Otherwise it all goes Landfill Bound and is Lost... and some things still have Elements that can be Rescued and Repurposed.

I am a Rescuer of any Cool Santa Hats, Accessories or Robes off of damaged Santas that cannot be Salvaged themselves, but which are wearing some pretty Cool Yuletide Elements I can Save!  *Smiles*

The Christmas Cards are rolling in from Friends and Family...  I do notice in recent years that many folks have entirely quit sending Cards the Old School way... we haven't.   Though we don't send Obligatory Cards, we do send them to the People who mean the most to us and Invest the Time to keep in touch regularly.   An E-Card just isn't the same or as Personal IMO and I don't pay any attention to E-Cards because I personally don't like them or use them.

I guess you could say we're quite Old Fashioned in how we Prefer to Celebrate our Holidays and Holy Days.   Our Traditions and Rituals might be added to... but we rarely take away from them because they are Meaningful to us.

We might not be very Conventional in some ways, but we are Sentimental and Embrace certain Traditions that have been handed down from Generation to Generation and we keep very much Alive and Hope our Families will well into the Future?

Some things are just worth Preserving... and I only ever quit when I absolutely have to.  Like Letter Writing for Example, which I'd still do to this day... but which hardly anyone else does, so it just became a Dying Art Form and Tradition of Keeping in Touch in that Personalized way.  Once it was Dead, well, I quit too, but reluctantly.

I do Miss my Dad's Chex Party Mix recipe he made for everyone every Christmas... the Store bought varieties just don't compare and my Home-Made attempts pale in comparison to his.   But, we always have it... and Nuts... available every Christmas, along with other particular Seasonal Treats.

I know most folks Hate Fruitcake, we happen to Love it and so I always try to buy some now that my Dad isn't around to make his Special Recipe that had Liquor infused in it and took Months or even a full Year to get Aged just right!   Dad would begin his Fruitcakes a long time before the Holidays and they were Excellent... like a Fine Aged Wine would be!

The Man also has fond Memories of his Dad's Home-Made Fruitcakes, which were Liquorless, but I'm sure nonetheless Excellent and Tasty!   His whole Family would get involved in the making of it.

I Rescued this Vintage Deer which had lost it's Antlers... now it's a Female and I'm Okay with it not being a Buck anymore... still Cute and worth Saving.   And it cost far less than a Buck... I think I paid about a Nickel for her actually!  *LOL*

Well, I've picked up some extra Shifts at our Antique Mall so I'll be Working Tonight and again Tomorrow Night... but then no more until after Christmas.

I do Hope you all are Enjoying the Home Stretch Countdown to Christmas as much as we are my Friends?

Now it's all about the Relaxation and just Reveling in the Atmosphere of the Season... all Shopping and Presents Done makes it No Stress now.

Everyone is taken Care of... and we spend most days just in Relaxation Mode!

Or spending Time with Friends and Family, which is a major Focus for us during any Celebratory Season.

We've added to Christmas this Year in very small ways... and released a lot of Seasonal Stuff to go on to New Homes.

Keeping only what we most Love and Simplifying Life has been a Refreshing Change that I am fully Embracing and Intend to Continue thru 2016 in fact.

So Santa needn't bring anything for The Man and I on Christmas Day... we have everything we Need and just about everything we could ever Want now... we are Truly Blessed above Measure!


And may you all be Blessed above Measure too my Friends... Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OH yes! You have received much this year! A New Beautiful Villa Home and Final Adoption of your Prince and Princess, and Better Health for Yourself and your Man! May God continue to Bless You through this New Year!

    1. Thank You Marlynne... and may you too Enjoy Health and Happiness as we move into this New Year! Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your home is really looking like you now. I agree about cards and letters and we keep to these old traditions too. They will return one day! Love that Deer ballerina in your first photo. A friend of mine here in England makes some similar. Wishing you and yours a wonderful relaxing holiday season. See you in 2016! Much love xxx

    1. The Deer Ballerina was Created by a Talented Friend of mine that shares a similar Aesthetic so I always Love her Work. Merry Christmas to you too LeeAnn... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Merry Christmas Dawn.....You have made great progress in your lovely new home. Now it is time to enjoy!!


    1. Yes, I am Enjoying our New Home for the Holidays! So different... in a Good way. Dawn... The Bohemian


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