Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sneak Peek Preview ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Flea

***NOTE: ALL Beautiful Imagery in this Post is from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook site!***

So normally I don't do this... a Sneak Peek Preview of an Event I haven't even gone to yet... but this Month I'm making an exception and Clearly you can already see why, right?  *Winks*  Yes, THE SWEET SALVAGE Event this Month will be "The Sweet Flea" and who doesn't get Excited about a proper Flea Market filled with Bargains!?!   And even a Thousand Freebies thrown in! 

 *Gasp, yeah THEY DO, See!!!*

And already I'm totally in Lust with this Chair... OMG... this is Sublimely My Style and would go Perfectly at New Bohemian Valhalla to replace the oversized Chair I got rid of from the Old Homestead!   The Fabric, the Color Palette and the Styling is Ideal for our Home... I now Need a quick Infusion of Cash for this Sale, Santa Baby!  *Winks*

And just when I thought that was the Perfect Chair here is yet another Ideal Option!   Actually in a Perfect World I'd just buy them both since we Need and wanted extra seating in the Livingroom and would be Saving Up for it anyway.   But the key phrase is WOULD BE Saving Up for it... AFTER Christmas, since buying for all the Grands has totally wiped out my discretionary Budget!  *Le Sigh*

So... alas, I'll probably be able to get neither... and they're both exactly what I'd been looking for, so that totally Sucks.   Isn't that always the case, you Find exactly what you Need and have been searching high and low for and couldn't find before... but it's usually when your Bank Account is tapped out!?!  I'm Wondering what I could Sell Off in a hurry for a quick Cash Infusion... we'll have to see... Tick Tock Tick Tock, not much Time left to Work my Hustle!  *LOL*

But even if I have to come away with nothing at all I still have to go and be duly Inspired and Overdose on the Eye Candy of what I'd like to have been able to afford.   I can be a good Window Shopper too... I always Feel that Karma will bring me what I Want and Need in Good Time... I'm just never quite certain when that will be, so Patience has to be Exercised... my Patience Muscles are getting Stronger from all the Exercising of them in fact!  *Bwahahahaha!!!* 

For example I'm still Exercising Patience Muscles awaiting the G-Kid Forces New Health Care Cards, which are languishing somewhere in Post-Adoption Land!  So much for the Smooth Transition!   Luckily the Kiddo's Dentist's Assistant is good at digging up stuff and managed to get me the pertinents on which Health Plan they'll have and the necessary Approval Data, since everything previously was being Denied, we allegedly had no Health Care for a Month and the Young Prince was only four days from being out of his Psyche Meds!  *Whew*   I Owe that Gal Big Time, she was able to do what the Attorneys and Caseworkers seemed unable to, and she should be a Private Investigator with her Mad Skills!  So with her sleuthing on our behalf I was finally able to get the Rx refilled with his New Name and also Schedule all his necessary Appointments!  *Sigh of Relief*  

So things are slowly but surely Working Out in our Favor... and I have to Believe that Feathering our New Nest with the Necessities we require will also happen all in good time.   We got rid of so much in the way of larger worn out Furnishings during the Move and are slowly replacing them as we can, it will be a Process.   Of coarse I will Hold Out for the Ideal pieces and not Settle either, which may take longer... but I'm used to that... I'd rather do without than Settle!  *Smiles*


I once went years without a Dining Table in order to Save Up for the one of my Dreams... we just ate off of TV Trays... I wasn't gonna waste money on interim Sets that I didn't really want and had to Settle for.   I'm just not very Good at Settling... never have been... never will be... and I'm Okay with that Outlook actually.  I've found that when you Settle for something less than you really wanted or needed, there can set in that complacency since you at least have something now, and it can hinder you actually getting what you really wanted or needed to replace what you Settled for!

If you do without for a while... and especially if it becomes a long while... you remain hungrier for that which you have set your Heart and Mind upon and the acquiring of it!   Your Focus for it becomes laser sharp and when you finally get it, well the Acquisition is just that much Sweeter. Nothing worth having typically comes easy, cheap or without some Sacrifice... and anything worth having is worth waiting for!

My Parents Taught us to always get the very Best we could Afford... and Trade Up if you have to along the way to getting the Primo Pieces.   If you bought Quality in the first place you always have added Value later on to Barter and Negotiate with.   And Quality also LASTS... if it's not a piece of crap it isn't likely to fall apart, wear out or depreciate in Value over Time.

And look whose back in da House this Month all the way from Red Lodge, Montana!   My Gal Heidi of PARIS MONTANA!!!!!!!!!    I'm already positively drooling over her Blinged our Gypsy Style Skullies brought back from the Ranch!  *Swooning*   I'm kinda Smitten with that Center one!   So Happy she's back in Sunny Arizona for the Winter, we've Missed her terribly!

Her Over-The-Top Creative Genius is right up my Alley and so I've got it all over our Home... and her Couture Jewelry is my absolute Favorite to wear... I Feel Decadent and Radiant wearing it if even in my Jammies!  *LOL*   Okay, so this Skully is really Captivating me too... in fact, choosing A Favorite, Impossible really when each is Gorgeous and OOAK!

The Ambient Lighting Features are always Spectacular too... we're still Saving Up for a Special One over our Kitchen Island... I'm so Conflicted on the exact Vintage Industrial Style I want because there are so many Wonderful Options around now!

And a Scene like this one just makes me want to Move in... it has all of the Elements and Imagery I particularly Love to surround myself with at Home!

And of coarse I cannot wait to see what other Bohemian Bling the Artisans have come up with for this Show!?!   But we'll see Tomorrow... since Opening Day is in the Morning!    *Whoo Hoo!*

And later that Evening will be Happy Hour and Free Professional Photos!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my word...
    I need those chairs also~!
    Perhaps we could contribute jointly and have custody of them 6 months out of the year... lol
    That rose one has stolen my heart~!
    Merry Christmas~!

    1. Ha ha ha, that Joint Custody Arrangement Appeals to me! *Winks* Better than not having them at all, right? *LOL* Merry Christmas to you too Jen and Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That rose colored chair is to die for. Oh, not me so much, but my daughter would covet it!! We have the skull of a cow whose name was Miranda. She is still curing out by the fish pond. She keeps losing teeth and I keep saving them!!
    Merry Christmas

  3. Oh goodness, I wish I could be there. I love both the chairs too, especially the rose coloured one, and I'm with you about the middle skully. I know it's naughty, but I'm coveting like crazy. Blesiings

  4. Nothing is more fun then surrounding yourself with other creative people. That is what I miss about doing shows, more than anything...however, I did help my gf with her basement, and she has a pile of dolls and vintage horses---we may have to attack in the NEW we have been saying that for a few years...Grins I'm so far behind...Merry Christmas! Sandi


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