Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let The Bleaching Begin...

Okay, so I just couldn't Resist leading off with my latest acquisition even tho' it's Off Topic for Today's Post!  *LOL*   Isn't he Adorable?  Well, in my Demented World he is anyway and he looks Happy to have been Adopted by us Addams Family Types who Love him, see, he's Smiling and all Pimped Out for the Holidays already!!!  *LOL*   He'll now spend his days positioned around the house Pimped Out in various Costumes throughout the year.  My Friend Brett let me take him Home last Night after our Shift because Customers kept messing with him to a point he risked being more jacked up than he already is!  *Ha ha ha*  The Triple Amputee Medical Student Cadaver {Not a Real Human one... so don't Freak! Smiles*} that I'd been Seriously Jonesin' for since before Halloween... that he had in his Showroom.  I mean how many Customers are Jazzed to Jones for an Armless, one Legged Cadaver with no Feet I Wonder?  *Insert me raising my hand Gleefully!*

We all know how Tenacious I can be when I really, really think I NEED and Desperately WANT something, right?!  *I know, that's an Understatement... Trust me, Brett knows!  LOL*   So after Fierce Negotiations for a few Months now and wearing poor Brett down to a nub, we FINALLY Worked something out for Next Year that we both felt comfortable with... you know, one of those First Cousin Deals us Die-Hard Negotiators Insist upon with an I'll Owe Ya Later vague Deadline... *Bwahahaha*   Brett is such a Sweetie and he knows Cadaver Man is much better off in my Home than being Tortured in the Showroom!  Not to mention Cadavers are a Soft Sell during the Christmas Season... Go Figure!?  *Winks*  But, where would you find another one, right?!  *Smiles*  And The Family weren't the least bit Surprised when I rolled up last Night with a Skeleton in my Trunk!  That shows ya how we Typically Roll... it wasn't even Weird or Unusual... almost a bit Gangsta actually... Dead Guy in the Trunk Late at Night and all being unloaded under the Cover of Darkness... Hope none of the New Neighbors were looking and got totally Freaked Out????!?  'Cause I had to leave the Garage Door Open to unload him otherwise I couldn't get him outta the Trunk! *Bwahahaha!!!*

But I digress... now back to Topic... of letting the Bleaching begin!   You see, this year I've been rather Obsessed with Bottlebrush Trees.   I had a Mild Obsession with them in the Past, so I had a Mini Hoard of Vintage ones.  But now they're harder to find on a Budget at the Cheapskate Price *Winks* and so I've been reduced to getting Creative about having a Forrest of them.  People are becoming very Enamored with these now and so the Vintage ones are Commanding a Spendy amount, you know, the ole' Supply and Demand Thing that is every Retailers Dream Come True!  So I'd like to jump on that Bandwagon and Create more than just the ones I wanna have in my Personal Stash so that Baby can get New Shoes and all... because Princess T is, after all, the Imelda Marcos of the Desert!  *Ha ha ha*

Some of my Bottlebrush Trees I wanted to leave "As Is" and not only Simple, but still the Traditional Green and just have them be a Pop of Color in my now more Neutral Sepia Landscape.  Which BTW I'm J'Adoring the Ambiance of more and more lemme tell ya!   Sepia grows on you even if you tend to be a Colorful Personality like myself... it is the only Colorless Palette I could actually Co-Exist with in Harmony without NEEDING to throw Jewel Tones in there constantly.  *Smiles*  It is so Soothing to be surrounded by the Warm Glow of a predominantly Sepia Space... and the Family are really Embracing it too as a more Calming Environment.  Which this Crew NEEDS a more Calming Environment to slow their Roll... otherwise I'm scraping them off the Ceilings and they're bouncing off the Walls because Calm is not a Word I'd even remotely use to Describe their Usual way of Being!  *Ha ha ha*

But I didn't want Permanent Alterations to my Vintage and Antique Loving Cup Collection... so I just plopped the Bottlebrush Trees Temporarily into a few of them and will eventually plop more in the entire Collection once the Bleaching begins.   Because my Goal is to Create some more White and Sepia Bottlebrush Trees... since the Vintage ones in those Hues are somewhere in a Tower of Milk Crates almost to the Ceiling in the Garages and Lord knows I am probably not going on a Scavenger Hunt to Locate them unless I get a Wild Hair to... which could happen... but just in case it doesn't... you know... better to just Create some more...

One of my Favorite Collections is my Vintage and Antique Loving Cups and so incorporating them into a Holiday Vignette was definitely a Goal this Season for the New Home.   I utilize them for so many Decorating Projects that they've been a very Good Investment... but again... once they became a Popular Trend, it's been getting much harder to find them on the Cheap anymore so I haven't 'Scored' any New Old ones in a while now.  *Pouting Petulantly*   The last one I Scored in fact has a funny story, I was trading in my Aluminum Cans for recycling and the Old Guy who runs that Operation happened to have pulled one out of his Metal Recycling Mound and set it aside.  Clearly he knew it was worth more than the twelve cents a pound he'd paid for it, but he was more than Happy when I showed a Passive Interest in it {though Inside my Heart was thumping like a Hummingbirds and I had my Poker Face on... LOL}... and we Negotiated a Deal we both were giddy about, me giving him all my Aluminum for said Loving Cup... which was a Fair Gypsy Trade for both of us, since I had a lot of Aluminum Cans at a Dollar a Pound he would have had to shell out for.  He made Money, I didn't have to pay any Money... Cha-Ching for both of us!

But my ADHD is Showing again ... *Winks* and I've strayed Off Topic once again!   Back to the Studio Loft now where the Project Trees are in a present state of Suspended Animation until I find the Time to Bleach some of them... I'm not sure how many... we'll see.   And dig out Containers of Silverplate, Copper and Brass that I want to Display them in and Embellish.   And as you can see I'm very OCD and positively Anal about my Pre-Project Stuff being Vignetted so that it doesn't look so messy waiting to be turned into something!  *Ha ha ha*   Does anyone else do that I Wonder?  The Man thinks it's Nuts since he said any Work space CAN look like a Hot Mess In Progress... but he's not OCD and so it wouldn't drive him Crazier to see it that way!  *Bwahahahaha!*   And all the OCD and Anal People out there said AMEN!

And I also want to Create more and more Scrabble Tile Art since I have a Massive Hoard of those and enough German Glass Glitter to Glitterize just about everything really.  *Ha ha ha*  I think my Glittery Friends are Contagious and Infected me with the Glitter Bug, because though I have always been a Human Magpie and Loved anything Sparkly, I didn't always Feel a NEED to Glitterize so many things as I do now!  *Winks*   And that German Glass Glitter is Killer I tell ya!  Whoever Invented that was Pure Genius!   Yes, it IS more Spendy, but Splurge, you won't Regret it and you'll Thank me later!  You'll probably also never Settle for regular Glitter again because you'll become a Total Glitter Snob!  *Winks*  

I sometimes Feel like a Glitter Junkie buying my 'Fix' from the Glitter Dealers by the Pound 'cause I've moved far past buying by the Ounce, I'm that Strung Out on it now!!  *Bwahahahaha!*   If there is a German Glass Glitter Anonymous Meeting anywhere in the Area I should probably be Forced into an Intervention before everything around me has been Glitterized and we totally Overdose on Sparkle and Shine or go totally Blind from the Glare!!!!!?!?!??!   *Winks*

And another Genius Move was whoever Created Bling by the Yard!  I used to have to dismantle Vintage Bling that was already damaged in order to Create the amount of Gypsy Sparkle I hadda have on my Stuff.  Now I can buy it by the Yard or the Roll... how Convenient!  And especially when the Craft Stores have Coupons and Sales... got this Roll 50% Off, Booyah!!!

My Preferred Bottlebrush Tree Color is this Sepia Tea Stained Hue after they have been Bleached out from their Traditional Color of Green.   If you need Tutoring on Bleaching Bottlebrush Trees the Internet is loaded with Great Simply Explained Tutorials about how, find the one that Works best for you.   Several Blogs also explain how and show you some Amazing Creative Ideas to spark your Imagination and Inspire you beyond Belief!   I am quite sure my Obsession stemmed from this Creative Sharing going on... Thank You, like I NEEDED another Obsession, right?!?!?  *Ha ha ha*

And Necessity is after all the Mother Of Invention now isn't it?  This year I could no longer be the Lazy Artisan that just prefers to Buy someone else's Art because she never got into the Studio to Create a damned thing.  Nope, this year being Broke was certainly a Catalyst to get off my Lazy Creative Arse and HAVE to Create something or do without!!!   And you KNOW I was NOT doing without!!!  *LOLs*  Heaven Forbid... I would have gone into Complete Withdrawal when I see "I Die" Holiday Decor and cannot buy it and don't at least make one instead!!!  I'm Insatiable that way when it comes to Beautiful things I want to incorporate into my Home and our Holidays some kinda way!

But because my... ahem... "Helpers"... NEED to be asleep before the Bleaching begins lest they Insist upon splashing Bleach around with me since it looks like such Fun.  And then they know what Bleach actually DOES and Lord knows what that will lead their Creative and Resourceful little overactive Minds to wanna then Bleach!??????????   *Shudder*   We'll Save this Project for the wee hours of some Morning where I'm Bleaching Bottlebrush Trees and Tea Staining some at like Three A.M. as if I'm some Crazy Menopausal Insomniac Woman!  Which I am, but that's besides the Point! *Ha ha ha*

My Projects DO have to usually be so Covert tho'... lest The Force become Involved and pitch a Fit if they can't be... and sometimes pitch a Fit while DOING a Project with me since they're very Competitive in Nature. {Don't know WHERE they got THAT from?  Ha ha}   And lets face it, some Projects we are just doing to Feed our own Souls and not be in Art Teacher Mode where it ends up Feeling as if we Sold our Soul to the Devil now becoz the Drama heightens to where we Wonder why we ever thought or were Evilly Tricked into doing a Project Together... because it's turned into not even remotely being a Good Idea??!??!   Not to mention the Input from The Force would usually Play Out with the Young Prince wanting Gothic Black Trees or Rainbow Trees... and Princess T wanting Gold, Silver, Purple, Turquoise or Pink Trees... and my White or Sepia ones would be deemed Boring, Lame and Drab!   Just what you wanna hear your Creations being Labeled, right?!?!?  *Ha ha ha*

For now I have been unable to Squirrel away and do any Bleaching... but I'm ever so ready to let the Bleaching begin!   Though I'm picking up more Holiday Hours at the Antique Mall, which is Stellar since Sales this Season are more sluggish than last Season at this time and I've got that slew of Grandkids to Fund Christmas for.   I know, we tell them all about the Joy of Keeping it Simple, Spiritual and Focusing upon The Reason For The Season... but Today's Youth have totally bought into the Commercialization Hype which IS more about the Stuff and Profit.   I'm not slamming anyone trying to earn a Living mind you, or supplementing a Fixed Income like we are trying to do... but the flagrant disregard for what it SHOULD MEAN to Celebrate a Holiday or Holy Day does seem to have overtaken it all now... the Reason why we are even Celebrating seems to have been Lost in the Process and the Hype nowadays and that DOES Grieve me!

I've kept our Decorating on the Down Low and Simplified this year for that very reason.  We will Enjoy those who have gone Over The Top with their Spectacular Displays, which can be quite the Labor of Love to Create and Share... and I'm Grateful for all that too since it is Fun and Festive.  But I avoid the Retail Malls like the Plague this time of year... the Spirit of Christmas is just not there, Frenzied Shoppers are there Consuming... and Over Consuming... and that just ends up making me Sad that it's come to that and been Reduced to that for so many folks.

I know this might even sound like Self-Sabotage, but I wouldn't even want Over-Consuming Shoppers to hit my Showrooms at the Antique Mall, because I don't want any of my Customers to have Buyer's Regret, Remorse or buy something they really can't Afford and go into Debt to Purchase.   I just don't want the Dollars that much to have that on my own Conscience really.   I want them to Love what they have Scored from my Spaces and have had it be reasonably enough Priced that they could Afford it or have Saved up for it properly, where it won't be a burden later to Deal with or cause Stress after the Holidays have passed and bills pour in for what they bought on Credit.

Maybe that is precisely why I've always much more Enjoyed The Thrill Of The Hunt and finding Real Bargains when I do my own Shopping throughout the year?  Maybe that is precisely why I never really want or need anything for myself or for The Man for Christmas and we always make it all about the Kiddos and what it means to us Spiritually?  If I don't have a single Present I'm not at all Feeling Deprived because I Feel so Blessed every day of the Entire Year and so giving The Lord the Entire Glory during His Holy Season seems only Right to me and makes me Happier than Receiving.

Mostly and generally we don't Exchange Gifts with Friends or even Extended Family during the Holidays, it's just been our Custom not to.   Receiving a Surprise Gift happens because we have such Generous Friends and Family and I'm Grateful, but it certainly wasn't at all Necessary and they know that.   I've never given an Obligatory Gift because if it's not from the Heart, it means Nothing... and so I'd never want to Receive an Obligatory Gift either for similar reasons.   The Gift of one's Friendship, Love, Time is more than enough, in fact, it is absolutely Priceless!

We already have a lot of Nice Things and too much Stuff really... so another thing that always makes me exceedingly Joyful, and not just during the Holidays and Holy Days, is Charitable Giving.  I so Miss my Ministry Volunteer Work that was always such an integral part of my Life for so many Decades.  I Wish I could still be Involved in it, but present Circumstances don't make that possible any longer... but maybe one day I can be Active in Volunteer Ministry Work again in the Future!?!

There are several Charities we Give to all year, but during the Holiday Season they always need our Generous Support all the more to meet Needs... because so many Hurting and Struggling People aren't just Wanting... they are Needing... even the most Basic of Stuff... like Food, Clothing, Shelter, Care... and so if and when you can, GIVE... it will actually be the most Reciprocal of Gifts you shall ever Receive because what you get out of Giving exceeds any tangible thing anyway!

There is enough Selfishness and Self-Centered-ness in the World Today, so the Giving Heart Shines Brightly and Touches others in ways we can't even begin to Imagine.   You don't have to do Great Things... just Small Things with Great Love to make an Impact and a Difference!   And you have so much more to Give than mere Money, so even if you don't have any of that... Giving is something we all can do of Time, Talents and any Treasure Within you that you can Share and extend outwards.  If you get your Mind off Self it even alleviates such things as the Dreaded Holiday Blues that can be so prevalent during the Holidays due to various reasons and added Pressures and Stresses.   After all... it isn't all about any one of us anyway!  *Smiles*

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, the Holidays always makes me ever so Grateful for my Friends and my Family!    My little Brother, the Professional Photographer, {on the Right in dark shirt} recently Shared this Image of he and another Talented Professional Photographer Friend that a third Professional Photographer Friend took of them since they are hardly ever the ones in front of the Camera!  *Ha ha ha*   I just Loved this Image of him, he looks so Well even though I know in Truth he's had a very tough year again Healthwise.  But the Joy and the Strong Spirit from Within always Shines outwards... I'm so Thankful that so many of the Members of our Family have that Joy and Spirit that makes being around them so Wonderful.   I so Miss not being able to spend the Holidays with them anymore due to distance and circumstances not always making it possible.  I am Glad that thru the Miracles of Cyberspace we can keep in Touch so often though and see each other Virtually and know what's going on in each other's Lives!   I Appreciate that too here in the Land of Blog my Friends... for each and every one of you I have come to know and Care about here.

I am Imparting a Blessing and Standing in Agreement with you that 2016 will be a very Good and Memorable Year for each and every one of you in many ways that overcome whatever difficulties you might also encounter on this Journey of Life!!!   The Bleaching of the Trees in many ways is synonymous with the Pure Blank Slate we can begin every New Year with... and Color whatever way we so Desire!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Beautiful Closing Sentiment! Lack of money does have it's benefits for the creative souls!

  2. P.S. I meant to comment on the German Glass Glitter! I have wanted to get some for several years and missed out! Where do you suggest I try? I'm going on Amazon again!

    1. Well I get mine locally from one of two Artist Friends that buy it in bulk and can pass the Savings along to me. But I'm sure if you Google it there should be links that could guide you to Local Retailers or an Online Source and I'd suggest comparing prices because it can vary widely... Shop your Best Deal GF! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I love your bleached Christmas look, Dawn. :)

    1. Thank You my Friend... can't wait to see what you conjure up for the Holidays? *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. LOVE those bleached tree! Oh yes, you and I have some things in common...glitter..loving the bear head on the table, BLING BY THE YARD!!. the SKELLIE!! When my youngest grandson was a toddler he was scared to death of my Skellie that was motion activated. His eyes would flash and he would say "Did I Scare You!!" We put him in front to the Christmas tree that year to keep Kyle away from it. Skellie has become known as Bamma's Boyfriend. I love it. My home would be as eclectic as yours if we didn't live near an dust machine otherwise known as a Mulch Factory.
    HO HO HO

    1. Oh I Love it, Bamma's Boyfriend, hilarious! *LOL* Yes, we definitely do find Kindred Spirits here in the Land of Blog, which is what has been particularly Special to me since I've never met a whole lot of people randomly in person that share my Aesthetic or necessarily 'Get It'. *smiles* Thanks for Sharing that Sweet Story, it made me Smile this Morning, which is always a good way to start the day! Dawn... The Bohemian


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