Sunday, December 27, 2015

Keeper Cards And After Christmas Sales...

Some of my Friends and Family take the Time each year to Create OOAK Hand-Made Christmas Cards and these are the 'Keeper' Cards, Works of Art that I fully Appreciate the Time and Effort that has gone into the Creation of!   My Friend Pamela knows that I Admire Frida Kahlo and so this Christmas Card made me Smile and will definitely end up in my Frida Inspired Art Collection!

My Sister-In-Law Gay also Creates Hand-Made Cards to send to the large extended Family every year, it must take her hours to Create enough of them for so many of us during this already busy Holiday Season... what a Labor of Love!

There's just something about Hand-Made Gifts and Cards that just cannot be matched by anything you can buy in the Shops!   It is indeed a dying Art Form to Create the Gifts we Give on Special Occasions so I Truly Enjoy Receiving them, more so nowadays than in the Past when it was a more Common Practice to use Creativity as part of your Gift to others.

But one of the Modern Conveniences that I must say I J'Adore equally is receiving all of the frequently Shared Images of Family and Friends via the Internet and Facebook in particular!  It used to be you Hoped to Receive a new Image of those you Care about in a Card or Letter every once in a while... now we can Share more frequently and inexpensively than ever and I just Love that since an Image is worth a Thousand Words!   Here's a recent Image of our Great-Grands... Big Brother Love... my... they're getting so big and the little one looks so much like her Aunty Princess T at that same Age!

Now the Day After Christmas means... After Christmas Sales!!!   So some of the things we had our Eyes upon before Christmas might be available for 50% Off or more so we headed out to see if any were left?    These Sweet Dark Sepia Bottle Brush Trees with Copper Glitter, Burlap Sacks and Faux Snow had been inexpensive before Christmas, but I Restrained myself and got them at a ridiculously low rock bottom After Christmas Price the Morning After!  *Happy Dance*

Sure, it's always a Risk to Wait... because they might have Sold Out... or the really Early Bird Post Holiday Shoppers might beat you to it... but isn't that part of the Thrill my Friends?   Well, it is for me anyway, like hitting the Jackpot when any are left!   I got half a dozen of these... totally Stoked that they still had so many since most other Ornaments were conspicuous by their absence!  *Whew!*

Now with this Set of Limited Edition Nesting Bowls with a Holiday Theme I got even Luckier because it was the LAST Set left!   *Whew!*   And for only Four Dollars and Forty-Four Cents on Sale for the Set... Booyah!

I Love Nesting Bowls because they Display things so Beautifully as a Set and with the graduating Sizes you can put a variety of contents in each.   With Seasonal Treats also being 50% Off we refilled all the Containers around the house too since we'll still be having Company and Family over frequently until New Years.

These were Porcelain Bowls with Simple Holiday Graphics that I really Loved... the Largest having the Pine Bough and Pine Cone... this Mid Sized one having the Mistletoe... 

And the Smallest having the Holly Berry Bough... yes, Holly Berries come in a variety of Leaf Shapes depending upon Botanical Specimens... I rather liked that this one looked different.   I also try to look for different varieties of Treats than the Traditional kinds too... Special Edition Treats for the Holidays abound like these White Mint M&M's which I can have, since I can't eat the Chocolate ones.   Christmas will stay up in our Home until probably well after the New Year rings in.

And I'll keep playing around with Decor, Tweaking everything... like finding out my New Cloche fit over my Piranha Vignette Perfectly and so I switched it over to house it...

And will have to find a new Cloche that fits nicely over this and it's swapped out Base!  *Smiles*  Even after the Holiday Decorating is a Wrap I'll still be constantly Evolving our Living Spaces... to keep them Fresh and Interesting...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I need to come to your new house and eat some of that candy in those pretty bowls...

    Glad you loved the Frida card!

    pamela :)

  2. Your place looks like a museum (and I mean that as a compliment!)

    I keep old Christmas cards too but I've grown fussy about cards sent without even signatures these days! What in the world has happened? Are we just too busy to write a note to one another *sigh* Right now I have them in a box but I've often thought about putting them in some kind of book where they can be read.


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