Monday, December 21, 2015

Gingerbread House Building

So a certain Princess dogged me for days about building a Gingerbread House.   She'd seen a Special on TV about a Hotel that Created an Impressive entire Village and so she'd been duly Inspired!   It had taken the Hotel Three Months with numerous Staff of coarse to build theirs, but she was Ambitious and there was no talking her out of it so I finally relented and bought the Kit.  *Smiles*  I had Resisted only because with Kiddos they sometimes like the 'Idea' of something much more than the actual Doing of it!  So I wasn't Convinced she'd stick with it to the end, be able to even build it since this was her first time... and it wouldn't be a waste and a whole lotta Frustration and Drama for us all?   Usually with the building of anything... especially when it's a first time... the unwitting Volunteers {ie: Grandpa and I} will end up doing most of the actual Work and the Kiddos quickly lose Interest.  Or if things don't work out so well, it becomes less of a Fun Activity and more of a Tearfest with Epic fits of Emotional Drama... and who needs that only days before Christmas?!  *Shudder!*   So she was Delighted that Gramma Surprised her with the damned Gingerbread House Kit after wearing me down to a nub with incessant daily pleading to buy it!  *I swear I'd of bought any Kit by then just to shut her up! LOL*  She quickly made Grandpa become her unwitting Assistant since he's the Technical one {ha ha ha}... Whew, I Dodged that bullet didn't I?!  *Winks*   But together they actually seemed to be Enjoying themselves in the Process of building it and didn't want any input from me at all.   He got into it as much as she did... and they both saw it thru to the end and it turned out quite well... so I'm Glad I gave them the Opportunity to do something Creative together that they ended up actually Enjoying so much!   And... now I don't have to hear about that Fixation anymore!   And she's totally disinterested in her house now it's built, of coarse... but I'm Wondering just how long she'll expect me to keep it???!??!!  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I always enjoyed putting together a Gingerbread House. Looks like the beautiful princess did a great job.

    1. It was our first time Colette... I Love to look at the Creations of others but just wasn't certain it would be a Tradition we should adopt. Now I know how Positive an experience it was, I think we will adopt this as part of our Traditions and Rituals during the Holidays. Thanks for coming by for a Holiday Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Good for you for getting it even fearing bad results and Good for the builder/decorators that stuck with it to the end and actually enjoyed it1 I'd be wondering how long it would last before they would eat it up? Or is it not eatable


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