Sunday, December 6, 2015

Excuse Me... Is My Obsession Showing?

Excuse me... is my Obsession Showing?   I know... a redundant question, right?!  *LOL*   So... now that every Loving Cup that I can cram a Bottlebrush Tree in is filled, I suppose I could be done with that part of the Decorating?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Notice most of them aren't bleached yet... that is no Coincidence, since the Family rather liked the Bluish-Green they came in, I could delay that part of the Project for now... and anything that can be delayed right now, well, I'm totally Down with!  *Winks*

And besides, I still Scout for the Real Deal Vintage ones... and since our Antique Mall was having a Big Sale... and I was already banging up Old Barn Wood in my smaller Showroom and pulling an extra Shift last Night, I could Trawl the Stalls for whatever Holiday Inventory the other Dealers were bringing in!   

And my Friend Shelly, who has the Showroom next to one of mine, had this Great little Vintage Bottlebrush Tree she'd just brought in.   With the Sale going on, well, it HAD to come Home with me and be part of the Loving Cup filled with Bottlebrush Trees Obsession that is going on right now at Bohemian Valhalla!  *Smiles*

It's not exactly to Scale with the Ornate Old Loving Cup I wanted it in, but I thought they went together so Well that I didn't care that it was too small and short to be Ideal.   None of these are being permanently affixed anyway, since I'll probably have a completely different Obsession by next Christmas!!?  *Winks*

Some shredded Flannel Tartan Men's Lumberjack Shirts makes for nice Rustic Christmas Bows... Sshhh... don't tell The Man that I shred some of his Shirts for a Craft Project Okay?  *Bwahahaha!*  Actually it was part of the Culling Process of Minimizing our Wardrobe to only what fits, we Love and wear often... at least that's my Story and I'm sticking to it anyway!

And I know I have little Christmas Trees that I completely Forgot where they're packed up... so when I'm finding them by pure Serendipity, they just get added to the Decor.   I'm through trying to find the Remnants of Christmas Past in those Box and Crate Towers that are yet to be unpacked... I've got enough up that it could be enough and I'm Okay with my Simplified Christmas Decorating for this year.

And since we're on the Topic of The Obsessed... well, Clearly it runs in the Family and is in our DNA... ALL of us!  *Le Sigh*   When Opposing Obsessive People are Together it can get kinda Hairy.   Especially if our Obsessions are Polar Opposite Kinds and so a lot of Resistance Creates potential Battles, some of which aren't really worth fighting.  Especially during such a Holy Season where Peace and Goodwill towards folks should prevail... even those that seem determined to drive you Insane! *Bwahahaha!*   Do I really wanna blow my whole Christian Witness over a Trifle and go over to the Dark Side, I think not!   *She says as she grits her teeth and turns up the Christmas Music louder to drown out the wailing and knashing of teeth in the back seat of the Jeep of a certain Princess who went Mental and is losing it during a recent Christmas Shopping Spree!*

Because of coarse you have to throw in that for Younger Children the weeks leading up to the culmination of Christmas makes them totally Mental and prone to Emotional Meltdowns of the Epic Variety... and often for no apparent reason you can fathom!  Which is why I Got Over my Obsession to want Surprise Gifts for any of them or to actually Wait for Christmas for them to HAVE some of them!  Small Price of Peace and diffusing Trouble in Paradise I say!  Thus, against The Man's Protests I just let her have and ride the damned Christmas Scooter NOW!    Because see... I don't CARE anymore!    And I just went thru three years of Hell trying to Adopt this Kid and over Ten years Invested in Raising her, so do I really wanna see if there is a Return Policy on her? *Smiles*  And I didn't even CARE anymore to re-take this Image after noticing she's wearing the one pair of leggings that have a big gaping hole in them... and The Man had a pile of Fly Swatters all over the floor in front of the Christmas Tree near his Recliner... and we don't even have any Flies in the house, it's Winter, Flies die in Winter... WTF?!  Yeah, Crazy Clearly runs Deep around here!!!   *Le Sigh*  

And not only did I manage to Get Over some of my own Obsessions in the Spirit of the Holidays, so they ALL wouldn't be Showing *Winks*... but I quickly Got Over being Upset with The Beast Princess for Spoiling our 'Fun' Day out together Christmas Shopping before my Shift Yesterday.  It was only she, Grandpa and I... The Young Prince was doing a Christmas Community Service Project for the Holidays with Friends.  He later said he was Relieved he didn't have to go and Witness his Sister going Mental in Public... well, in 'Target' specifically... had we been in 'Wal-Mart' perhaps nobody would have even noticed she was Gone Mental coz she would have blended in to "The People Of Wal-Mart" so seamlessly??!!  *Bwahahaha!*   

So when everything went Left so quickly, we Exited Stage Left and came Home prematurely, totally Aborting the Plans for the day.  When you have a Child that cannot Emotionally Regulate due to Mental Health, and a Spouse with Traumatic Brain Injury that will be Triggered by any Chaos around him since he can't Cope with it, you just Learn it's easier that way.  Also knowing her Mental Breakdown would mean an Exhausted Child {and Exhausted Grandparents} since it takes a lot out of anyone of any Age... so everyone would take a Nap once Home and she'd Cheerfully wake up as if nothing had ever happened... Bipolar works that way.  So she Cheerfully Decorated her Doll's Room for Christmas after waking up Refreshed and back on track... and Proudly Showed it off for me... all was Wonderful again, she didn't even Recall why she went Wheels Of The Rails??!??!!   And Lord knows we didn't have a Clue??!  *Ha ha ha* 

And after Tearing up her entire Room in a Fury of Bipolar Darkness... she was despondent now that it was such a Hot Mess, now that her Mental Episode had subsided and passed.   Once diffused she is often Upset about what she's done or said during her Fury and that makes for more Tearful Remorseful Moments... I'm just Glad she has Remorse, some don't, we won't mention who 'they' are *ha ha ha* since they know and are Aware... but you can't have what you don't Feel.   I Comforted her, because I know she Scares herself when she's out of Control and is Remorseful... which only escalates the Incidents because now she's Hysterical and Afraid, battling her Inner Turmoil unsuccessfully... so she Needs that Support and for me to keep Calm and in Control.  {Well, not really in Control, but giving the Illusion and Appearance that I am anyway is Comforting to any of them when they're Losing It!  Smiles}   So I suggested we use the Messy Room as a Blank Canvas to Re-Design and Decorate it for the Holidays for her Dolls and LPS Hoard.  *Smiles*

And since it was a HUGE Mess and I didn't want to be Recruited to be her Assistant, I threw in the Incentive of being able to use one of my smaller Christmas Trees that she really wanted to have in her Bedroom Space as the Reward for the rest of it getting Cleaned Up.   Now, when this Kid has an Incentive and is Calm, she can Clean like nobody's business and you'd think a Merry Maids Crew had been on the Job!   So it looked so Cute I Photographed her knock-off American Girl Doll's Kitchen now readied for Christmas and Santa's Visit...

Right down to the faux Goodies laid out for Santa's Visit for him to knosh upon... Wait, I didn't give her those Trays of MINE... Sigh... Clearly she's been rifling thru the unpacked Boxes for whatever else she wants of MINE... ha ha ha... well, we're all Obsessed in our own ways, right?!  And now I've got to get ready for another Shift I picked up at our Antique Mall's Big Sale for Tonight...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. And life goes on! Your good! No doubt about it!!

    1. I'm learned to get Good at it! *Winks*... still battling the not so smooth transition of their Health Care Coverage after the Adoption... which Thankfully I got hooked up with our old fav Caseworker who now works for Subsidies and I can have a Peace knowing she's in our Corner working out the Glitches... I guess it's typical for the Transition to be 30-45 days, but the Young Prince is running out of his Psyche Meds and we can't wait that long for things to switch over and NOT have Coverage for 30-45 days at all! Which is where we're at right now. Him unmedicated right AT Christmastime will NOT be Merry! *Le Sigh and a Laugh* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I hope Santa is bringing you something very special this year. Boy, do you deserve it! Blessings

    1. LOL, yes, if I don't deserve it, who does, right? *Winks* No, I shall not have a pressy for Christmas, none of the Adults in the Family will in fact, we'll wait 'til the first of the year after all Children under the age of 18 are indulged for the Holidays. There are just so many of them {Grandkids} that for us it is the only way to ensure our Budget remains intact! *ha ha ha* The Man, myself and our Adult Children are to the place we don't need anything under the Tree, the Spiritual aspect of the Holy Days is more important to us and gathering together to Celebrate all of it is Gift enough. Besides, you can only tell I'm certainly not deprived the rest of the year... smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I have the one who has no remorse. A few days after the most recent episode we talked about why he will not take meds. I admit I understand now. He doesn't want the lows, but does not want to live in the middle and miss the highs. How do you respond to that? He didn't suffer with this in his young years. It appeared in his teens and this is certainly a learning experience. I NEVER write about it on my blog and am so glad that you can. It helps to read about someone else that is dealing with some of the same issues I am.
    xx, Carol

    1. We have two who have no remorse! *Le Sigh* The Young Prince and his Mother... the way their Mental Health Issues Manifest there is very little Conscience and therefore no Remorse and they can't have what they simply cannot Feel. When the ability to have Empathy is lacking or isn't a Natural way of Being then Remorse also becomes a foreign concept since it isn't Felt. You cannot respond adequately to the Med Issue, once a certain age they will have to assume the responsibility of managing their own Mental Health Issues and unfortunately that is quite common... when they Feel Okay they don't think they need them anymore... and the Highs are something pleasant so feeling in the Middle just does not feel 'Normal' to them because it isn't so familiar. Appearance in Teen and Adult years is also very typical because Children when they are Young totally depend upon us and have unwavering Trust... that diminishes as one reaches the age upon which independence emerges. And of coarse, don't you know, Teenagers know EVERYTHING! *Winks* I have two Adult Children with SMI and neither takes their Meds anymore and haven't for decades... one does okay without them, the other REALLY does not... I deposit Adult Children into the Lord's most capable Hands since I Trust Him completely to Cover them with His ample Mercies. It is indeed difficult and hard as a Mother to step back and allow Adult Children to forge their own Paths, even if it's ten miles of bad road they embark upon. A Big Virtual Hug coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. Hi Dawn. I needed to read this. I used to tell him if he would just say he was sorry it would smooth things over a bit. He always says he can't say it because he's not. That's hard for me to understand. I used to wonder about my purpose in life, but as I grow older I begin to see.
      xx, Carol


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