Monday, December 7, 2015

Another Slice Of Paradise Completed...

So Yesterday before the extra Shift I picked up for a Sunday Night, I had The Man sawing Old Barn Wood to Size for the remainder of another Slice of Paradise being Completed in Showroom One-Thirty-Three!   Now, three things were wrong with this... First, I did the Measurements and I'm not so Accurate as he emphatically is... Second, since I don't allow him to use Power Tools anymore we only had one Rusty Old Hand Saw that probably hadn't cut wood in a Century or so... Third, very little actually Fit once I got it there to bang it up!  *LOL*

So he wasn't so thrilled with my Unconventional way of doing this Project.  It was quite the Workout for him to saw with that Rusty Old Dull Thing "Old School Style" and there was a lot of muttering under his breath.  *Winks, I'm sure he was only saying the Nicest of things about me... Bwahaha!*   I was sweating bullets trying to force pieces like a mismatched puzzle to get the Wall done once I got it all there and realized... Ooops, my Measurements were 'Off'!   With the exception of a couple Boards you can't even see since they're down near the floor... or tiny bits in the corner that will be minor Finishing Work, it's now DONE!  *Whew*

Besides, it was SUPPOSED to look like an Old Neglected Abandoned Clapboard Farmhouse, right?  *Smiles*  And those always have Gaps and missing Boards once they're in a State of Benign Neglect and Ruination!  I wanted to Impart that Atmosphere actually and incorporate it into this Room, like you're stepping into an Old Abandoned site you just Discovered, filled with Treasures you can Glean and drag Home to your Lair.   I have decided that I'd like for my Customers to Feel like they're going 'Pickin' and have that Experience, but from the Safety of a Mall, since not everyone is as Crazy as me about reveling in 'Pickin' at actual Condemned Buildings, Dusty Barns or Dirty Salvage Sites when I can find one I've been given Carte Blanche to 'Score' anything from!  *Ha ha ha*  

As a matter of fact, if I don't get absolutely Down and Dirty filthy on a 'Pick' then it probably wasn't even worth going on!   The best things are usually buried Treasures... hidden among Grime, Dust, Rust, Cobwebs, Piles and Dirt.  Long Forgotten and sometimes Hoarded up by those who have been Pack Rats for most of their lives and didn't get rid of much of anything that reminded them of the Past or they knew had Value.   Now, I don't mean the Hoarders of Garbage, I'm talking about those folks who had a Good Eye and Salvaged Cool things but just had too much Stockpiled to where it looks like Trash but really is Treasure once you start digging and rummaging through it!   Or those Abandoned and Vacated Sites where Time has just stood still for years and years...  so it's like opening Al Capone's Sealed Tomb, only NOT coming up empty handed like Geraldo!  *LOL*

And bit by bit this Showroom is going to Reflect that kind of Aesthetic and the Inventory of the Cool Stuff I'm Discovering when Junquing that made my Heart Flutter, but which I was able to pry out of my hands so it didn't end up in my Personal Possession Pile!  *Winks*  Or maybe it did, and then I was ready to Let Go because I Upgraded to something else as I Curated my Beloved Collections and Pared them down, which is a Constant Process lemme tell ya!!!

And while I was at our Antique Mall Working I decided to also Photograph some of the New Dealer Spaces that I particularly Loved the Aesthetic and Inventory of.   We have gotten some Great New Dealers in recently and I'm not beyond also becoming a Loyal Customer as well as a Fellow Dealer and Friend if you happen to 'Score' something I didn't and decide I Want or Need!  *Winks*  After all, us Kindred Spirits always Connect on a Personal Level and tend to Find each other, just like we Find our Great Junque that we Mutually have a Passion for!

This Vendor's Aesthetic is so similar to mine that I really Love how she Styles her Space and her Attention to certain Details, that probably aren't Necessary, but they make a Visual Impact and thus well Worth the Investment of Time put into doing it.  For Example, I've been too Lazy lately to make my own Price Tags out of Salvaged Images or Creating Art Tags, though I used to when my Passion was lit up.   But it is something on my 'List' to eventually devote some Time to doing again on the bigger pieces of Inventory since the Mall's Tags are so small... and besides, I Enjoy making Tags and Artsy Stuff so I have no real Excuse not to!  *Ha ha ha*

How Cute is that Chandie made from an Old Hat Box?   Couldn't you just see that suspended above a Dressing Table or in a Walk-In-Closet?   It all just looks very Festive in a Rustic Barn Sale type of way and that Appeals to me as both a Shopper... and a Vendor... I'm all about the Ambiance, the Details, the Cool Inventory!

I've bought things from this Vendor and her prices are very Fair and she Sources things I happen to Love Decorating my own Home with, so if I can't Find it, I always Hope she can and save me the Time and Trouble!  *Ha ha ha*   I know, I can be so Lazy that way but only because my Time is so limited for things like going on The Thrill Of The Hunt often.  I actually haven't been on a Junquing Expedition in too long, desperately Want to... but can't right now for a variety of crappy reasons!  Dammit!  *LOL*

I mean, I would so Love to Source a Vintage Industrial Cart Table like this one... Sublime... don't know how I'd schlep it up to the Art Studio Loft, but maybe I'd just keep it in the Living Room downstairs since I could find a use for it there too!   These are the kinds of Furnishings that The Man and I are Styling our New Home with when we can Find and Afford them... a Perfect Blending of both of our Preferred Styles Co-Existing in Harmony at Home!

And now on to some Booths that had some of the Cutest Vintage Ornaments... Loving these tiny Hand-Made Vintage Snow Globe Style Ornaments with the tiny Bottlebrush Trees and Animals.  This one was my Favorite... Wish you could still Find such things as Vintage tiny Deer and Birds, but they're getting harder and harder to Source for Art Projects that will Impart a Vintage Vibe to New Creations.

This was my second Favorite one... reminding me I've still got to bleach Bottlebrush Trees and Dye them.   But I've had this constant rotations of Sick Kiddos at Home lately and also Dealing with the lapse in Health Insurance Coverage since the Adoption Finalized... that we're trying to get straightened out!  So the Kiddos don't run out of their necessary Meds and can be seen at their Follow-Up Appointments.  Which right now they can't get Rx Refills or schedule Appointments since it's all been Denied due to the Old Health Coverage thru the CPS Kinship Placement being dropped on November 4th and the New Health Coverage thru State Adoptions still hasn't begun because there's a major glitch going on in The System!  *Le Sigh... yeah we're a Month in already of having NO Coverage for Chronically Ill Kiddos!*  

So much for the Smooth Transition... but I Expected that to be a pipe dream, many Adoptive Families of Special Needs Kiddos haven't had to Deal with The System long so they actually Believed their Transition would be Smooth!  *Poor Souls, what a Wake-Up Call!*  My Adoption Attorney Thanked me for always being Nice and Understanding how Jacked Up The System actually is... most of her Clients aren't coz they didn't expect Drama!  *LOL* 

 Thankfully my New Caseworker is a Good one... and one I previously had and Loved when she worked for a different Agency... Divine Intervention no doubt... you couldn't Imagine her and my Delight to be reunited, and my Relief since I know she will have our Back on this and so I can have a Peace about it actually getting sorted out now that she's on our Case again!   *Whew!*   It was so good to actually update her on the Progress of the Kiddos and for her to know we Moved and got the Adoption done... all Positives in our Lives!  She is a Caseworker who Truly Cares about her Clients and I'm Glad she's now on the Positive side of the Cases of the Children who are Permanently in Good Homes now!


And Today Princess T and some of her School's Students are being Treated by a Local Fire Department to a Shopping Spree to choose a Gift!   How very Generous of these Brave Emergency Services Employees to Sponsor Children for Christmas like that!!!   God Bless them, that is what the Spirit of Christmas is all about... GIVING of one's Time, Talents and Treasures... they Epitomize the Love of Christ in Serving their Communities so Selflessly with Love in Action!   And I'm Proud of my Little Princess for knowing it's coming out of their own Budget, she told me she's going to choose this three dollar Shopkins Blind Bag as her Gift so that the Fireman doesn't have to spend too much of his money on her and can do a better Christmas for his own Family!   THAT really choked me up... the Kid has The Spirit of Christmas warming her Heart!   Now... if we can just avoid any more of the Christmas Pressure Meltdowns with her, we'll be Golden!?!  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your Booth looks very inviting! I know your lovin it!

  2. You booth is inviting, which of course is the very highest compliment any visitor could give. Definitely not a walk-by. Glad you got a reunion with a trusted case worker. I love my visits here and your commentary. Today you said the magic words for me regarding the Princess when you mentioned meltdowns and stress of the holidays. We have always almost dreaded Christmas because we never knew when exactly to expect the meltdown. We have a greater understanding every day of what my grandson goes through, but still wonder what causes the situation at almost every holiday.
    xx, Carol

  3. Lovely post! Lots of eye candy. I really enjoy your attention to detail.

  4. Oh boy that chandy is a must do, when I redo the bedroom. I have several that will be perfect...I suppose with the correct fitting anything can be a lampshade. Your shop looks fab...and will be so easy to bang stuff up at any time and not worry about finding a hole!
    Grins, Sandi


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