Monday, November 9, 2015

Well, Thoughts Have To Turn There Now...

I know... I said I'd probably wait 'til at least Thanksgiving before Winterscapes and Christmas began to receive my undivided Attention and Focus.   Well, thoughts have to turn there now, because anytime I go out it's all around me already!   I haven't Photographed any of this Year's Christmas Eye Candy yet, so I'm dredging up some I didn't use from previous Seasons for this Post... so don't run out looking for any of it to buy Locally!  *Smiles*

Though I'm absolutely certain my Favorite Shops and Artisans have already been busy Styling for this Season and you're sure to find an abundance of new Inventory Showcased by now.  Every Season the Creativity soars to new heights and dimensions, so I can hardly wait for the Christmas Themed Shows and Events coming this Month!

I've been in rather an Emotional Slump you see, so I NEED the Joy and Sparkle of Christmas to Light me back Up!   The Move has just taken it's toll upon me, Physically, Emotionally and certainly Financially... it always takes way more of each than you ever anticipated to make a Major Life Change happen!   So the Sights, Sounds and Smells of Christmas and the Magic and Enchantment of it all takes me away from the Reality of it all to the Canvas of my Imagination for a bit, which is a Welcome Respite!


I'm a big Kid when it comes to any Holidays, I Admit I never really Grew Up enough to lose the sense of Awe about them all.   Christmas is one Holiday that is always very Uplifting to the Spirit, so it is hard to stay Down, even during a difficult time, when you're surrounded by Christmas.  So I'm actually very Glad it's made it's usual early Appearance Commercially, I've been in NEED of some Christmas Cheer right about now!

I've been very busy Purging Christmas Seasonal Decor from Storage at the Old Home and bringing it in to my Showrooms as well.   It's Selling briskly already since I got an early start, all of the Christmas Village buildings in these Images and many of the Christmas Village People need to be replaced now and I've got a steady rotation of them coming and priced low to Sell fast so I can Purge the whole Collection.

We used to always have a large Christmas Village Scene when our Kiddos were little, but since I've been raising Grandkids I haven't done it as often since it's a lot of work and needed a large space to do it justice.   Which is also why I'm bringing it in to the Showrooms in stages, so I don't have to try to set it all up at once or find sufficient retail space to!  *Smiles*

I've been Proud of myself for how much Editing I've done with Seasonal Items and Culling it down harshly during the Move.  Tackling Seasonal hadn't been as difficult as I'd Imagined it would be, I wasn't nearly as Sentimental about any of it as I'd expected to be.  So the Donations boxed up and items Showroom bound went out the door without a hitch and without an Emotional drain. *Whew!*

I do have another entire Christmas Village Scene right now in the back of the Jeep ready to head to the Showrooms Tomorrow before my Shift!  *Smiles*  It is the Southwest Mission Styled buildings to replace the Victorian Styled buildings that already Sold... so the Scene will have more of a Southwest Flavor in this rotation.  The Son came over with Friends this weekend to help with more of the finalizing of The Move and I sent him off with an SUV filled with Christmas as well!  *LOL*

Our First Christmas in the New Home is Exciting for me to Contemplate.   I only Wish I didn't still have the Pressures of finalizing the Move and getting the Old Property ready for Sale looming over it all.   It's just taken longer than I wanted for it to... and Cost more than I wanted for it to... been more Emotionally draining than I wanted for it to be... and I suppose I thought I'd have sufficient Stamina and Energy to handle it all, so that was a Rude Awakening to discover I don't... and was short on everything by this juncture in The Process.  *Ha ha ha!!!*

Being tapped out by a Major Life Change right before the Holidays when you have a slew of Grandkids to consider is rather daunting.   How will Gramma Dawn pull a Rabbit out of the Hat since this will take a Criss Angel magnitude Illusion to pull off?   Well, I'm not sure yet, but I've got about forty days or so to figure it out... since most of them live in another Country or State so I've got to consider getting it to them as well... whatever Magic I'm able to Manifest?!?!!!

So yeah, the Pressure is on all fronts right now, but I don't want it to Spoil or Overshadow the Holidays or have it lose any of it's Joy and Charm while I sort out finalizing a Huge Move... finalizing the Adoption of the G-Kid Force before Thanksgiving... flipping a Historic Home and preparing for Christmas all at once!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   And Yeah, I try to just Live In The Moment each day so that I don't have to think too much about or upon the tall orders and what is lacking to get it all pulled off without a hitch or losing my Mind in The Process!

You see, I had this HUGE Delusion going on this past Summer... that if I began The Big Move and Life Change then... and got the Adoption in full gear then... and Saved a few thousand bucks for it all... well, surely it would be enough and I'd be done well in time for the Holidays and those Pressures and Expenses when they hit.   My Calculations were WAY off... and a lot of it was completely out of my Control of coarse.   Like Closing a VA Loan quickly after tediously Negotiating my Best Deal on the Dream Home. *Ha ha ha*   Finalizing a Complex Adoption Process expediently, of Grandkids I've already been raising since Birth mind you, but which has a slew of Agencies with their Adoption Conditions and typical incompetence involved in The Process of. *Ha ha ha*

Clearing out a Century Old Home I'd Hoarded up with Lovelies for almost two decades to ready it for Sale and Assuming that wouldn't take but a few weeks.  *Ha ha ha*   Moving a lot of it over to a new Home across the Valley, mostly by myself with a Jeep, and getting that set up and readied to Live in without it being a second site also looking like Organized Chaos.  *Ha ha ha*   And figuring out just how will I choose to Sell the Property once I Accomplish all of that and squeeze the most Equity out of the transaction?!?  *Ha ha ha*

Oh, and lest I Forget... also Assuming NOTHING would go Wrong and Cost me an unexpected small Fortune in added Expenses for all of that, above and beyond what I had so Carefully Calculated into the equation!  *Bwahahaha!!!*  What a Laugh because I know, YOU ALL see the absolute absurdity in my HUGE Delusional thought process of it all... Wish I had... but Hindsight is always Twenty-Twenty isn't it?   And I don't have any regrets that I took the Leap of Faith to make a necessary Major Life Change or Secure the Well-Being of the G-Kid Force's Future by Adopting them, so I don't have to relinquish them or deal with quite so many Kinship Placement Agencies anymore and their continuous Drama and ridiculous demands.   It was all necessary and with brief windows of opportunity to Act upon... so I leaped!  *Smiles*

We did FINALLY get the Adoption Subsidy Rating finalized so that we could get the Adoption Date Deadline not kicked back even further and maybe even FINALLY receive some Financial Help in the Future to finish getting them Raised.  *Whew*   They rate the Kiddos extent of Disability and hardness to Place in an Adoptive Home when they're Special Needs Kiddos... on a Scale of One to Four... Four being worst off.   Well, we knew The Young Prince was a solid Four... nobody even questioned that so it was no Surprise they rated him at Four.  But Caseworkers and I had thought Princess T would be a One... or perhaps a Two... I tend to be Delusionally Optimistic about the extent of the Kid being Not Right too... I want at least one of them to not be so bad off!  *Smiles*

So when her rating came in at a Solid Three I felt very Conflicted, could that even be Right?!  It was unexpected... Yes, a Solid Three means the Subsidy is higher to Adopt her... but it's never been about the Money for me because for over Fifteen Years now I haven't received any Subsidy or Child Support from The System.   To me a Three meant this Child is worse off than I had Delusionally been in Denial about.   Yes, I KNEW in my Head that I'd been in Denial... nobody else was Surprised at the rating... but in my Heart I'd really Hoped she was not so Afflicted in the form of Disabling Conditions.   Yes, she was in Pull-Ups until Age Nine... she's got a slew of Health Problems and the onset of Mental Health Problems... but I'd really HOPED they wouldn't be so damned obvious, like her Brothers are!  And I also know that The System doesn't rate them High unless it's Solid because they tend to Cheap Out whenever they can about Disability compensation and Qualifying factors.

I think perhaps every Parent and Grandparent or Family Member of a Special Needs Child probably has those Sentiments though, it's not so Unusual not to want to hear it and Face it for the Reality it often is.   Their Mom called and I conveyed the ratings since I never hide anything from her about the Children... she wasn't Surprised... Guess even at a distance she has more of a Knowing than I... or perhaps more of an Acceptance of how it Really is?   She reminds me that having Raised them since Birth I should be well Aware that the similarities are there to how she was as a Child... and is as an Adult... they ARE... I just didn't want to Admit it fully I guess.  So, it's bittersweet that yes, I'll FINALLY get some much needed Help, but I had to finally also Admit what IS apparent and will continue to be a Challenge for them and for us.

And yes, we'll have a Kick Ass Celebration on National Adoption Day this Month, which is the day the Adoption is set to Finalize.  It will be on The System's dime since they'll be Hosting it at the Family Courthouse and since I don't have a dime right now, that will be Ideal!  *Ha ha ha*  And Today we'll be Celebrating Veteran's Day at Princess T's School to pay Homage to her Grandpa's thirty-nine years of Service to his Country and being one of the Disabled Veterans... as well as Honoring all of our other Servicemen and Servicewomen, whether Active Duty or Retired.   And I'll take him to the Parade Downtown on Veteran's Day... and we'll Celebrate that as well... because there is much we Intend to fully Celebrate regardless of present Circumstances making it Challenging right now.

And my thoughts are definitely turning to the Holidays and the Meaning and Enjoyment of them... and I Hope yours will too my Friends!?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well bless your heart and congratulations on wrapping up something---the adoption finalization should give you all some piece of mind. Enjoy what you can, plan what you think you all can handle, and try not to get goofy over it all. I had about seven years of taking care of my parents, and I know it can be a drain, and it took a full two years to recover from that. So I'm looking forward to a relaxed Christmas(we aren't having it) but will do some---because we will have New Year's Day. Love all the stuff you are letting go---and I certainly do know about the village insanity. Contemplating a NO on that this year. Grins and take a deep breath!

    1. Yes Sandi, the parallels are something clearly you can relate to and have point of reference about... its hard sometimes to explain to anyone who hasn't dealt with certain Life Issues how it can make things so much more complicated in daily life and certainly during Holidays and Special Occasions! The Less Is More philosophy is definitely beginning to Appeal to us at this Season of Life too... and me being the Maximalist I never thought I'd go in that direction!!! Ha ha ha.... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You do a fantastic job Dawn covering all the bases! I stand in awe of you! God Bless you and yours as you ready your home and heart for this beautiful Christmas Season! With Love marlynne

    1. Thank you as always for your most Encouraging Words my Friend! I do see light at the end of the tunnel on this Journey... LOL... so I'm confident 2016 will be less strain... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I honestly don't know how you manage to cope with everything, and still keep a sense of humour. The world could do with more people like you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season. I'm sure you will, because you know how to make it happen. Magic! Blessings Friend


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