Monday, November 30, 2015

Positive Reinforcements

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I've been seeking out Positive Reinforcements Today, since Yesterday was such a tough day for me and I knew I needed to get my Thoughts lined up with everything Positive, everything Beautiful, everything Uplifting to get my Head back in the Game.   I've been Thinking upon the Perfect Ambient Lighting Treatment to go above the large Kitchen Island and with so many Fab Vintage Industrial Styles it is tough to narrow it down to just a Favorite... but this one really is a Forerunner!   I would have to get it made, but I'm sure my Talented Fabricator Friend Kenny could replicate something along these lines for me if I showed him this Image.   I liked that you could put Fauna on top to give it an Organic Touch in various Seasonal ways.  That will be on my Wish List for 2016 Home Improvement Projects to Save up for sure!

In the meantime I'm trying to just put all Challenges in perspective and as much aside as I can so that we can just properly Enjoy our Holidays.   I picked up some more mounds of required Paperwork that the High School wants The Young Prince's Doctors to fill out so that his Chronic Health Issues won't be held against me.  So I informed them I might not get it filled out right away until the Not-So Smooth Transition of the Kiddos Health Care Coverage after the Adoption gets sorted out!  What the System Promises and what they Deliver tends to be two very different things, so it will take as long as it takes and the School will just have to exercise as much Patience as I'm expected to!  *Winks*

I'm going to Distract myself with the Creation of some Bottlebrush Christmas Tree Art Projects since I've been so Inspired by some I've seen this Season for Sale... but couldn't purchase due to the Budget Issues.   I think Creating them the way we want them to be will be more Fun anyway since I already have all the supplies to do it in the Art Studio.  I think I want mine to be Sepia Color so I will bleach out the cheap store bought bulk Bottlebrush Trees I have from a deep discount at 'Michaels' post Seasonal Sale and then Tea Stain them for the Desired effect before potting them in Vintage Silverplate or Old Loving Cups.

I'd also like to try my Hand at some Cutter Sweater and Lace Christmas Stockings of my own Styling... I'd probably want to Gypsify them with plenty of Embellishments and layers of Old Fabrics.  The Kiddos had really liked how these looked and asked me to make them some for this year's Stockings, so we'll see if I can pull that off in time since that only means I have to Create two?  *Ha ha ha*

I have an Old Mink Stole Cutter that I would like to use on the one for The Young Prince since Fur would give it a more Masculine look... and perhaps I could find a Cutter Sweater in darker yarn for him as well?  I don't think he'd be a Colorless Palette sorta Guy, even for his Christmas Stocking!?  *LOL*

And who knows, if the two for The G-Kid Force turn out to be a breeze to Create, I might just Create some for The Man and I as well?   I have plenty of Century Old Burlap Sacks and Lord knows I have a Hoard of Old Doily and Lace Accents I could Tea Stain and Caches of Old Bling to Accent each Stocking!  *Smiles*   However, Time is the Element I'm in short supply of right now, so we'll see... 

I Love to Create Beautiful things, I just don't always have the Luxury of Time to Devote to it.  I suppose many of us face that dilemma and would rather be spending more time Creating if we had the opportunity to spend more of our days doing that exclusively.  Once The G-Kid Force are Grown I Fantasize that I'll have more Time to spend in my Art Studio... since The Man is Content to watch his TV Programs and just have his own Quiet Time too.  He's able to do more things for himself now and doesn't require quite as much Supervision as before.  Which makes him Feel more Independent and allows me more time to do other things as well.

But Creativity Interrupted by constant Distractions just doesn't flow so smoothly and so I rarely spend much time doing it anymore.   My Art Studio has lain Dormant most of the time and when I can, even if I can't have enough Time to Create anything at all just yet, I like to spend a little bit of the day just Organizing it.  I so Enjoyed the Complete Makeover I gave the Old Art Studio Cottage a while back.   I was just telling The Family that now I do Regret that I Declined a Publication's Request to Feature it in one of their Magazines.

At the time I didn't ever think I'd be Moving from the Old Homestead and I was just too busy and too Intimidated to have a Major Publication coming to my Home!   I probably would have worn myself to a complete frazzle and maybe even risked a nervous breakdown trying to make everything look 'Just So' and it just seemed too Daunting a task so I respectfully Declined.  *Ha ha ha*   But the Old Art Studio Cottage was my absolutely Dream Studio, none will ever Compare and now I Wish I had allowed it to be Immortalized in a Magazine Spread... to look back upon Fondly and keep for Future Generations to see.

I just haven't formed very much, if any, of an Attachment to my New Studio Spaces upstairs at the New Home.  Perhaps I will in due Time if and when I get it exactly the way I want for it to be?  I think perhaps I just need sufficient Time to finish Mourning over the Loss of the Old Art Studio Cottage?  Though I really, really LOVE our New Home... the Studio Loft just looks like most any other New Home Loft Space to me so it's not all that Unique Architecturally and I keep Comparing it to the Old Converted Carriage House's ample Details, Character and Charm.   I know I shouldn't do that, but I cannot Help myself... I keep looking at what it does not have that I used to have and so I Feel kinda Meh about it right now.

The rest of the New Home is a vast Improvement and Luxurious enough to make up for it... but I think it's probably Normal to have a Missing of something you had Loved a long time and had to Give Up and Move On somewhat reluctantly?   I'm Enjoying having a smaller Garden since I can easily Care for it and it doesn't get so overgrown I need a Machete to make a Path through it like at the Old Acreage!  *Smiles*   One of The Son's Friends has cut through a lot of the overgrowth for me at the Old Homestead and a huge pile of Tree limbs and debris is now sitting curbside waiting for the next bulk garbage pickup!

And every day when I see this Magnificent View of the Mountain Range and Natural Desert just to the West of our New Home... and how Clear and Smog Free this more Rural Area is Compared to the City... well, I couldn't Imagine Living anywhere else now!  *Smiles*   We're also near a Zoo and the Huge County Park that encompasses this Beautiful Scenic Mountain Range, so there will be a lot of days spent at both next year since I Plan to buy Annual Passes for the Family.

And though some things will remain empty because I don't have Time to fill them yet... eventually things will be put right, put away, and unpacked in due Time.   It's just sometimes difficult when you can see that Finish Line ahead of you and you can't get across it just yet and are held back from Finishing what you've been toiling away at in a Marathon that has been long and depleted you.

If you've ever been at something that takes a great deal of Endurance then you know what I'm talking about... you have to Believe you'll get your Second Wind and be able to Finish.   Your Pace may falter along the way when you can no longer go full force, but if  you keep Positive Reinforcements around you to egg you on towards anything worth Finishing, then it doesn't even matter if you Walk across that Finish Line panting rather than Sprint!  So long as you Finish!   I'm Determined to Finish what I have Begun... and with that Thought in Mind it has been a Better Day Today!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I think I can, I think I can. I know I CAN!!

    1. Ha ha ha... yep, I think that WAS the Process! LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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