Thursday, November 5, 2015

My What A Difference A Year Makes...

So... since Time seems to fly by so quickly now that I'm at this Season of Life where it somehow seems to just go by faster than in my Youth... I tend to spend too much Time trying just to keep up.   This means that I Rush by a lot of things... like my Photography... meaning to make Beautiful Posts from the Images... and then Time warps forward to where I completely Forget what was Archived and never used or where it even is languishing in my avalanche of folders in the Archives!??

Therefore, every so often I make it a point to Stop and to Look Back on Purpose to what was I doing at this same Time last Year... or even maybe a few Years ago?  What did I completely Forget was languishing in my Imagery that I Intended to Share? My what a difference a Year makes sometimes!   You completely Forget some of what you were up to at exactly the same Time years before.   This is how I also know I'm struggling more and more to just try to keep up!   Same time last Year... or Years before... I seemed to just be ahead of the Game a little more... especially around the Holidays.

I can't even totally Blame it on the Big Move we had this Year since previous Years a lot of stuff was usually going on that could be pretty Epic too in it's own way.   I like to take Looks Back tho', because I tend to be a very Sentimental and Nostalgic Soul and I WANT to Remember.  Tho' it gets harder as Time marches on... without the Prompts that Thankfully my Pathological Picture Taking provides!  *Whew*  I probably wouldn't Recall even a fraction of my Life before Today if it were not for Photography, I swear!  *LOL*

It wasn't always like that though, I used to have a very Decent Short Term Memory and a very Profound Long Term Memory... USED TO being the Key Phrase here!  *Ha ha ha*   Now I sometimes stand before the open Fridge Wondering was I there to take something out or put something in?  *Bwahahaha!*   And Forget About me Remembering what I Intended to do some Time ago, lest it's written down on Calendars as Prompts or Preserved in Images I've filed away... Somewhere... but Where exactly?   I often just Stumble upon those things quite by Accident and then I'm Reminded again, Oh Yeah, I completely Forgot to DO that, Follow-Thru with this, etc. Ad Nauseam!  *Winks*

Now, it seems to bother everyone else around me way more than it bothers Yours Truly... because frankly, what I don't Recall doesn't Torment me because it doesn't Exist until I'm Reminded of it again!   It was just Erased from all Memory and a Clean Slate until I'm Prompted!  *Ha ha ha*  Perhaps 'The Others' Worry because they're Terrified it will exponentially take over and I won't Remember anything at all eventually, I dunno?  *Bwahahahaha!*


And I Admit, it can be a bit Embarrassing when you Remember me and I don't Remember you... and we meet again as if for the first time as far as I Recall?!?  *Blushing*   It has happened... unless I know you really, really, well... I don't really always Remember if we've met before?  So I'm just gonna hafta take your word for it and it's not Intended as a slight of any kind... the Memory has just been Archived somewhere deep in the recesses of my overcrowded brain!   Digging and dredging for it is often way more of an Ordeal than just Admitting I Forgot... and having that re-introduction!  Prompt me if I get that Glazed Look of a Blank Slate going on in my Eyes Okay?!? *Smiles*

As it is I'm always Meaning to do this and that and the third when it comes to various Projects I've Admired... like this Sweet little Holder that my Talented Friend Karen Valentine Created.  I'd of bought it if it weren't a Display Item, just so I wouldn't have to Remember to Create one for holding my various Prompts I put around everywhere at Home so I'll Remember something Important!  *Ha ha*   It's True, if I've GOT to make them, they might as well be Displayed in an Interesting and Beautiful way, Right?  *Smiles*

And then there are the Pouty Prompts... like the Images Archived away of things I wanted to buy from a particular Vendor and now I don't even know where to Locate them because they've Moved On.   A lot of people are Moving On lately, even here in the Land of Blog so many have left and there is no Trace of where they might be now... and I just can't always keep up or catch up with everyone and everything I would have liked to have.

And I suppose that will have to be Okay since I can't really Change it, this faulty Memory Thing going on as I Age... and lets face it, this Living In The Moment isn't all that bad.  It doesn't clutter my Thoughts up so much as when they're too jumbled with what happened in the Past and what might be in the Future... so it can be a Good Thing in it's own Special Way, just Enjoying the Here and Now Fully!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Memory, where do I start? Tomorrow (Nov 7th) is my 70th birthday, and I just can't believe it/ Physically, OK, I can't do what I used to. (Having MS has quite a lot to do with that) but mentally I'm still about 15. I can look at a pic of a celebrity and think 'whoo, he's fit' and then realise that he could easily be my grandson. (and I even have 1 great grandson) But if, mentally, I still feel 15 I recently realised that my memory from those days isn't as good as I thought. Through school friends reunited, I got in contact with my best friend from High School. It turned out that both of us love stitching and we are both Pagans. But she told me that she had mentioned to her older brother that she had been in contact with me, and to her surprise he said that not only did he remember me, but he had thought I was gorgeous, and had been besotted with me.. This was very flattering (especially as I approach the dreaded 70 milestone) but the worrying thing is that I didn't even remember that she had a brother. Help, is this dementia beckoning? lol. blessings

    1. LOL... you crack me up! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Happening ti all if us! There's comfort in that!


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