Sunday, November 15, 2015

Flashbacks... No, They Are Not Always A Bad Thing...

With the Big Move and all I'm finding boxes and photo albums stuffed with Old Images... Flashbacks from the Past... and no, they are not always a bad thing to have these Flashbacks!  *Winks*  Yes, there's me sitting on one ass cheek because I had just given birth to a ten and a half pound baby Boy a day or so before this pix was taken.  *LOL*   Just for reference, my Nephew sitting next to him is three Months old and they're the same damned size!   People always thought they were Twins... and would ask why the darker one's head was still so wobbly and he looked at them like he needed glasses to focus!?  *Smiles*  I got all Excited when I Shared this one on Facebook and the facial tag recognition knew it was still me... until I realized my Mom was also in the pix so it probably recognized her as being me now, I dunno?!  *Bwahahahaha!*

And then I came across this pix of the Youngest Daughter after the birth of our Grandson... he was the first Grandchild that wasn't a Girl... and the only one of her children that isn't a Girl... we have a slew of Grand-Daughters... Eleven to be exact... that's a lot of Estrogen.   The other day one of The Son's best Friends, who is expecting his first Child that is going to be a Boy, looks over at all the Estrogen in The Son's household and says, "Man... I feel sorry for you Dude, that's a lot of Weddings..."   *Bwahahahahaha!*

And speaking of The Son, here he is at the birth of The Young Prince, trying to Smile.  In actuality, being that once his Nieces and Nephew started being born he was still such a very Young Uncle, he kinda Hated them all and was more than a tad jealous of them.  He also Hated that The Man and I were being called Grandpa and Gramma, in his Young Mind we should ONLY be called Dad and Mom until our hair turned White he said!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  So he grew up more like the Older Brother or Cousin of the Older Grandchildren we have rather than as an Uncle.  He's close to the ones that are now Grown Adults... since he no longer views them as Competition like when they were all Children.  *Smiles*

And when I see Images of The G-Kid Force's Mama when she was at about the Age her four Daughters now are I can see the strong resemblance, as if they were all Cloned!  *Smiles*   Funny Story about this Image, Miss Totally Uninhibited insisted on wearing a Bathing Suit Top 'Bra' for Modesty's sake under the Tutu!   This Gal doesn't possess a Modest bone in her whole body, ever and even to this day... so it was only hilarious because of that!   Kids can be totally Weird like that.  This one also shoved a button up her nose once and we only knew because she was whistling out her nose every time she breathed thru the holes in the button!  When we asked her why she did it, typical Kid answer, "Because it was Purple..."   Ah, the Stuff Memories are made of huh?  *Winks* 

And we're still busy making Memories and Dreams for the Future.  Right now our current Obsession is to find Water Features we really like the look of and Imagine making a Natural Looking Swimming Hole Pool in the back yard of the New Home some day in the not too distant Future.

We were totally diggin' this tri-level Water Feature with lots of Natural Boulders, but with a bigger Waterfall at the top... and deeper of coarse.   I'd want something that when all the Kiddos grow up and move away, I don't mind lookin' at even if we aren't using it so much anymore.  *Smiles*

After much Daydreaming about what would be Ideal... and discussions with The Man about what also would be more Practical for Old Folks with disabling mobility issues going on already... we decided that something like this would be what our Vision couldn't really Improve upon too much... it's Perfect!!!   Walk-In Feature... deeper Swimming Hole but not too big... Waterfall and Grotto... Lush Tropical Landscaping with Natural Boulders.  A little slice of Paradise right in the back yard just in case I never get to Bora-Bora! Yeah, I'll be printing up this Image and slapping it on the Inspiration Board of Future Dream Project Home Improvements after the Old Homestead Sells.


Blessings, Flashbacks and Daydreams from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Neat memories! Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to have found yours. The 70s sunglasses in that Polaroid are amazing!

    1. Yeah, Groovy Sunglasses were all the rage in that Era... ha ha ha... looking back on some of the On-Trend Fashions gives the G-Kids a giggle! And then they want to know if I Saved any of it so they can wear it! *winks* Thanks for stopping by for a blog visit too. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Eleven granddaughters?! Yes, that is a ton of estrogen :) Going through photo albums is a ton of fun and I think it's a lost (or getting to be) a lost treasure. Now it's swiping left and right on a screen to scroll through memories. Not quite the same. It's like reading a book on paper. It's just better that way for me. Sure, it's easier to carry a Kindle but it just doesn't have that same "feel." Thanks for sharing your memories and for the visit over at my place :)

    1. Thanks for the return visit and I agree, Reading real books is a lost Art... as is Saving hard copies of Photos, I'm probably the last of the dinosaurs in our Family to still be making hard copies and Saving them for posterity, even off Facebook images Family are Sharing I NEED some of them to be real and not out only in cyberspace. The Love of Old runs deep for me and I'm terribly Nostalgic so everyone expects me to be the Keeper of our Past anyway. *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian


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