Monday, November 2, 2015

Dia de los Muertos And Trick-Or-Treating

Yes I've been MIA, it's been a whirlwind couple of days Celebrating Halloween and Dia de los Muertos.   Since I'd picked up an extra Shift at our Antique Mall Sunday Night on the actual day of Dia de los Muertos, we Celebrated it a day early by attending the Saturday Celebration of it at the Desert Botanical Gardens on Halloween Afternoon.   Didn't want to miss the Procession or the Celebration or Festivities and they did it both days.

So... we got in Costume... and my Sugar Skull Girl facial Tattoos turned out pretty good, though you almost needed to rip your face off to remove them... it did give it a nice tight face-lift kinda feel.  *LOL*

Here's my best attempt at a Selfie so's you can see the Art on the side... Smiles... beats wearing full Make-Up or a Mask... and for a mere three bucks it's worth having to rip your face off removing it afterwards.  In fact, tho' they claim it comes off easily with Baby Oil or Lotion, I'd recommend a Sandblaster because I thought it would just have to wear off over Time otherwise or I'd have to just go thru Life now as a Sugar Skull Gal!?  *LOL*

The Young Prince is quite Adept at Face Make-Up, he had his on in the blink of an Eye while I labored at applying temporary facial Tattoos for about a half an hour.   Of coarse he wears Face Make-Up a great deal of the time... he just Rolls like that, so this didn't look much like any other day for him really.  *Smiles*

But the Little Red Riding Hood Cape made a lot more sense now that I could see his whole Vision for the Costume.  *Whew*   When he was so deliriously Happy to find a ten collar Little Red Riding Hood Cape as his Costume I hadn't wanted to ask!!?????!  *LOL*   But it beat the fifty dollar Cadaver full Body Suit Costume we couldn't afford so I didn't wanna say anything... if he was gonna wanna be Little Red Riding Hood and save me forty bucks, what the Hell, for a mere ten bucks I was Rolling with it.  *Winks*   Of coarse the Goth and Emo Kiddos Love Capes, so he'll get a lot of mileage and wear out of it too, so ten bucks well spent I say.  *Smiles*

And now because there is a Super Girl Show on the Tube, she HAD to be her... natch.   I got the last and only one I could even find in her size *Whew*, color me relieved or I would have never heard the end of it!   This is one of the only Retail Store Bought Costumes she's ever asked for tho', so I was Glad my Quest for one turned out fortuitous on the first day I was on the Hunt for one.   And it was Nineteen bucks and she wears it Rollerblading almost daily... in fact, I think she sleeps in it sometimes too, so as not to lose her Super Powers I Suspect?  *Smiles*

I had Wondered out loud, now that she has these Super Powers and all... will it mean she can Clean her Room in half the time now?!??!  *Bwahahahaha!*    Apparently Super Powers don't include Housekeeping, those are for us mere Mortals and not Super Heroes.  *Winks*

Halloween Eve we had finally relented and allowed them to carve their Jack-O-Lanterns, but insisting upon the Safety Carving Utensils, much to the chagrin of the Young Prince.   They actually like the IDEA of Pumpkin Carving and Trick-Or-Treating more than the actual DOING of it, both being Hyper they quickly lose Interest in both in short order, so it's a fleeting thing that I knew I wouldn't have to devote a whole lotta Time doing.

He lost Interest after carving one Jack-O-Lantern... so his other Pumpkin he Donated to the Organic Harvest Theme I've got going on with the un-carved Pumpkins.  *LOL*   His Sister did manage to carve both of hers... though by No. 2 she was certainly waning in Interest and Enthusiasm so it was rather rough compared to No. 1 and she didn't even bother to scoop the guts out.  *Ha ha*

But her first one got all of her Love and Attention since she was Devoted to the Art of Creating it, as was her Brother with his first and only one, so long as the Carving Event didn't last more than say... fifteen minutes, they were 'All In'.  *Smiles*   I know this, which is why I make our Celebration encompass way more than just Jack-O-Lanterns and Trick-Or-Treating.  These Kiddos require a fair amount of Stimulation to keep them Enthusiastic about any Holiday or Celebrating it and they have a minuscule Attention Span that you must ALWAYS keep in Mind.  Otherwise they drift off into Ambivalence and random thoughts as their racing Minds flit from one subject and distraction to another at the Speed of Light and you will NEVER keep up!  *Ha ha ha*

We got all our exterior decor set up before leaving for our Dia de los Muertos Celebration at the Gardens... I wasn't sure how early the Trick-Or-Treaters show up in this new neighborhood so I wanted to be prepared.   The Man and The Young Prince had opted to hand out candy this year, sitting outside in the entry Courtyard, while I went with Neighbors to take Princess T and their Children Trick-Or-Treating in our Neighborhood after dusk.

I had noticed that Neighbors were going All Out with the Decor... some even doing Haunted Houses in their Homes and dressing in full Costume, so I was ecstatic to be back to living in a Neighborhood that Celebrates as we do and makes it really Special for the Children!  *Yay!*

Ours seemed rather paltry, Tame and plain by comparison, but now that I know, next year will be Rockin' it with the Neighbors.  *Smiles*

Just a glimpse into Halloween Trick-Or-Treating around the Neighborhood... this one's Theme was Magic and all things Glittery, Enchanting and Sparkling inside and outside the Home...

I was Loving the Halloween Fabric Buntings so many of the Families made to Decorate their Courtyards and Homes with...

Some were benign and Humorous in Nature... 

Or done Stylishly and she didn't mind going up to those doors without hesitation...

Nope, didn't need Backup for THOSE Homes... and she was still all Smiles and Eagerness to get her Treats...

But then there were the Haunted Ones... the ones with more Ominous Decor... oooooooooooo...

With Foggers, Strobes and Creepy Noise Tracts emanating from dark, inky depths like entering a Tomb... for those she and her Friends got BEHIND me and pushed me first... you know... so that if anyone was gonna get killed, it wouldn't be THEM!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Yeah, I was gonna be the Sacrificial Gramma so that she and the Neighborhood Friends could get away while I was being Slaughtered I guess... and they'd left the Dad of our Group curbside as the Candy Mule... well, at least he and I knew our distinct Roles and Purpose, right?  *Bwahahahah!*

And if we were gonna get past the Creepy Clown Gatekeepers on stilts at the one Haunted House Home we went to in order to get to the Candy, well, they NEEDED me as the Victim Distraction didn't they?   *Ha ha ha*   This was an Awesome Private Residence Haunted Attraction I must say, once you got past the Creepy Clowns outside, every room of the Home was decorated differently... including a Witch's Lair, Haunted Parlor, a Tomb, and a Seance Room resplendent with Old Gypsy Woman with Crystal Ball giving Readings!   Fantastic!!! 

Yes, even though after only five streets she and the boys were tired and had topped off their Treat Bags and wanted to go Home, Content with their haul... their Interest had remained piqued for longer than usual for Kids under Eleven.  Though the Dad in our Group had wanted to Go For the entire Subdivision, he acquiesced that about five pounds of candy per Kid was probably enough to keep them on a Sugar High 'til the middle of next week!   *Smiles*

Back at Home The Man and Young Prince had handed out two huge bowls full of Candy, we were Thrilled that there are a ton of Trick-Or-Treaters in the new Neighborhood, and finally we ran out about eight thirty, as did most of our Neighbors... concluding a Full Day of Festivities.


Here was just one of our two bowls of Candy to hand out... but I digress... I haven't yet taken you along on the rest of our Celebrations, have I?

I kept the Attire Simple since it was a fairly Hot day and I wanted to be Comfortable... tho' I did have some Jewelry changes throughout the day...

And couldn't resist finally putting on my fanciest Dia de los Muertos Inspired Bling even tho' you risk getting  Branded by your Metal when it's Hot outside and you're wearing Serious Bling!   *Ha ha ha*

I wasn't the only Gramma in Costume this day tho'... I Love it when the whole Family gets into the Act of Celebrating in Style.

The Young Prince is in his Element when in Costume and much less Camera Shy so I was able to get a lot of Candid Images of him this day.   Which is a real Treat for this Pathologically Picture Taking Gramma that usually has to Stalk this Kid and do Paparazzi Worthy Covert Photo Ops to get a pix of him anymore!  *Smiles*

Isn't there just Something about wearing Masks, Masquerades or Face Make-Up that makes almost anyone come out of their Shell though and Shine?

We had so much Fun this day Celebrating Dia de los Muertos at the Gardens as the first part of our Halloween Weekend Celebrations itinerary.

Loads of Fun People to Celebrate with too...

And if you didn't come in Costume or aren't adept at doing your own, the Gardens had a Host of Talented Face Painting Artists that could hook you up with Sugar Skull Loveliness!

Next year I want my Floral Tiara to look as Lovely as this one...

They did have Vendors and Artisans galore at the Festival... selling their Fabulous Art and Wares... along with Traditional Foods and Treats...

And of coarse we always fall in Love with Da Bling..., Princess T was Jonesin' for these beaded Floral Necklaces!

This one being her Favorite!

I was Loving the Beaded Skullies...

Though my absolute Favorite thing was this Altar paying Homage to the Iconic Frida Kahlo!  *Swooning*   Yes, had there been a budget for Art, I would have liked to have owned this piece!

Though the Wrestling Altar was so Cute the Kiddos Loved that one.

And I did take the Kiddos in to see the Ofrendas Display since they hadn't seen them yet.

I intentionally kept his Red Eye in this shot since it looks so appropriate... My aren't we Red Today?... Ha ha ha...

But as to a Serious Note, all of the Ofrendas were paying Homage to something near and Dear to the Artist's Heart who Created them.   This one paying Homage to all of those who have lost their lives to Border Conflicts.

And Prince R told me he will Create some Tiaras like these for me...

So I'll have to start seeking some Lovely faux Florals for him to get busy with it...

And he too Loved the Floral Frames to pay Homage to the departed Family Members... so those were added to the List of Creative Projects we can do as a Family in coming Months.

We Love to Create Beautiful things to Decorate with and to give as Gifts.

Inspiration abounds at any Festivals and Art Shows... and for Creative Beings it is Pure Bliss to behold the Creations of Master Craftsmen and Aspire to Create your own Beautiful things together as a Family Activity.

This was the Kiddos Favorite Ofrenda at the Exhibit... it portrayed the Death of Childhood... as one Emerges into Adulthood and puts away Childish things.   I think I could still be Emerging even after all these years... as I have yet to fully let go of the Wonder of Childhood and Childish things!?   *LOL*   The Young Prince emulates my Sentiments about it saying he Wishes to never Grow Up as he Grows Old.

I Hope he never does either... if you never lose your Wonder and Awe, then Age is an Abstract Concept.

My Inner Child is still Alive and Well, how about yours my Friends?

We Enjoyed the Dancers, Musicians and Theatrics being presented on the Stages...

So Graceful and Beautiful... and telling a Story...

I just Love the Work put into the Costumes and Makeup.

And afterwards the Procession...

So Stimulating... all of it...

Such a Beautiful, Glorious Day for a Celebration...

And to be Creative...

Because we did bring home some of our own Creations for our Home Ofrenda Altar...

Because we were short on the Benjamins this Month so we got Creative instead.  *LOL* 

  BTW: If you buy an annual Garden Family Membership like we do, the Attending of all of these Events throughout the year is included in the price and well worth the initial Investment. 

And afterwards we went to see our Friends at MacAlpines for Lunch...

And of coarse their Famous Milkshakes done 1920's Style... make The Young Prince's a Tiger's Blood Milkshake...

And Princess T's a Strawberry Milkshake...

And until next year's Celebration... keep your Super Powers Strong my Friends...

And I Hope your Holiday was as Memorable and Fun filled as ours was?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! I am so coming over to your place next Halloween! I love your Dia de los Muertos costumes, you look amazing. It is wonderful how the whole family joins in. I believe it is so important for children of all ages to use that imagination. Your courtyard is so perfect for the decorations. And all those images are stunning! You guys sure know how to raise the dead, hee hee. x

    1. Would be Fun to one day have a Blog Party Reunion in Real Life huh? I've been fortunate to actually meet many Blog Friends in person, feel like we've known each other all our lives just from the contact via this Wonderful Community of like minded Souls... and yep, we sure know how to raise the dead... smiles... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. this is an amazing post!! There is way too much here to comment on it all. I live in Northern Indiana and we have a growing Mexican community, but I don't think there is any Dia de los Muertos celebration or I would be there. I love the concept and everything else about it.

    1. Thank you for the sweet words and hopefully your community will begin to have some of the Cultural Celebrations, you will so Enjoy it all and embrace it as something you can do for your own Family because the concept is so dear to the heart to pay Homage to what and who is important to us eternally. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. This is all so terribly interesting...Looks like a fun day, and a thoughtful one at the same time. I loved the 'death of childhood'...seriously---not giving into that in anyway. Great post Dawn, enjoyed and pinned. Thanks so much, Sandi

    1. I too paused and reflected upon the Death Of Childhood Message of that Ofrenda, the Kiddos had brought my attention to that Altar, it had Moved them deeply... and being Children, they Connected to it on a deeper level than a lot of the Adults passing by who didn't pause long enough to reflect upon the Meaning. May our Inner Children remain Alive and Well clear into the Afterlife my Friend! *winks* Dawn... TheBohemian

  4. So glad you really got to enjoy the holiday this year! Sounds like your in the very right neighborhood for celebrating too!

  5. What a great post. My husband fell in love with the beaded skulls. (Now he reads your blog, too) He says you're as bonkers as I am. I 'think' he meant it as a compliment, I certainly hope so.


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