Sunday, September 13, 2015

Too Much At Once

Though I am Excited to Usher in Autumn there is one dilemma that comes along with the Cooling of the Seasons... too much going on at once in the way of Venues... often Competing with each other by being Hosted on the same days!  *Le Sigh*

In spite of wanting to, I simply can't do it all... so then I have the Agony of Choosing which to Attend and which to Forego?   Not an easy decision when you don't want to miss any of them... and yet, you must... not only because I cannot clone myself and be two or more places at once... but I couldn't afford to Attend several even if I could somehow manage to squeeze them all in!

As it is the darned Budget is so limited right now as to be practically non-existent so even Attending a single one is a stretch and a risk of going over Budget if unduly Tempted.  I Hate when that happens, don't you?  If I know I'm going to be Attending a Spectacular Event with loads and loads of Ideal Treasures, well, to have to go away empty-handed is sheer Torture I tell you!

It already happened this Summer at 'Art Unraveled' where I had to limit myself to minor purchases and even have a Vendor Friend front me a few bucks for the entry fee since the cost had gone up from the year before, the Debit Machine functions went down and I never carry very much actual Cash around nowadays!  Had I not already traveled clear across the Valley I might have just turned around and gone Home instead since that was quite awkward.

And the Inventory there had been Awesome... my Dear Vendor Friend even had a new Order of one of my Favorite Artist's Creations, Frames and Crosses by Laura Van!  *Swooning*  Just look at those Metal Floral details and the Perfectly distressed Wood!

Crosses would have been actually quite Perfect since I have a virtual Altar set up and dedicated to Showcasing my Laura Van Collection!  *Ha ha ha*

But it's one of those things where I just want it ALL, you know?  I mean, how can I choose just a Favorite piece when they're ALL my Favorites, right?   And since the Budget was so shot, with the Move and all, well, I had to just drool over it all and not be able to buy a single piece!  *Pouting*  So... in a Perfect World which piece would I have chosen?  Well, ALL of them of coarse!  *Winks*

And Lord knows I try to not even peek at Online Auctions anymore since there are so many Fabulous Vintage Lines by some of my Favorite Artisans that are always coming up for Auction now!!!  You know, the Vintage stuff that isn't even being Created anymore since the Lines have often Evolved and you always have your Favorite Era of a particular Artist or Designer that is just your preferred Style and Aesthetic.

Yes, I Predict that I shall be missing quite a few Events that are being Hosted simultaneously or too close to other ones and I've got to choose just one.   So, this Season, starting with no 'Junk In The Trunk' for me... *Boo Hoo*   Last year was the first time I had Attended... and I would have liked to have gone back this year... but then I'd miss my Fav Halloween Inspired Event at 'Sweet Salvage' and no way is that happening!  *Winks*  Yep... too much at once... *Le Sigh*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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