Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Seasonal Decor Purge

Today Princess T and I began the Seasonal Decor Purge in earnest at the Old Homestead... we blasted through Easter and most of Halloween... Christmas will be next.   I have come to the crossroads where I just don't need or want as much Seasonal Decor for the Holidays as I have amassed over the years, so I'm ready to let a good deal of it go.   We got rid of perhaps two thirds or more of the Easter Decor, I haven't Decorated as much for Easter in recent years since she's the last Child that still wants to do Egg Hunts and revel in the Enchantment of Easter Decorations.  For me Easter is more Spiritual so I'm not all that into the Pastels, Bunnies, Baskets and Chicks that Whimsical Enchanting Easter Decorating was about anyway.   Princess T Curated the Plastic Eggs to a manageable amount of absolute Favorites now that she's the only one still Hunting them.   Halloween we still Decorate extravagantly for, but weeded out Decorations that we weren't that intent on Keeping or had an excess of.   Christmas is a bigger Stash, since we used to Decorate several Trees but now we're down to the Main one and not so much about the entire Christmas Village Scenes.   And I'm also Culling my Nativity Collection to just the most Collectible, Antique and expensive ones... the rest will eventually be Showroom bound in time for the Holiday Shopping Crowds ready to add to their Christmas Decor and Collectibles.   It feels good to just have a Curated Seasonal Cache for each Holiday and Holy Day... something that doesn't take up a lot of Storage Space or take weeks to Style with.  Yes, Life is still in the Process of Simplifying and I must say that it has been a breath of Fresh Air for Yours Truly to move in that direction.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you! Clearing out is something probably most of us "arty" people need to do! Congratulations to you for actually doing it!

  2. I'm pretty sure I don't have as much as you do to sort through, but I've been putting it off for quite some time and KNOW I'd be relieved to have the task behind me. (Actually, I think I did sort out Halloween last year and have it honed primarily to an Autumn/Thanksgiving collection...)

  3. It's such a relief not to have a big holiday collection to put out, isn't it? ;)

  4. Congrats on the cull Dawn, l agree with you how great it feels to create a sense of space and simplicity in our lives, for me it's just mostly the DECIDING what to keep, once l've figured that out the rest is pretty easy!! l was just reading your post below this one and can't believe how a system can be failing a young man who's obviously brilliant!! Surely there's something wrong with the way they're teaching him....and princess t looks so bright and knowing l wouldn't be at all surprised if she did as well as her brother when tested.....l really think it's an education problem rather that a THEM problem. Anyway Dawn try and take it easy, as you say it's all in God's (capable) hands.


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