Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Remains ~ Part II

Vintage and Antique Halloween are so hard to come by, they almost never come up for Sale since most of the best pieces are in Private Collections that seldom part with them.   So, when my Friend Myko made some of her Fabulous Private Collection available, it was a sight to behold and a Special Treat for anyone seeking Rare Halloween Treasures!

It wasn't within Budget for me to splurge on Vintage Halloween this Season, but being able to Create an Instant Vintage Halloween Collection at one Show is a Rare Opportunity to be sure!  It typically takes a Lifetime to build a Collection such as this since Sourcing it is so difficult!!!

And Myko's OOAK Halloween Creations are absolutely Adorable too... just look at this Sweet Pair of Trick-Or-Treating Pom-Pom Bunnies!!!   Myko is a Published Artist and these are some of her Specialties that you won't find anywhere else and would be a Magnificent addition to any Halloween Collecting Enthusiast's Private Collection.

And speaking of Collecting... one of my Passions is Addams Family Style and the Cult Classic Show was one of my all time Favs... so when Joe Willie had this unopened Factory sealed Addams Family Reunion Game, well, that too was a Rare Opportunity!   Alas, due to my Cabinet Caper I couldn't justify any other major expenses, so had to leave it behind.  It would have been Torture NOT to open it and play with it anyway!  *Winks*

I already mentioned the vast amount of Cabinet Of Curiosity Styled Displays and Vignettes... Lord have Mercy, I was in Seventh Heaven browsing each and every one of them I tell ya!   I could gaze at Collections like this for a very long time, much to the chagrin of other Shoppers wanting me to hurry up and get out of the way I'm sure!  *LOL*

Standing back from a Display and being able to capture a Panoramic View thru the eye of my lens is not one of my strong points as an Amateur Photographer... Wish it was since I'd Love for you to be able to behold them in all their Splendor!   Breath taking to see for the first time in fact... and then to zoom in on all the Fantastic layers of Details and Close-Up Photography!

Skullies abounded and I really wanted some of these for my ever expanding Collection of them... hard to Source them when it's not Halloween unless you go to Specialty Shops that cater to the Macabre Aesthetic exclusively.

That Lifesize Cadaver was pretty Special, I'm never too sure if the Life Sized ones are Real or not tho'... even for me I don't think I'd want a Human Skeleton donated to Medical Science as Decor in my Home!  *Ha ha ha*    I did really like the Torso Mannequin Gal though, she couldda had a place here at New Bohemian Valhalla.  *Smiles*

But again... all those Perfect Pieces I had to walk away from... sometimes I can go to a Show or Event and not really see anything I can't Live without... other times like this... I want it ALL!  And when I have to curb my appetite, as insatiable as it is, for these Lovelies that I'd LOVE to take Home with me, well, it's like being on a strict Diet and attending a mouth watering Buffet, isn't it?  *Smiles*  You don't wanna just look at the Food, you wanna gorge on it!  *LOL*

The details on many of the larger pieces of Furniture were Divine... and for those who Appreciate Painted Furniture, you could find some Beautifully Transformed Antique Pieces in Trendy Hues.  I know there are two Camps regarding whether to Paint or not to Paint... I tend to hover inbetween... since I've seen unpainted Pieces that are Perfect... and Painted Pieces that turned out Perfect.   So I could go either way depending on the Piece.

Loved the Hues of this particular Vignette... would go very well in this New House!

Bling and Bones... a Perfect Match actually... and that Vintage Hand Display was mighty Tempting even though it was missing some fingers.

And after seeing this Cute Display I couldn't get the looping lyrics of "Hotel California" out of my Head!  *Ha ha ha!*

In fact, the Whimsical placement of the Faux Skeletons was so Cute throughout the Event.  I have to make a Mental Note to try to buy some after Halloween on Clearance so I can do the same here at Home and Create Fun Vignettes including them next Season.

You can get really Imaginative with what you have them do and what you have them wearing!

Now, another Obsession of mine is Collecting Original Vintage Apothecary Bottles, preferably Scientific or Medical ones.   I have a Mad Scientist Laboratorie Collection that they go Perfectly with... so it was difficult to see so many at one Event and not even pick up a single one!  *Le Sigh*

And my Friend Minnie's Bedding, Pillow and Drapery Lines are always a huge Temptation!

And her Creative Touches are everywhere, even in the Props Styling her Boutique Area.  Loved this Enormous Deconstructed Lampshade she Created around a Crystal Chandie!

Still waiting to lose even more weight so I can stock up on some of her Wardrobe Creations...

Her Bolster Pillows were Sublime at this Show... this one was my Favorite!

And seriously she's her own Best Advertisement since she always looks so Adorable and Lives her Sense of Style.

Every Show I see at least one of her Bag Creations I'd like to Own, this was my Favorite one at this particular Show... each side was different and equally Lovely use of Vintage Belgian Cut Velvet.

And of coarse you know how I Passed on the Velvet Pumpkin Patches all over the place here!  *Smiles*   There were Hues to match just about any Decor Palette you might have!

And check out this Enormous Pendant Light Edison Bulb!

These were the biggest Pendant Edison Bulb Lights I'd ever seen and I thought they would be so Cool suspended over my Breakfast Bar.   But then I thought... what would happen when the Bulb wore out, where on Earth would I find another one this Size?   *LOL*

Some Great Statuary Pieces were at the Event as well.  In due time I'll be looking for Statues of various types for this Tuscan Villa... they always look so Majestic and Opulent don't you think?

Now I don't exactly know what these Boxes were, but I know I liked them!

And the Sepia Tones were Wonderful at this Event... I'm Styling more and more with Sepia Tones I'm finding.   I hadn't really Noticed so much until I began to Observe it in my Home Photography, isn't that Funny... you can Live around it and not Notice so much!?  Kinda like gaining weight and having it become more Obvious in Photos of yourself than in day to day Living!  *Ha ha ha*

Well, that's it for the second Installment of the Series of Posts of the Event... I am Hopeful that I may go back on the last day with the Kiddos since they want to go.  Had to Work an extra Shift this Weekend at our Antique Mall Sale so didn't get the chance Today.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Isn't that toad (frog?) wonderful? Blessings. PS Have finished all tests and I'm clear of cancer. it was something totally different and now dealt with. Can get back to normal (?) life now.

    1. Oh Thank God Lesley, I'm sure that was quite a Scare! Now you can begin your Healing Process and enjoy the Holiday Season with Peace of Mind! Hugs from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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