Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn At The Paper Collage

Now that I live closer to my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE I was delighted to be able to go for a visit recently and pick up some Halloween Ephemera and Craft Supplies for the upcoming Holidays.

I'm always Inspired by the Artful Samples that Pamela provides so that you can Imagine what you could Create with all of the Wonderful Craft Papers, Ephemera, Glitter, Bits and Bobs in your own Art Studio Space or Crafting Room.

I have a Personal Affinity for Ephemera, Vintage is preferred, but when I can't find it, well, there are so many Great Reproductions Inspired by the Real Deal available on the Market now.  That now also means there is no excuse to have to use or mar your Personal Collection of the actual Vintage pieces or spend time scanning them yourself either.  I'm always a tad bit loathe to cut up the Real Deal if it has Survived this long intact and pristine if I don't have to.

Pamela also Styles the Shop for each Season and she is an Expert at the Art of Display and Creating Ambiance that you just want to linger and spend time around.   I always want to try to talk her out of her Props because I fall in Love with so many of them!  *LOL*   And Okay, because we're Friends she has occasionally Obliged me when I have had an Obsession with a particular Prop she's rotating out of service.  *Smiles, Thanks Pamela!*

Yeah, tho' I be quite Capable of Creating Artsy Decor, I often fail to have sufficient Time to do it the way I want to prior to a Holiday rushing up on me.  And boy don't they tend to rush up on you even if you try to be proactive about churning out what you Intended to Create!!!?!  So Yes, I've been the Lazy Artist at times and just bought someone else's Creations, why not?  *Winks*  Besides, if you really Admire the Art that someone Creates it's a Privilege to be able to own some of it.

This Season there were some really nice Scrapbook Papers Inspired by Vintage Graphics that I Loved so I added them to my Stash for Future Creative Projects I swear I WILL get around to!

I do regret not also picking up some of the Halloween Stamps... but I did get some of the Fab Cabinet Of Curiosities Style Posters that are just My Style of Decor to use year round and not just during the Holidays.

The Shop also offers Classes and I really, really want to sign up for some now that I live so much closer that actually being able to have sufficient Time to take some is doable!   There was a Make And Take Card Class going on the day I visited and the Ladies were Creating some Awesome Cards.  I don't know about you, but receiving a OOAK Hand-Made Card is really Special and I almost always Keep mine to use for Decoration afterwards.

And don't Forget, Pamela can also be found at SWEET SALVAGE each Month at the Themed Events!  This Month's Vibe will be "Rustic Remains" and all things Autumn, Harvest and Halloween will be Showcased in a Spellbinding way!  See you there my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh yes do go ahead and sign up for a class or two! It will satisfy that desire to create that your not getting to do! It probably wouldn't cost anymore or take anymore time than going to some of your Antique Malls


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