Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Fourth Anniversary ~ Fab Farmhouse Styles

SWEET SALVAGE was Celebrating it's Fourth Fab Anniversary during this Month's Event and Showcasing it with Fab Farmhouse Styles... WOW, how Time flies when you're having Fun!!!   I was eager to see my Sweet Friend Minnie's new Bedding Line from VINTAGE MINNIE which was being Previewed at this Month's Event.  As always this Talented Young Gal Created an Amazing New Line and I will definitely be saving up to layer my Boudoir in it!!!  *Swooning*  

In fact so many of the Fabulous Textiles at this Month's Event blew me away... including Vintage European Grain Sack Linens edged with Vintage Trims... just My Style for the New Home... must save up for some of these too!

But since I was doing a Belated Birthday Celebration for myself, since the actual day had been sucky... I did indulge a bit and picked up three items I couldn't resist as a Pressy to myself.  *Winks*  This Adorable Taxidermy Duckling standing on a Nest from my Friend Cyndie's Space was my Favorite Find of the day.

Here he is at Home now... sitting on a real Bird Egg that fell out of one of our Trees in the Yard.   You know me and Taxidermy, my Heart fairly skipped a beat when I spied him... and on the way OUT no less!!!   I had completely missed him first time around, which is why I always do a secondary Recon and sometimes even a third Recon of every inch of the Event before checking out.  You NEVER could take in everything during a single walk through and might miss Discovering the Best Treasures that should go Home with you!

Not to mention as the masses begin to pick the Vignettes clean they actually uncover and Reveal things that were previously lost in the layers of Lovelies!   Since my particular Aesthetic is not your typical one that Appeals to a great many people, this means that usually the Treasures I Love best will be the ones picked around and uncovered after the masses have thinned out... which is always a Booyah Moment for Yours Truly!

And sometimes in spite of my best efforts and thorough Recon I STILL miss some of the Good Stuff that I probably would have bought!   Such as this Adorable Taxidermy Squirrel... which I never saw... so either he was carefully hiding, or someone got to him first and bought King Squirrel, I dunno?   Lucky for me SWEET SALVAGE captured his Image in their Photographic Coverage, which I'm borrowing some of Today to use in this Post along with my Images since their Quality of Photography is Superb and Showcases some of the Vignettes that I didn't get Great shots of and definitely wanted to Share with you all here in the Land of Blog.

Rustic Elements, Architectural Elements and Garden Elements abounded for Styling your own Fab Farmhouse Theme.    I happen to have a penchant for Vintage Flower Frogs since they're so useful... and if I didn't already have a huge Hoard of them I definitely would have picked up a few more since every shape, Style and material they are made of were available.

My Friend Ken fabricates some of the most Amazing Furniture out of Gorgeous Old Salvaged Lumber... I'd have to say this Red Barn Wood Harvest Table was my Favorite.

And he had fabricated some matching side Tables out of the same Gorgeous Salvaged Old Red Barn Wood.   I have Invited Ken over to the Old Property to take a look at all of my Salvaged Old Lumber because I know he would Create so many Amazing pieces of Furniture out of it.   I have nowhere to Store it here at the New Home and certainly don't want to leave it behind and Risk a New Buyer not Appreciating the Value of One Hundred Plus Year Old Lumber with Gorgeous Patina Imparted over a Century!!!  So they are among some of the Treasures I still have to clear out and off my Old Acreage.

Since we've had Moving Expenses, other unexpected Crisis Expenses and Grandchildren starting School Expenses I was on a very tight Budget this Month in spite of it being my Birthday Month, so I had to use enormous Restraint in choosing only a select few Treasures to bring Home with me.  *Le Sigh*   I did pick some things up and then put them back... but... the other two items I came Home with along with Baby Duckling were...

This Gorgeous Antique Photo of a Beautiful Young Girl on Silk!!!  She certainly must have been very Special for them to have gone to the Expense so long ago of putting her Image on Silk... and for it's Age and Delicacy, it is in Superb Condition and clearly well taken care of,  so I was Delighted to Score it from my Friend Myko's Space!   It is a Large 11 x 14 Image stretched across a harder surface.

And lastly, but not least, this Gorgeous Pair of very Ornate Antique matching Doorplates that are Huge and also came from my Friend Myko's Space!   I can only Imagine the Mansion they must have come from or the Enormous Doors they used to Grace?!    When the Hardware is this Special, you can Trust and Believe that the House and other Details were beyond Amazing and would have taken one's breath away.   So Sad though to think that it might have been Razed and this is why such things end up Salvaged??!   But, Happy that at least THEY were not Destroyed and forever Lost!!!  *Whew*

Loved so many of the Simple Things I saw Displayed... like this Botanical of Veggies... I Love Botanical Prints and this one was still so Vibrant and Colorful.

And of coarse Resisting Minnie's New Bedding Line this time around was not easy my Friends... especially since this Pillow and it's Matching Duvet were Crying Out to come Home with me to Grace our Boudoir!!!  *Pouting*

As were these Gorgeous Pillow Shams in Satin with Tea Dyed Crochet Trim!!!!  *Swooning*

Job Well Done Girlfriend in Creating an Extraordinary Bedding Line, you totally Rocked it!   Quality Custom Bedding at Affordable Prices is almost Impossible to find.   Well, NOW you CAN find it my Friends and my Friend Minnie will Hook you up!

No matter what Hues your Boudoir is in, you'll be sure to find Quality Bedding now Created from Amazing Textiles and at an Affordable Price that won't bust the Budget or break the Bank!

In fact, not much compares to snuggling in with Quality Bedding so I have always bought the very best that I could afford... Towels too... some things should not be scrimped on.

Well, I must go to Work Tonight so I'll leave the rest to Future Posts as we'll continue browsing the Fabulous Fourth Anniversary Event!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Aw Yes! That red harvest table is my very favorite too!

  2. Yes! The harvest table is MY fav. too!

  3. Dawn:) that looks like a fun place to shop. I can see why you love it so.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Just popped over for a catch up...Happy belated Birthday Dawn l adore your little duck, he looks fresh as a daisy despite being stuffed:-)

  5. Dear Dawn, I think I would like to live down there street from you and your friends. I haven't found a shop anywhere here, that even begins to stand up to all those great finds. That bed of pillows, simply makes you want to take it all home. And the ducky---well…every house needs some taxidermy--according to my friend, E. LOL!


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