Sunday, August 23, 2015

Reveal Of Sacred Heart Studios Boutique At Rust And Roses

Well my Friends, you're in for quite a Treat Today as we Reveal the Grand Opening of my Uber Talented Friend Katy's New Boutique SACRED HEART STUDIOS located in my other Uber Talented Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES!!!   A Two-Fer, that's always Good, right?!?!!   When Talents Align and Combine you just get the very best of both Worlds and you certainly will here with Fashion and Furnishings for the Home all under one roof!!!

Katy's Creations are just My Style and so I buy most of my OOAK Creations to fill my Wardrobe from her now.   Katy also does the Public a Service by Designing for the Real Sized Woman, something so few Talented Designers seem to do nowadays even though our Size make up the majority of the Female Population.    Lets face it, Size 6 is NOT the norm, I don't care what anybody tries to convince us of this in the Media and Advertising!  *LOL*  Katy makes Fabulous Fashion for ALL Size Women, so you don't have to be concerned you'll find nothing in your Size anymore that is Fashionable to wear!

Because I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in becoming emaciated or starving myself to find Fashion that fits!   I just want to be Healthy and wear Attractive Wardrobe that I Feel Good in and Love the Look of.   And even if you're presently in the Process of getting Healthier, you don't have to wait until you Attain your Goals, you can still Look Good right now if you find Wardrobe that fits and is flattering to your form.   I feel that Katy's Style and Line does that for me and her prices are fair and reasonable for OOAK Fashion Created from Vintage Textiles.

I also Love her Logo, The Sacred Heart... because it reminds me to Pursue my own Dreams and Destiny.  Katy had a Vision for Creating a Brand and I'm so very Happy that she's following her Dream and Attaining it, while using her Talent to Create Wonderful Wardrobe and Accessories for her Customers.   If you are in Phoenix, you will have to stop by the Boutique and try on some for yourself... along with the Clothing Line is an Accessory and Jewelry Line as well.

And Vintage Footwear...

All Artfully Displayed and Inspiring.   Look how Awesome that Vintage Ornate Lamp Base looks when Re-purposed as a Crown for the Dress Form... so Cute!   And her OOAK Jewelry is Amazing and so Distinctive.

You can get Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Belts and Cuffs...

Tops, Pants, Dresses, Jackets, Skirts, Dusters, Sashes, Vests...

Jewelry Boxes and Trinket Boxes...

And the Atmosphere of the Boutique will draw you in and make you want to linger.  I felt quite at Home here since our sense of Style is so very Similar that I always know I'll find something I really Love and want to buy now or save up for later.    Don't you just Hate when you can't find anything you really Like or would wear and scour Stores in vain?  I do... so when I find a Source that has EVERYTHING in my Aesthetic and I'd be Delighted and Proud to own and wear or Display it ALL, well, it's quite the Shopping Experience and I'll be a Loyal Customer and Visit often!!!

As well as be Excited to Share it with all my Family and Friends.

I already can't wait to return because there were definitely some specific items I was Seriously Jonesin' for when Budget permits!!!   *Winks*

And because so much is just My Style I have a lengthy Wish List of Objects and Wardrobe that I'd like to have eventually.   It will be difficult for you to hone on which, since ALL of it actually Appeals to me, so it was very hard to choose Favorites and single out any by a narrow margin!  *Smiles*

And a few were in the more diminutive Sizes, like this Awesome Embellished Sweater Jacket.

But there was plenty in Bigger Girl Sizes as well to choose from... and for that I am Grateful, given the total lack of them elsewhere!

Here's a Close-Up of the front of that Awesome Sweater Jacket... Simply Divine!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous, huh?   And I'm totally Lovin' the Embellished Jeans as well.   Though I do think my own Bustier and Bare Midriff Days are most def behind me.  *Bwahahahahahahaha!*

Loving the Vintage Beaded Mini Change Purse Necklace too.

I do Hope you're having as much Fun joining me in Browsing the Grand Opening of the Boutique as I had being there on Opening Day?

And Katy will be replenishing Stock since she Creates the Line, so each Visit you will find something Fresh and Newly added to the Line!

How Cozy is this Adorable Display of Faux Fireplace and Showcase Mantle?

So Warm and Inviting... the whole Space... I was totally Lovin' every inch of it!!!

This Top and Belt were some of my Favorites in the Line.

Being a Textile Artist and Lover of Vintage Textiles myself I fully Appreciate the Great Care taken by Katy in Sourcing the Fabrics and Embellishments for the Creation of her Amazing Line.   It is a Labor of Love to not go the easy route and just purchase mass produced Textiles instead.

If you've been seeking Great Vintage Cowgirl Boots then you're going to Love Katy's Selection of those in the Boutique!!!

And the Wall Adornments are what I Decorate with at Home so I was definitely checking those out... this one in particular...

Because of the Vintage Millinery... getting harder and harder to Source any of that!!!   

This one with Intricate Vintage Bead Work Fabric Embellishment was Fun too... and quite Lovely.

Couldn't see the ones way up high too well... but I definitely liked this Look and so would The Man.

He has a Stash of Antlers and Skullies from his many Hunts and wouldn't mind me Embellishing them in order to Decorate the New Home with them... a Good Compromise of His Style and mine.

And finally, the Kimono Style Vest that I liked best... here's the back...

And the front... and it fit perfectly, so may have to go back for that one when I can swing it!  Congratulations Katy, the Boutique turned out Fantastic and I'm so Happy for you my Friend that you're Living The Dream so fully, you Deserve it!  Mwah!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Yes! would Love wearing a lot of those lovely creations!

  2. Oh my goodness. I think I died and went to Heaven. All that gorgeous lace. I'm drooling! (not a pleasant sight) By the way, I like your new type face. It's so much easier to read. Blessings

  3. Thank you my friend😘 I love working with vintage textiles. And bringing a beautiful and original product to real woman. Finding something to fit and look beautiful has gotten hard to do when your body has so many "curves"!! You are my best client so far😘💋

    1. Well, you'd be Amazed at how many hits I got on this Post my Friend... hopefully many will now stop by now that they know where to go! <3 Dawn

  4. Geez what a fantastic shop, if l were to ever visit Phoenix l'd definitely go those gorgeous fashions, the sweater jacket is so pretty as is the kimono you loved for yourself.The logo's funky.

  5. Nummy, is the word for today--Fall coming and all those delicious neutrals, screaming for a pumpkin tee underneath, or deep coral peach. Totally delicious post! Thank-you!


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