Friday, August 28, 2015

Mid-Century Mod ~ Zinnia's At Melrose

My Friend Mike has expanded his Antique Mall and added a large new space, many of the Vendors displaying their wares there specialize in Mid-Century Mod and Vintage Industrial Style.   So of coarse I hadda check it out!   Mid-Century Mod is Trending right now and it's such a Cheerful and Fun Style that I'm not at all surprised at it's resurgence in Popularity.   I remember decorating with this Style back in da day... in fact, my first Apartment Rocked this Style... with some Boho Hippie and Exotic Accents added of coarse!  *Winks*   But yes, I had the Grass Green, Vivid Orange, Bold Turquoise and Brighter than the Sun Yellows in those days as part of my Color Palette.

And I remember the Furniture was so Comfortable, as well as the Clean Lines and Retro Shapes making it Fresh, Futuristic looking, Interesting and very 'George Jetson' Ultra Modern.   Which as a Young Adult I was definitely drawn to during that Era when it made it's initial appearance on the Scene and we all clamored to have some because we'd never seen anything quite like it before.  I still think it makes an Impact and Visual Statement when grouped together and is an Effortless form of Styling, where Less is definitely More.

There is also great Signage in the expanded section of the Mall... and this enormous Advertisement really caught my Eye... the Colors still so Vibrant and the Graphics Amazing and Fun.  If I was gonna hang an oversized Commercial Sign in my Home it would definitely be something like this one.

In my Mind's Eye I was Pondering if I even had a Wall large enough to Showcase such Signage?  Alas, only in direct Sunlight and I wouldn't want it to fade, so that wouldn't be a Practical spot.  Such an Enticing Sign makes you want to try all seventeen delicious flavors, doesn't it?  *LOL*

And how Cute would this Retro Sofa be in a Girl's Bedroom to lounge upon and Entertain their Friends?   I could see this in Princess T's room... only she's not such a Fan of Pink... but the Conch Shell Pink coupled with Black and Chrome did look Stunning even if you're not such a Fan of Pink... and it was very Comfortable.

I could Imagine, if you have a Loft Space, that a Wall of Commercial Clocks like this grouped together would be a Focal Point to the entire room... all set at different Time Zones around the World!   For those of us who have Friends and Family that live Internationally and around the various Time Zones of the USA it would be quite Helpful too, if you labeled each Zone's Clock, to remember what time it was there before you make a Call.   And the thick Shag Rug made me Smile... I remember having thick Burnt Orange Shag Carpet in one room and this shade of thick Shag Avocado Green in another {I know, Gack!} but it didn't seem to look half bad with Black Vinyl Furnishings and lotsa Chrome... but ya hadda RAKE it!!!  *LOL* 

Pool Hall Style would look really Cool in a Young Man's Bedroom or Living Space.  The Young Prince Enjoys Clean Lines and the Minimalist Look in Styling his Personal Spaces.   Right now he's quite Enamored with Japanese Style and Culture so that's the Look he's going for in his Personal Space here at the New Home.

There were towers of Trunks... Illuminated Signage...

And plenty of Vintage Industrial Style Inventory as well.   I particularly Wanted and was Seriously Jonesin' for this Unit which held Twenty-Eight Metal Gym Lockers.   This would be Great Storage in my Art Studio Loft Space!

And another Interesting piece I was Attracted to was this Money Table... this Style would go really well in our New Home's Vibe...

The thick Lucite Top was encrusted with various Tokens, Trinkets, Keys, Coins, Rings and other Currency.

I have always been a Fan of Encasing Interesting Objects in or under Lucite as a Decorating Accent.

And Grouping Vintage Mirrors on a Wall always looks Stylish too... I have a Collection of Antique Mirrors and prop mine up all over the house.   Usually don't hang them since many of the Antique Mirrors are extraordinarily heavy and I don't want to risk them coming down... like Poor Antelope did... don't need the Bad Luck of Broken Mirrors.  *Ha ha ha*

If you Love Oversized Commercial Signs you'll be in Seventh Heaven my Friends...

And there was even some Taxidermy... so I was suitably Impressed with the expansion... Job Well Done Mike and the Shop Guys... Bravo!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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