Monday, August 17, 2015

Get Over It... The Best Is Yet To Come

Yes, I Wallowed for an entire Day... but then it was a 'Get Over It' Outlook that I had with the start of a brand new day.  In fact, this has been a very good day, with lower Expectations and thus, few, if any, Disappointments.   With my Favorite Holidays fast approaching the Stores are already starting to roll out the Macabre and Styles of Decor that I particularly have an Affinity for.

Granted, at the present Moment the Finances are shot to Hell due to the Move, unexpected Crisis outlays and School Expenses for the Kiddos... but by the time the Holidays actually are in full swing I should have more breathing room financially.   I'm really beyond Excited actually to be Decorating and Styling this New Home for each of the Favorite Holidays that fall between Halloween and New Year's!    I have heard that the New Neighborhood really Celebrates each Holiday Old School Style going all out and that Excites me too because that's how we Roll!

In the Old Neighborhood it had gotten to the point where we were practically the only Family handing out candy to the Trick-Or-Treating Kiddies and Decorating inside and out for Halloween, Fall Harvest and Christmas.   It's rather disheartening when nobody participates and it doesn't even look or Feel Festive or like a Holiday is in progress in an area... I prefer to live around folks who share our Enthusiasm and Love for the Holiday and Holy Seasons.

It will be much more Fun for the G-Kid Force, we won't have to drive all the way across the Valley to The Son's Home to go Trick-Or-Treating properly with all the Grandkids.  Their Neighborhood does it in Style too and it was like stepping back in time, to when we were Children and our Children were growing up and how it used to be Celebrated.   Being the Nostalgic Soul that I am... and a Big Kid at Heart, when the Holiday Season rolls around each year I'm entranced by the Decor and Atmosphere of it all, I completely revel in it!!!

Being the Macabre Family that we are, when the Halloween Decorating begins we could spend all day in the Shops and at the Events totally immersed in the Magic of the Fantasyscapes.   Yes, this is definitely Our Style and way of Being for most of the year actually... and I'm constantly seeking Vintage Halloween or Cabinet Of Curiosities Style Treasures to add to our Decor at Home.  It's harder to Source than most other Collectibles actually, so the Thrill Of The Hunt is Magnified by the rarity of actually finding and Scoring any!!!

And of coarse every single year preceding the Major Holiday Season I have this Delusion that I will actually Create a host of Macabre Creations I've been meaning to and never quite seem to get around to.   Every so often I might Create one or two, but never to the magnitude of the lofty Visions I have of Creating an entire Pumpkin Patch of Hand-Dyed Velvet Pumpkins and finally utilizing the Hoard of real Pumpkin Stems I've amassed for such a Grandiose Project.  Or the Family of Creepy Doll Head Night Lights I have ample Supplies to light up every room of the Home with once they actually get around to being Created!  *Smiles*

I'm like that though, the Vision and Ideas are always too ample to actually become my Reality unless I had Staff and an Assembly Line in the Art Studio all disciplined enough to sit at the Creation Stations for hours on end Creating away day after day!   *Ha ha ha*   Sure, it would be Fun and Fantastic, and one day I actually Hope to make it a Reality instead of a Pipe Dream that never quite happens as the Holidays just seem to Rush up on us entirely too fast and very little materializes into Being!

And so that is precisely why I so thoroughly Enjoy my Visits to those Events and Shops where they DO make my Fantasies a Reality year after year so I can soak it all up and get my Imagination whipped up into a Frenzy of Imagining the Possibilities!!!   And of coarse Sourcing those Supplies that I am constantly seeking to add to my Stashes of Artistic Supplies... because one cannot simply go out seeking them when you actually NEED them because you might not actually find any.  Besides, us Artistic Types always like to have our Caches of things that await something to be Created from... it actually gives us our Inspiration for our Art!

Yes, Inspiration... now that's something that really is the Fuel that keeps us going and sparks how we will do something.   It can trigger all kinds of Ideas and Possibilities because when we Feel Inspired, we are much more likely to take Action towards something we have our own Vision of and for.  Because I Enjoy Decorating and Creating I'm always looking for anything and everything that will Inspire me that is in the World around me... Inspiration is literally everywhere, you just have to look for what will spark your Imagination!

What kinds of things ignite your Creativity?  If you gravitate to it and are Fascinated by it, chances are it will help you to feel more Creative and explore your own Artistic Side.   Since Art is so subjective and a matter of Personal Taste and preference you needn't worry that everyone will like it, or even if anyone will like it, if you like it and enjoy it that is all that really matters... surround yourself with it.  I like to surround myself with Interesting or Beautiful objects and things that make me Smile... I have a curious Nature.

And I like Oddities and unexpected things that give you pause when you first behold them or have a sense of humor and whimsy about them... Quirky perhaps... but Fun and not too Serious.

This Cloche display for example Created from Vintage Goggles and an Antique Hat Form reminded me of a Minion and just made me Smile.    The way it was Presented and the Hues would definitely go with My Style of Decorating.   Yes, I'm Smiling a lot Today, having Gotten Over It and knowing that the Best is yet to come... so why Wallow any longer than you have to, because you might just miss something really Special waiting for you to Discover and be Inspired by!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad you've bounced back. Blessings

  2. Praise the Lord for His Blessing of a brand new day! Yes Fun times are ahead!


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