Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Autumn Daydreaming

The First of September... you know what that means don't you?   That now I can Officially Daydream of Autumn and begin the Kickoff of my Favorite time of year and Season of Decorating!   It seems every year I want to start earlier... but it seems rather Odd, even for ME, to begin my Seasonal Decorating in late August... so typically I wait until the First of September to begin!  Even though the anticipation has been building to an Epic crescendo!  

With The Move and all I have already Organized the Exodus of Dia de los Muertos and Halloween Decor from Storage.   Though I Sold Off my Altar... I'm Envisioning what a New One will look like and be set up upon?   I'm going to attempt to Source that perfect piece of Furniture that will have the bones to Create an Awesome Altar upon this year.

Last Season I desperately wanted these Sugar Skully Embroidered Dia de los Muertos Pillows being offered up at the Gift Shop at The Desert Botanical Gardens, but they were so pricey I had to pass.  I had Hoped some would be left for end of Season Clearance so I could afford a few, alas, they were a Sell-Out!  *Pouting*   But, I did Photograph them extensively for Inspiration to Create some of my own if I had to... and completely Forgot about them in the Photo Archives until just now!

An entire year of being Forgotten and not even Shared here in the Land of Blog!  *Gasp!*   Yeah, that's what happens once the Holidays are in full swing and why I tend to want to get an earlier start each year to actually Prepare better for them before it all rushes up on us!     In the weeks leading up to Halloween I can actually concentrate upon specific Ideas without a sense of Urgency.

Now, I'm pretty certain The Pillows won't get made before the actual Holiday, but at least now they're back on my Mind and my Plan would not be Embroidery, but more of an Altered Art Style of Creating my own Version of them out of Vintage Fabrics, Applique and Trims.   In fact, it could be a Maiden Project for the New Art Studio once I get it up and running.  We'll see how that goes anyway and if it Manifests from my Imaginings of it into actual Art?  *Winks*

I had really, really liked these Talavera Jack-O-Lanterns as well, shouldda picked up at least one of those last Season... perhaps they'll have them again this Season?   I've got a host of my Halloween Decor up for Sale in the Showrooms to Fund a new assortment of Holiday Decor for this Season.  I'm just ready for a Change... and a New Home is just the place to Stage a Major Change dontcha think?  *Winks*

It's not that I don't like my previous Decor, just that I'm ready for some new pieces to be infused into the few I'm deciding to Keep.   Also ready to downsize Seasonal Decor and only Keep a smaller percentage of Choice pieces since Storage for Seasonal Items here will be more limited than when you have Acreage and numerous Outbuildings to go Crazy with Hoarding it all!  *Bwahahaha!*

And there is still a fair amount of it as yet unpacked that I have Kept so I need to get busy and locate it to get it out of the towers of Banana Boxes that are in the Garages in order to Style with any of it this Season!!!   Luckily in the beginning I labeled many of the boxes... before I got Moving Burnout and just got a whole lot less Organized and OCD about it... so Mystery Boxes are more the Norm now!  *Le Sigh*

I'm trying to just Focus upon one Holiday at a time to unpack for... since I don't want to unpack everything until such time as I have everything actually Moved over here and that Project wrapped!   My Goal was to Call it a Wrap before the Holidays, but it is looking more and more like that was a very ambitious Goal that may need a new deadline.  *Smiles*


Or maybe even several new deadlines, I dunno.   As the Autumn temps roll in at least it will Cool off the Outbuildings that don't have Air Conditioning so that I can actually Work them again and sort thru what is left in each.   I had intentionally left some of that alone during the height of Summer heat for obvious reasons.   Luckily I had done some Pre-Move Organization and packing up of a lot of those contents prior to Summer rolling in and let Pickers clear out a lot of the rest.

But yes, even though I'm still up to my Eyeballs in Moving and various other Set Up Projects at the New Home... I'm still Autumn Daydreaming of Decorating for the Holidays... my Favorite time of year in fact to Style for... and I can hardly wait to get totally immersed in it!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good morning Dawn.....once again....I ask you WHERE is your showroom......I have forgotten and would like to venture out there.


    1. Jo it is at The Brass Armadillo West in Goodyear, cross streets are McDowell and Dysart... my Showrooms are #133 and #114 ... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Go for it!! Get it done then you can give full attention to finishing the move while enjoying your decorations!

    1. That's my Plan Marlynne... I also think that decorating for my Fav Holidays will alleviate some of the burnout I'm feeling from the big Move. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I love those pillows! And I can hardly wait to see your Altered Art version, Dawn! :D

    1. Those Pillows were Fantastic but I couldn't believe the price, it was in the Stratosphere! Ah well, Necessity IS the Mother of Invention and Creativity right? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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