Monday, August 10, 2015

A House Full

Yesterday was The Young Prince's Fifteenth Birthday... so I had a house full of Teenagers... a Kitchen Island full of Pizzas and Wings...

Fresh Fruit Tart {we're not Cake People}... Gallons of Ice-Cream and quite the Celebration.  It's really Nice having a Home finally big enough to Host larger Celebrations here rather than somewhere Commercial or Public... much more Intimate to Gather for Celebrations.

Everyone could be spread out and not crowded on top of one another... I hardly knew I had so many Young People in the house actually!   So it was Nice for us... and really Nice for him to be able to Invite so many New Friends from the New Neighborhood... and a Best Friend from the Old Neighborhood.

He and Friends are at 'That Age' now tho' that they don't want to be Photographed... at least not by Family... though Lord knows they probably did a host of Group Selfies to Share via their Public Media sites!  *LOL*   So No... I did not get any... and that was Okay... tho' I Confess that I do Miss being able to be a Pathological Picture Taker of my Grandkids.   I "Get It" and Respect their Wishes for Gramma not to Stalk them Paparazzi Style with my Camera!  *Winks*

But, I also Confess that Hosting a Teen Party at Home is a whole lot easier than Hosting one for the Younger Children because the Teens don't want you to have a lot of hands-on Involvement so you don't have to even Play Hostess.   Just Pony Up for the Food and Refreshments and set it out... Walla... DONE!    I kinda liked that aspect of it and since I didn't have to babysit or wait on anyone I didn't care how long they Celebrated, so the Party didn't have to come with a deadline since they were all Nice Kids and Respectful of our Home.

I didn't even have to stay for the whole Party and they didn't even notice that I'd left to take one of the Kids from the Old Neighborhood Home when she was ready!   They noticed she was leaving, but I could disappear without Fanfare or an Interrogation about where was I going and when would I be back?!?   I really liked that part of it!!!   *Smiles*

Enough Pretty Teenage Girls came to the Celebration that thought Princess T was "So Cute!" that her Big Brother even let her join the Group and was Nice to her for a change!!!  *LOL*   Yeah, he can Clean Up Well when he has the right Audience and wants to make a Good Impression!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Plenty of Time to be Wicked to her in Private... and Vice Versa... since Princess T was also on Best Behavioral "Being Cute" and all rather than the usual Borderline Demonic Nine Year Old Little Sister!  *LMAO*

Yeah, you wouldn't of thunk Butter would melt in her mouth that whole day... No Drama Queen Episodes from her... No Mental Health Meltdowns from him... Yes, it was a Good Day!   And proved my point that with adequate Motivation they CAN Get Along And Play Well with each other... well... for limited amounts of Time that is.   Once everyone left they returned to their 'Normal' selves and the Stepford Grandchildren Act disappeared like Scotch Mist!  *Ha ha ha*

Well... it WAS Nice while it lasted... and gave me Time after I'd dropped his Friend off in the Old Neighborhood to Work on the Old House's Interior a bit since it looks absolutely ransacked.  And I have an Investor that has been tenacious about wanting to come over to look at the Property even tho' he knows I don't have it up for Sale yet.  Though I seriously want to Sell it and Turn my Profit Quickly... I've still got SO much to do to empty it out that I'm actually Hoping nobody is in a hurry to Buy and Posses it?   Which is why I haven't put it up for Sale... but Word gets out and around, so I don't know how long I can Stall at a Sale? 

Because I don't want a Repeat Performance of what happened with the last Property we Sold... where the Market was Allegedly so Soft way back then, that we were Convinced by the Realtors to at least Risk putting it on the Market prematurely, before we were ready to Move anything out, because it would probably languish for Months... or maybe even a Year.   And it DIDN'T... it Sold in less than three days and the New Buyers needed Immediate Possession... and Lord have Mercy what an Ordeal that was to have a hasty Exodus and not be nearly ready to handle it!   Large Profits aside I am now Sixteen Years Older than I was way back then and much Slower and Unhurried in my ways!  Not to mention I have a LOT more STUFF!!!  *LOL*

It seems to be a Senior Affliction Thing this accumulation of a LOT more Stuff, since most of my Peers have commiserated with me about how they've Suffered from the Affliction too and had to Downsize considerably when they finally decided it was TOO MUCH!  *Smiles*   Is it perhaps becoz we wanted a Taste of IT ALL before we pass on into the Afterlife I Wonder?   You know, to be able to say, Yeah I had that, I did that, accomplished that, already been there etc. etc. etc...

And be Content to get the occasional Image of the now Elusive Young Prince whenever he's in the Mood to be Photographed by a Pathological Picture Taking Grandma... since they all eventually get to that Phase of Avoiding the Camera and Family for a Season...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like a great party, and hopefully 'a good time was had by all'. I was recently invited to a young man's 18th coming of age party. I thanked him, but said, I would be out of place with all his young friends, but he insisted that I go. I did, but didn't stay long, loud music is no longer a passion of mine. (I think that stopped when I was about 40), but I was glad I went, because I had a great time whilst I was there. . My DH was a bit miffed because he wasn't invited, even though he's younger than me! Anyway, it looks as though you are settling in well. Have you brought your cat over yet? I really envy your energy, and outlook on life. I think I found out why my pics were not getting through. I got a new laptop about 3 months ago, and recently I've had a message saying my free trial with some ziplock or something had run out. since I got rid of that my laptop has started forwarding pics as usual, so I hope the latest I've sent you have arrived OK. Oh my! I'm beginning to feel like a stalker. Mea culpa! blessings

  2. I would have loved to hear the young Prince and his friends discussing your decor. I'm pretty main stream but loaded with antiques, and when my boy's had friends over they were always making comments about my 'old junk'.

    Loved your pictures and am so waiting to see more. Looked at older posts and WOW!
    and passed your site to a friend immediately. Fun Stuff!

  3. How good it must have felt to share your new home with friends for the B.D. Party!


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