Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Hoard On The Move

Yes, I'm Seriously Downsizing and the amount of stuff that hasn't come with us is considerable and will continue to dwindle as it is cast off or cast aside to Sell or Donate.   But there are some Hoards worth Keeping and Moving... I would be Foolish to Sell Off my Collections that have taken me Years to amass and are the most Cherished of my Obsessions and at Today's Prices and Trending Market, would cost me a Fortune to replace if I regret Selling Off too much of it.  *LOL*   So, there is a Hoard on the Move over to the New Home and bit by bit what is being Kept is being removed from the old location.  My Old Door Hoard being among the Architectural Salvage Hoard that has been cut in half, but the Creme de la Creme has not been able to be pried from my grasp!  *Smiles*


Sure, I could Sell most or all of it at a very healthy profit since I began my Architectural Salvage Hoarding back when everyone else thought it Madness to Collect such things and didn't understand why I had such a Passion for Rescuing it.   As Historic building after Historic building was being demolished and razed  or Modernized, I was there... asking for the Cast Offs.   Sometimes they were only too Happy for me to cart it away... and other pieces I Sourced and paid for... though the Costs now would be prohibitive to do so since Architectural Salvage has exploded in Favor and for Styling and Decorating... so it's not such a Bargain anymore to 'Score'.


So yes, I did Sell Off a considerable amount since my Hoard was quite Impressive after over four decades of Intense Love for such pieces and Saving as many as I humanly could over the years.   Not all of it COULD come over, no room to actually put it without Acreage to Squirrel it away on.  It would be more Evident I had this Issue with Saving it if it were to be ALL in one spot... and I didn't want the New Home to look like a Salvage Yard, so I was careful to Curate my Collection and only Keep my Favorites and Sell Off the rest.

Some Architectural Salvage is very hard to pick Favorites of though since each Antique Stained Glass Window for example is Unique and a Work Of Art in and of itself.   I also have some Sets, also very hard to come by Matching Sets of Architectural Salvage... you almost had to be there when the house was coming down after Condemnation to be able to get Cohesive and Matching Era Styles!   Half of mine are also from European Homes that were razed... and it's not as if I'll be visiting Europe any time soon and going Salvage Hunting, so those are closely Coveted and I'd be extremely reluctant to part with. 

And it does Sell Well now so I do consider it somewhat of an Investment as Sourcing it will certainly get even more difficult over time.   I'm Glad for what I Personally was able to Salvage and Save from being Landfill bound over the course of decades of a Passion for it.   Each piece has a Memory and a Story attached to it and just looking at it is enough for me... though I do Decorate with it and Create things from it too, so there's no downside to the Keeping of it in my humble opinion.   It makes me Happy to Have it and to Cherish it and be a Steward of it for however long each piece stays with me.

We do Plan to Create some more Furniture from some of it, since Old Door Shelving Units are mighty handy and Visually Appealing in a Storage Area to keep things Organized... and the Third Car Garage is going to be MY Storage Area for the Hoard on the Move.   A place where I will Paint Furniture, Store Inventory that will be Showroom bound, and Keep whatever I still want and yet don't yet have a Place or Purpose for just yet.


It will be like my Mini Warehouse of Found Objects and a Staging Area for what I Plan to do with them.   I've always Loved Old Warehouses, don't you?    I may even put exposed Old Brick up on one Wall and Old Lumber with Great Patina on another,  just so that it looks like a Vintage Warehouse Loft Space and not a Modern Home Garage Space.   I Love that it has two Windows to let in ample Natural Light even when the Garage Door isn't open... and when the Garage Door is open, well, it allows Nature to spill in and has a View!!!   Yeah, I'm really Basking in all of that... who wouldn't!?

Some things aren't Officially a Collection because I only have a Pair... and not Three or more... *Smiles*   But I've been loathe to part with either of my Antique Typewriters, though I've Sold dozens of equally Pretty Vintage ones, most with Original Cases... these two I just like the Look of even though neither is Functional anymore, they look Good in a Vignette so I rotate them in and out of some every once in a while.   I like how they go so Well with my Countertop in the Garage too, clearly meant to be together, right?!  *LOL*

And some Treasures, just like the Old Property, were just Left Behind by the Previous Owners!  I'm always Amazed at what some People can and will Leave Behind!!!   Granted, at the Old Property the Old Man Died and had no Heirs so that makes Perfect Sense to me why we Inherited so much with that Property.   But just look at a Sampling of what the Previous Owners of this Lovely New Home just Left Behind!  *Gasp!*   Can you only Imagine how Giddy with Excitement I was when I Discovered such things as these Gorgeous Ornate Stone Columns and large Marble Slab Shelf as our Inheritance with the New Home's Purchase!?!???!   And there was lots more in the way of Glass Tiles, Paint, Stone Flooring, Granite Countertop Salvage, Shelf Organizers and the like so we were totally Jazzed at that Good Fortune!   One Man's Trash is certainly another Man's Treasure!

What will I be Leaving Behind at the Old Property?  Well... I don't know just yet, but I do Plan to leave a Lil Somethin-Somethin Special for whoever buys it... as our Unexpected Gift to the New Owner.    Sometimes a Previous Owner does leave something Special behind on Purpose, just to be an Unexpected Blessing to whoever Inherits the Property next, kind of like a Housewarming Gift of sorts for whoever buys it.

And carting off those things that have a particular Sentiment attached to them and we just need or want to Keep for a while longer... or perhaps indefinitely.   The Thrill of Hunting them was part of the Rush... but if you are an Incurable Collector such as I am, well, the Acquisition of it is just part of the Joy... Enjoying it in your Personal Spaces is the other part... slowly building your Collections... or Saving and Rescuing those things that others may not fully Appreciate yet... but perhaps one day they might... and then it will still be there because of your Efforts to Preserve and Salvage it.

I will ALWAYS have a Love of Old Things... Old Places... History and the Beauty and Patina that only Time can Impart upon everything it touches and which Survives in spite of what Mankind might have done to it or with it over the Ages.   I therefore will ALWAYS be on the Thrill of The Hunt for such things to bring Home to our Lair... and either Keep... or Pass Along to someone else who Appreciates such things as much as we do and wants to surround themselves with it too.  Not everyone is a Hunter and Gatherer you know... so they rely upon those of us who Live for it in order to be able to have it too.   So, we're doing Society a Service of Sorts... those of us who are the Keepers Of The Past.   If it weren't for us and those like us, many things would have ceased to Exist... or the Availability of them would be so limited to the General Public.

And what I don't want to Sell I like to Decorate my own Spaces Showrooms and our Home... because nothing quite Imparts Instant Character to a Space like Architectural Salvage does.  And the backdrop to any Retail Space or any Home is Important because it will Create the Atmosphere of those Spaces.

And the Details of these Lovely Old pieces makes it Interesting as well... and can very often be like little pieces of Unique Art, which is a Welcome Change in our Mass Produced Society nowadays.   Where a Door Knob is just a Door Knob on most Modern Doors and nothing all that Special... on an Antique Door it was made to be not only Functional and Long Lasting... but Lovely as well.

And virtually ANYTHING with Great Patina Created by Age just draws me in like a Moth to a Flame... and those Yummy Faded Hues... it just doesn't get any better than Quality Materials, Interesting and Beautiful Details, History and Patina all rolled up into one!   So yes, my Hoard, at least a portion of it anyway, is on the Move to the New Home.   And I will very likely continue to Collect my Favorite Things when I can Source them... Old Doors, Old Hardware, Stained Glass Windows, Architectural Salvage of all sorts, Antique Dress Forms, Vintage Mannequins... some things that I just never get enough of actually and have an Abiding Love Affair with!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So anxious to see how you use your old treasures in your new home! You are making good headway going thru your stash!

  2. Um, I'm jealous here…my pocket-protector husband has never quite understood me dragging things home…and then stashing them. I have my grandmother's sun parlor doors that came out from a remodel. Circa 1922, solid oak-15 beveled glass windows and all the mullions around them. And he is still kavetching that they are 'old'. One is in the livingroom and one in stash. Now that I am selling treasures, at least I get a bit of respect from him…lol. AND I LOVE YOUR STASHES!

  3. I love the stained glass peacock. But then , I love all stained glass. Blessings


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