Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Exodus

As our Exodus from the Old Home continues I'm attempting to keep things Orderly at the New Home.   I don't want to live around chaos and unpacked boxes in the living areas and so, since the Move is going ever so slowly anyway, I'm unpacking and Decorating as I go.   I imagine this will also help me to know when enough has eventually come over or what I might need to buy to replace things that won't come over?

I also imagined that I'd paint some accent walls Today... but it never quite got out of the realm of imagining I would.  Sure, I have the paint and the supplies... I just don't have the necessary Stamina yet and that's not something I can go out and just buy.  *Smiles*   There's not a lot of painting I plan to do since the New Home is painted in Perfect hues... but I do want some of my Black accents in some of the Niches.   There is also one Studio Space upstairs that will be my Black and Red Room... eventually.   I'm not quite sure when eventually will actually happen though?

As you might recall I was Gung Ho about painting the Art Studio Cottage and ALMOST got it completed when I decided to Move.   I don't regret all the Work I put into the Transformations here that actually got done... I just Wish I still had some of the Gung Ho left in me to transfer to the New Home's Projects!   Yes, I'm very Excited about the Future Projects at the New Home, I just don't know how I'll muster the Energy to begin... and I SO want to begin... I have a Heart for beginning... I just don't have the physical strength at the moment and I tire so easily that it's frustrating.

 Source: Pocket Full Of Heirlooms

When your Heart is totally into something it really sucks when the rest of you can't keep up... physically I'm still at such a low ebb that most things are on the back burner and will likely stay that way for a while.    And yet, I am so anxious to get the New Home Transformed into a Home so that I can luxuriate in it properly.    It's such a Peaceful Environment and I'm Loving so much about it that I'm impatient about getting the best of my possessions moved over and Styled there.

I want to start Creating Vignettes because that's the Fun part of Styling for me... but hard to Create any Vignettes when you really haven't moved over hardly any of your larger Furnishings and only the Smalls are trickling over a load or two a day.   I did move over a lot of my Taxidermy, so right now I have dead animals laying all over the floors like a hunting massacre just occurred!  *Smiles*   I Hope none of the New Neighbors decides to come by for a first visit, that's not exactly the first impression I'd like for them to have seared into their visuals and Psyche!  *Winks*

Yes, I've moved over a lot of my Quirkier stuff and its just laying about with no place to be yet... so it looks very Peculiar to say the least... especially if somebody doesn't know me yet.   Those of you who know me wouldn't be at all surprised to see naked Mannequins wearing Mad Hatter Antique Tophats and little else or dead animals all over the place and no actual Furniture... that would not be far from my Normal expected Eccentricity after all.   But the New Neighbors are very Friendly and excited to Welcome us so I'd like to have a Home I could Welcome them into without it scaring any of them off?!?   *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Okay, so maybe that's a stretch since we are so Addams-Family-Esque and thus some might be scared off anyway even after I go Full On Me with the Decorating and Styling of the New Home and begin Inviting New Neighbors inside?  Or perhaps they'll just be so gobsmacked and intrigued by the New Weirdos in the Neighborhood that the Fascination will transcend being Creeped Out, I dunno?  I Hope so anyway, I've really liked everyone we've met outside of the house so far.

The Adoption Home Study that will continue and conclude next week will do a Walk-Thru of our Home... the Young Lady didn't seem too disconcerted yet... so I was Hopeful that if I could get Niches painted I could hang dead animals in their places and get them up off the floor before she comes again?   *Smiles*   I haven't unpacked Creepy Old Dolls and dismembered Antique Doll parts yet... I may wait a bit before they are released from their packing boxes.   *Winks*   Even Princess T commented Today that she'll have her New Room look "Normal" for now... and then go Wednesday Addams after the Home Study Inspection.   *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I just know it will Feel a whole lot more like Home once we've gotten the majority of our stuff over there and set up.   I'm somewhat anxious about having things split between two locations... with one location disheveled and in a state of Moving Out flux... and the other location still fairly Vacant and not looking like we've actually Moved In yet.   I don't Feel like I'm Living in either Home really when it's like this... it's just Feeling too Transient at the moment to Enjoy either Home.

For now the Family seem to be still firmly entrenched here at the Old Homestead with Enjoyment of frequent Visits to the New Home... so their Transition Period may take longer than I thought it would.   I still get a couple of hours in at the New Home before they're asking if they can "Go Home now?".    And to be sure this Old House still Feels like Home, especially at the end of a long day of Moving and Appointments... because it's the most Familiar.   I'm Glad that we decided to Keep it for a while and not be in any hurry to Sell it off so that we can Transition as gradually as they need to.

The G-Kid Force are now both out of Summer School, Today was Prince R's last day and he actually passed one of the two Classes with a decent grade.   Of coarse he failed the other class because of a Suspension from it just four mere days before it would have concluded  *Le Sigh*... a Crazy Train Day had derailed that Class completely... but I'm Glad he got thru at least half of the Summer School curriculum and recaptured at least one Credit!    Now I can either sleep in a bit or get things moved over to the New Home earlier while it's relatively still Cool and without having to rush back to pick anyone up from Summer School.

Now we can have proper leisurely Summer Days without shuttling Kiddos back and forth to Classes for a few weeks, before School resumes in early August.    I am Hopeful that by the time they begin School again at their New Schools we will be Moved In enough to be calling the New House "Home" and they will want to stay put and not long to come back to the Old House?   Perhaps when enough of our possessions are set up over there they will Feel more Connected and Detach from where we have been Living?

It helped that Princess T's BFF moved first... to a whole other State... and though she's totally missing Kiera, we're all Glad that their Family was able to get out and relocate as well since they were not at all Happy with this Old Neighborhood going downhill either.   They were a very Nice Family with strong Values and very Nice Children, so our Grandchildren were the only Kids in the Hood that their Mother allowed them to play with and invite into their Home.   Their Kids spent almost as much time at our Home as their own and they were concerned they'd have nobody once we left... and their Mom made the decision to Move after she knew we were leaving and had already bought a New Home.

Sad to say after all these years of living in this Old Neighborhood... but the only thing we'll Miss is the Old House... we will not Miss a single person that is on the block now... all the Good Neighbors died off or moved away already.    I'm so relieved to now live in a New Neighborhood that is neighborly and doesn't have all the Issues of a decaying Old Neighborhood in the City.   For someone who Enjoys Socializing as much as the Children and I do it will mean an end to Solitary Confinement and Loneliness... I had begun to Feel like a Recluse living here and the distrust I Felt towards so many of the Transient Renters constantly coming and going... with Lifestyles I did not approve of or want to risk association with or exposure of my Family to since so much seemed so Shady.

Some Older parts of the City have seen Revitalization and perhaps one day this Old Neighborhood will too... and I certainly Hope so.   I'm just not certain it would have been in my Lifetime or ever be the way it used to be... and I just was not up to sticking it out to find out and taking the risks.   At a certain Season of Life you just don't want Drama... or potential Drama... you want Serenity... and Peace... and not Dealing with the Devil constantly on the doorstep.   I used to have the Attitude that I'd Live where ever God wanted me to Live and the Devil would just have to Deal with it... I wasn't inclined to be run off from anyplace I Lived or Loved.  

But when you're in your Senior years... and especially if you're still raising a Family... you just want to be in the Right Place with like minded Souls who Share your Values and Lifestyle.   That is what I now want and NEED for myself and my Family.   I Feel like I have found that place and it Feels Right in the New Neighborhood.   My Spirit is more at Peace and at Rest there... and there's a whole lot less Work and with things not having deferred Maintenance or breaking down all the time, which is so Nice!!!   I cannot even begin to tell you!!!   So yes, the Exodus continues... to The Promised Land... and I couldn't be more Ready to Enter it.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's hard being in a transition, especially, as you say, if you are not feeling 100% and cannot do as much as you would like. I've been there and so I feel your pain. It's also really sad how neighbourhoods go downhill and the vibe totally changes. I saw that so many times. It's hard and brave to leave, but you know it's the right thing. I can feel your excitement, (I'm excited for you too!) but 'woa gal' just take each day one at a time. I know you and the family will all get there and it will be a new home and beginning for you. x

  2. Praying the walk thru for the adoption goes well! yes I would go very easy on the far out stuff till afterwards'

  3. I'm getting very eager to see photos of the new place (being nosy as I am)! Happy for you that this is working out. ALSO happy that you're listening to your body and taking it slowly..

  4. Hi Dawn......well what a read!!! l've just been catching up on what l've missed over the past few weeks, (With Mum while she had that brain tumour removed) l see you've been in hospital tool, and you're right what lousy timing. Wish l was there so l could give you a hand to move everything, geez what a massive job when it's just pretty much just YOU. l love Princess T's bed and she definitely made the right choice (albeit kicking and screaming hehe)
    The man's chair looks perfect for the new house and he fits it so well doesn't he.... What a time for the adoption people to be lurking around, can't they wait until you're more settled, talk about everything at once....LOVE your new bookshelf Dawn what a fantastic piece, and l totally get how you needed to set it up with all your books. It sounds like your new neighbours can't wait for you all to move in and l know they'll love you guys...taxidermy or no taxidermy:-) Anyway here's wishing you strength and energy as you push on Dawn. Hope things aren't too hot there in the desert.

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