Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ At The Movies ~ Part II

Awash in Inspiration I was thoroughly in my Element as I sauntered through this Month's Event.  I wasn't on a particular Mission to procure anything in particular, so there was no sense of Urgency to my Shopping M.O. this Month.   When you are Open to whatever might come across your Path and aren't Seeking anything in particular, I've found that you just Notice more and don't Overlook things as easily as you would if your Focus is on finding something specific.

I have a tendency to Overlook things if I have any sense of Urgency about Finding something and the Mission Statement overrides the Shopping Experience because I'm Fixated upon a specific Find.   I'd much rather saunter around aimlessly and allow Found Treasures to cross my Path by pure Serendipity actually... I tend to procure better stuff when I don't know what I want until I actually Find it!  *Smiles*

This Month what I Sourced was totally Unexpected and absolutely Perfect because I allowed Serendipity to just play out in my Favor.   I didn't hurry, I wasn't in a Shopping Frenzy {I rarely am by the way... it's just not the way I prefer to Savor The Thrill Of The Hunt}... and I didn't really Need anything Specific because I hadn't even considered a Wish List for this Month's Pilgrimage.

I do know that at this New Home I Plan to Style with Fresh Flowers more often... Loved this French Inspired Flower Shop Style Display... could Imagine my New Diningroom holding a Vignette like this from time to time.

Now, I Confess that I don't have the knack or Natural Talent for Floral Arranging... and so very often even if the Bouquets I buy are Stunning, they rarely end up looking as Lovely and Effortless as this once I've attempted to Arrange them in a Vase or any other type of Container they will be Showcased in.    So I do have the default of Styling more often with Single Blooms, can't screw that up can I in a simple Bud Vase?  *LOL*

And I've always Enjoyed having Living Plants in my Home as well... this Home is very Bright with loads of Natural Light so Living Plants should do quite well in here.   There's another one of those Divine Buddha Head Planters!!!    Also Loving that White Chair... I'm such an Old Chair Hoarder though that I try to Resist dragging any more Home!  *Smiles*

The Garden Style Vignettes were Appealing to me very much, probably because it's Summertime and Garden Style always Evokes the Great Outdoors, doesn't it?   Of sitting out on the Porch drinking an Icy Cold Fresh Lemonade and eating Watermelon... we've stocked the Fridge with both... staples for us during the Summer Months. 

Since I decided to keep most of my Silver and Silverplate I am also Inspired by Vignettes that Display Collections of it in Interesting ways.   Grouping like objects always makes them a Statement Piece in any room Display and Old Silver goes with just about anything and has a multitude of uses as well as being Pretty to Behold.   I prefer mine Tarnished to Shiny... but my Sterling Pieces stay Shiny and that's Okay too.

I don't have a great deal of expensive Crystal... escept on my Chandies... but I remember it being one of my Mom's Favorite Collectibles and in mass it always looks Impressive and Exquisite.   Because it isn't a particular Passion of mine my Brother took all of Mom's Crystal Collection and I'm sure he and his Family are Showcasing it Beautifully in their Home.

I am more a Fan of Gilded Stuff... the more Ornate and Over-The-Top the better.   You can never, ever have enough Detail, Drama and Carving on Pieces IMO and when Gilded it just looks so Opulent.  Love Baroque Style for that reason because of the exaggerated Grandeur of it. 

So... was there a Fab Piece that I Desperately Wanted and Needed that I simply could not afford this visit... why of coarse... this Amazing Vintage Apothecary Cabinet!  *Swooning*   My Friend Roman had Sourced it and had a great price on it, but it would still have been something I would have had to make payments on... so had to reluctantly leave it behind and Hope someone else didn't think they NEEDED it as much as I did??!??!   *Winks*   If so... perhaps Roman and I can work something out since it is Perfect for Cabinet Of Curiosities Style.

Now, I have much higher ceilings at this New Home but I'm not yet certain if the Family are ready for me to suspend some Antique Tricked Out Chairs from the ceilings... that would probably question my Sanity with the New Neighbors as well?!?  *Winks*   But I Loved this Old Chair with the Harp Shaped Back and Angel Wings... so Ethereal... and in the tilted suspension from the ceiling it just seemed to be floating like an Angel's Chair.

With the Movie Theme there was plenty of Stunning Bling, Old Cameras and Movie Equipment at the Event.   Like a Human Magpie anything Sparkly and Glistening always captures my attention!  *Smiles*

One of the Lovely Hues that there was an abundance of this Month was a Beautifully Aged Peach... I just Adore this Hue and it goes Fabulously with Sepia Styling.   There was this Cute trio of what I Believed to be Antique Lighting... very Whimsical... this was the larger centerpiece.

Flanked by two smaller matching end pieces...  this was the one on the Left...

And this was the one on the Right... you can see the old extension cord on this one peeking from underneath... usually the bulbs are tiny and low wattage like a Night Light.   I don't know that I'd risk illuminating them with the Old Fabric being so Fragile and probably not flame resistant, but they still look Adorable just as non-functional Decor display accents.

Many things don't have to be operational to be Lovely enough in the Condition that they are. I've often bought things never intending to make them functional again.  Our New Home has lots of covered outlets intended to install Wall Sconces though so I might have to start seeking some and have them rewired to be functional Wall Accents.

This was a Lovely Old Filigree Frame and how Cute are those Children in the Antique Photo... Loving the Ornate Rattan and Cane Chair they're sitting in.   I often Collect Antique Photos because of the Backgrounds, as well as the Subjects Photographed... it gives a glimpse into a different Era and how they liked to Decorate and what Furnishings were Popular then.   If you want to Authentically Decorate for a particular Era, utilizing Old Photos is a Great way to Source what you will need and how they layered and staged rooms back then.

And speaking of Aged Peach being a predominant Hue I Adored... check out this Gorgeous Aged Peach Brocade Antique Sofa!  *Swooning*   Now, this wouldn't work in my Home since the G-Kid Force and The Man would be too hard on such a piece, but I can still Appreciate it... and natch it SOLD right away to some of the first Ladies through the door!

I'm surprised that whoever bought said Sofa didn't also pick up this Fab Table Lamp sitting on a table near it, the ruffled Aged Peach Vintage Lampshade would have gone really well with it.   Maybe they already had a Lamp?

Thinking back on all of the most Popular Hollywood Sirens of the Past I often Wonder how they Feathered their Nests?   What was their Personal Wardrobe like, a glimpse into their Closets and Boudoirs would be very telling on who they really were at their Core.  Their Essence would have been Revealed in their choices of Decorating their Personal Private Spaces and what they were drawn to and liked to surround themselves with... and it might have been very different to who they were portrayed to be on the Silver Screen... or similar... who knows?

Now... of coarse I was drawn to this Funky patchwork fabric Old Chair... in Black... with a wealth of Jewel Tone Fabrics in a Crazy Quilt type of Upholstery.   A Chair like this would fit in Bohemian Valhalla... and in fact, I do Plan to re-upholster some Old Antique Wingback Chairs I have in swatches of Antique Fabrics and Silk Labels in a Velveteen Rabbit  A La Carol Hicks-Bolton Style.

So no... didn't spring on the Funky Chair, just Admired it and the Decor around it, which was very Exotic and Bohemian Styled.

There were several Boho Elements available... and some Great World Traveler Exotic Pieces to be had... so whatever your Style happened to be... you could find it this Month, there was a very Eclectic Assortment.

Yes, had to take a gander at all of the Great Vintage Trophies and Prize Bowls... didn't pick any up this time... very Tempting though.

And I liked this backdrop... the crinkled Black Fabric Curtain was Lovely, Wish it had been for Sale actually rather than a Display piece... I could have used it... *Smiles*

And if Vintage Industrial was your Thing you would have been Swooning over several pieces, this one happened to be one of my Favs...

And this one which was enormous... and perhaps a little too big for what I needed in the New Livingroom... not to mention trying to Transport such a Piece!  *LOL*  I think The Son and his Friends would definitely draw the line on this one to Transport!  *Winks*

And Lord knows if I drag Home yet another Stained Glass Window or Old Salvage Door the Family will have me Committed!  *LOL*

I've STILL got to Transport my Old Salvage Door Hoard over to the New Home... don't know yet how many of them I can Sanely utilize in Decor Projects... with the rest Stored in the 3rd Car Garage Workshop I'll make out there... but I Plan to drag them all over eventually.  *Smiles*  Yes, I've had numerous Offers from folks wanting to Purchase some of them, but I just can't let go of the Cream Of The Crop that I have remaining... I Sold Off only the ones I could have pried out of my hands that were a little more Ordinary or lacking the Antique Hardware.  Some things are still difficult for me to part with just now... maybe later, but just now... NO!   *Ha ha ha*

Well, yes, there shall have to be another Post since I took plenty of Images and still have much to Share... so come back again to continue being Inspired Together!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed your second Showing as much as the first!

  2. I absolutely love the crazy patchwork chair. I don't think I could have resisted it, even though I've absolutely no where to put it. Crazy quilting is my main occupation when I'm stuck on my daybed, but I can only tackle smallish projects (more's the pity) I can't wait to see your wonderful new home completed (or are you like me and never feel the place is quite completed?) But wouldn't it be boring if it was?

  3. Oh Dawn....thanks again for the windowing shopping tour. I don't know how you do it my friend.....moving into a new home, attending shopping events, raising the grands and all that goes with being a grandmother and a house manager....You have incredible energy my friend.j




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