Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ At The Movies ~ Part I

Though I have been totally obsessed with Moving out of our Old Home and into our New Home, I did take my usual Girl's Day Out on 3rd Thursday and make my Monthly Pilgrimage to the SWEET SALVAGE Event with the Theme being "At The Movies".   Popcorn was served up while we waited in line prior to the doors opening and the Mood was Festive, like attending a Movie Premier!   First place I headed to in a beeline was my Friend Myko's Booth to behold what she had Transformed our Old Antique Clawfoot Tub into and how it had turned out!!!   Isn't it Divine and so Unique Transformed into a Hollywood Regency Style Glam Sofa?

Great Job Myko, it looked incredible and I cannot tell you how Delighted I was that it not only went to a Great New Home {Yes it SOLD... duh!}... but also had a brand New Life as an Upcycled Unique piece of Furniture Inspired by your Vision for it!

Yes, it could have been left as a Tub I suppose and still had many years of use giving Heavenly Bubble Baths to other Families... but a Unique Transformation of anything always brings forth loads of Inspiration for Transforming other Found Treasures into something more than they used to be.  To Re-Purpose Old Treasures often Salvages many more that might not be Appreciated as much in their original forms and purposes... so if any other Wonderful Antique Clawfoot Tub ends up Saved from the fate of being Landfill bound by a Visual Inspiration of what it could be made into, I'm all for it!

Of coarse I had to strike a pose on it for Old Times Sake and to Savor how Comfy it is now that it is a Sofa... VERY Comfy.   I think that The Man was a little bit Fearful I'd wanna buy it back in Sofa Form once I laid eyes on it again!?  *Ha ha ha*   Mighty Tempting since it held so many Memories, but I Resisted and it went off to it's New Home where it should go.

I'll Share the very last Tubby that Princess T took in it the day before Brett was to come pick it up... the Kiddos had enjoyed many a Tubby on our back Acreage in it, with bubbles up to their chins in the deep Comfort of it and splashing around in it like a Unique Pool.   I also remember taking many a Tubby in it myself in the Evenings under the Stars... which is Divine I might add, bathing under the Stars.   Well, until the Church next door built a two story addition to their Sunday School that is... then it just didn't seem right to be in my Birthday Suit out back... *Smiles* and the Kiddos took to wearing their bathing suits so they wouldn't be putting on a Show either.  *LOL*  It kinda spoiled the Purpose of having an Outdoor Tub if we had to enclose it, so I was Okay letting it go.

But she wanted to have that one last luxurious Tubby in it first... and I peeked out the Window and took these shots of her before she knew I was there...

And then even once she realized I was there... *Smiles*

This is how it looked the day we installed it in our back acreage... we were so Jazzed to finally have an Outdoor Bathing Area!!!   I wasted no time getting it ready for my Maiden Tubby in it!  *Smiles*

Yes, this is how it used to look and I'll always remember that fondly... but Myko did a Fantastic Job with the Transformation of it for the Show and it fit right in with the Hollywood Glam Theme since "Breakfast At Tiffanys" was her Movie chosen to represent for "At The Movies".

Close-Up of the Eagle Claw Tub Feet it has... I'm so Glad that Myko left the Patina of Time and Original Hues of the Tub because they were quite Lovely.   That Vintage Seafoam Green with Rusty bits peeking thru from the Cast Iron and Chippy parts on the Tub Feet were always favored by me.  That Old Tub has an incredible Story about how it was Found and became ours, but I shall save that for another day perhaps... for now, back to the Show...

I don't particularly know why, but when the Theme for the Event is Movies, I do tend to gravitate more to the Glam Side of my Soul where Opulence Rules!   Yes, there is that Girly Decadent Side to me too, where Sparkle, Glam and a touch of Theatrical Hollywood has a definite Appeal.   I could probably do a Hollywood Regency Style Room and be totally at Peace and at Home with that Atmosphere... I just know I couldn't do an entire Home in it to stay True to my Authentic Self and Aesthetic.

But... I Restrained my Glam Side and only went Hollywood with some Wonderful Hollywood Inspired Altered Art Tags that my Friend Pamela Created... they will Grace my Old Suitcase Towers to Label the Contents of each.   I J'Adore Altered Art Tags and Enjoy Creating them too... but the Studio Space is not yet up and running and I always Love Pamela's Creations... so I took the shortcut and Marilyn came home with me...

Along with this Lovely Vintage Hollywood Siren.

I should have probably picked up this Domino Art Pendant Necklace too... if it didn't Sell I shall have to ask Pamela to hold it back for me.   You see, I had INTENDED not to spend too much at this particular Event due to the Move and all... but that went out the window and I went down in flames as I ended up with some Gorgeous things I just couldn't leave behind... *Le Sigh*    Well... you know how it is when you're Decorating a New Space... and I'm Decorating and Styling a HUGE New Space aren't I?!!!?!??!?!?   *Winks*

So many things were Appealing to me... these Raspberry Velvet Hollywood Regency Style Chairs for example which would have gone Beautifully with my Antique Hollywood Regency Mantle Bookcase Combo in our New Boudoir!    The room is huge enough to require a seating area since our bed looks absolutely lost in there... but I just didn't think The Man would be Game for Hollywood Glam Raspberry Velvet Foo-Foo Armchairs in our SHARED Boudoir... so I Resisted the Temptation!  Don't ever wanna make him feel emasculated in our Home so we Compromise on Style so each of us Feels at Home and Comfortable with the Decor.  He lets me run Wild enough with my Addams Family Style and Morbid Curiosities so I'm Okay with curbing the Estro Girly Decor and keeping it to a minimum.  *LOL*

I mean crap... The Man allows Bohemian Bling, Tiaras and Santos Crowns to be donned on all his Beloved Taxidermy for Heaven's Sakes and put up with the ribbing some of the Guys give him about me Pimping out all the Taxidermy around the house.   Of coarse he quickly counters with how much Taxidermy do their Gals let em have in their Home... uh, what did you say, I couldn't hear you... oh, that's right, NONE!??!??   Well, mebbe if you let em Pimp em out too you could reach a healthy compromise too and keep some of your Hunting Trophies displayed!!!    *Bwahahahahahahahaha!*  That always shuts em up... I don't know too many Guys in a committed Relationship whose Gals want the Home looking like a Hunting Lodge Man Cave.  

What I WAS seriously Jonesin' for and did not succumb to Purchasing due to dreaded Budget constraints was Vintage Industrial Lighting for the New Home...  this one being my Fav.

But this one was totally Cool too... though much larger so I couldn't justify a Space for it really...

And since I've got a literal Hoard of Vintage Industrial Pulleys and Light Fixtures and The Man is now totally Motivated with the New Home to get back to Creating things for me he says... I might just let him come up with his own Vision of Vintage Industrial Lighting for Nuevo Bohemian Valhalla.   To get him Creating again would be Wonderful since he's got so much Natural Talent for it.

I have a quartet of Vintage Industrial Porcelain Light Fixtures almost identical to these only mine are John Deere Green Exteriors with White Interiors... and we do plan to install them with Old Industrial Pulleys above them, over the very large Kitchen Island slash Breakfast Bar for Ambient Lighting.   So that's certainly a Future Project for him to tackle.   I like Green in my Kitchens, it's so Organic and Food Prep to me is one of the most Organic of daily activities.

Yes, there were SO many things I did Resist... you have no idea!   These Events hold such a bounty of Fabulousness that if you come away with nothing you are a better Woman with more Restraint in you than I, there has never been a Show where I didn't find something I felt I couldn't Live without!  *Winks*   The Man EXPECTS me to drag something Home during my Pilgrimages as my Reward to the daily grind of Caregiving and Sacrificing for everyone else during the rest of the Month.  For too long I always put Me at the bottom of the List... if I was even ON the List at all for being met at Point of Need.   I have been told by Medical Professionals that is more dangerous than one thinks and neglecting Self is a huge issue with Caregivers and contributes to a lot of Negative situations.

So yes, during this one day every Month I do Indulge myself... hey, if I don't deserve it, who does, right?  *Winks*   So... pouty Vintage Mannequin came Home with me... yes, even the Red Wig, tho' she's going Bald to match the others and I'll keep the Wig for when I wanna go Fiesty and Fiery I guess.  *LOL*

And a couple of Exotic Masks came Home with me...

And this Lovely Dried Floral Display...

And my Fav Piece I procured was this Original Wooden Artwork Blackboard Signage from a Theatre in Prescott circa 1995, which is JUST My Style dontcha think?   She even is wearing Black, Bohemian Bling and has a Peacock Feather in her Vintage Hat!   Can you Believe I ALMOST waffled on getting her... but I just knew I'd regret it and have Non-Buyer's Remorse if I left her behind and it would Haunt me Forever... so in the Jeep she went!  *Smiles*   Now I'm SO Glad I came round and realized what a Bargain and Great Addition to our New Home she'd be!

And Thankfully the Belle Notte Fabric Pillow Creation that my Friend Minnie Created that matches one of my Magnolia Pearl Bloomers hadn't Sold at the last Event and she still had it waiting for me!  *Whew*   I didn't have the Budget last Month so was Hoping it waited for me... hadda have it... I'll have to get a pix taken of me lounging on it wearing the matching Bloomers just for Fun!  *LOL*

I even Resisted procuring some more Lovely Butterscotch Striped Vintage Suitcases to add to my Hoard... um I mean Collection of them... that almost never happens... I want them ALL you see!  *Winks*    Loved that Floral one on top tho', shouldda got it.

Wanted this Exotic swatch of Pelt but couldn't find a price on it so figured it was for Display and meant to ask... then Forgot to dammit!  *LOL*

Still totally Jonesin' for the Magnificent Buddha Head Planters for my Inner Courtyard Cambodian Zen Garden Theme... but not in the Budget yet... darned Budget, really cramping my Style it is!  *winks*

The two of them I've Shared were my Favs... and would go so well with the Vision I have for that Courtyard Styling... *Le Sigh*

But then... so would the Magnificent Mermaid Head Planter even tho' that's straying from the Theme... but I'm totally LOVING her, aren't you?

In fact, so much was Inspiring me and Appealing to me that it was Wicked Hard to not break the Bank... so I was Proud of myself for showing some Restraint... since this is just a smidgen of the Visuals... and I'll Share more in the next Post... Thanks for waiting on the Event's Coverage, now that I've finally got my Computer up and running and located the Download Thingy Device so that I'm back on the Grid!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh My! You do find the treasures! Waiting for pictures of your furniture in the new home.

  2. Hi Dawn, the coincidences just go on. I have a 5ft high 'Marilyn' above my fireplace! I will take some pics when I'm feeling a bit better, and you will see how similar our tastes are. You really won't believe it. I have a large collection of cats (not real) and also Egyptian figures, and S American and African carvings. Oh and a collection of sheep of all kinds, dragons, hares. cobras, and all other 'stuff' that most people think strange. I do look forward to reading your blog. It makes me feel more 'normal' if you know what I mean. (Big Grin) Blessings

    1. Ah yes Lesley I know exactly what you mean, locating Kindred Spirits makes one realize there ARE more of US out there! *Winks* Like Minded Souls understand each other and 'Normal' becomes much more subjective... ha ha ha. Healing Energies also being sent your way so that you will soon be feeling 100%... Dawn... The Bohemian


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