Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So... Have You Missed Me?

So... have you missed me while I've been off the Grid during my Move?  The Grandson got me hooked up at the New Home Tonight and our Internet speed is much faster and upgraded... but I'm set up on a wonky Vintage Card Table since not all of the large furniture got moved over yet... but most of it has.  *Whew!*   The Son and his Friends came thru for me and really worked hard, sacrificing an entire day off to move over about 75% of my large furnishings in the Big Kahuna of U-Haul Trucks we could rent.   Funny how the scope of things doesn't seem as large until you're trying to stuff it all in one U-Haul... even the largest one they have!  *LOL*

But then Scope is subjective... depending on where you're locating things... since once it all got into the New Home it looked rather Spartan actually.   Granted, once the 25% balance of it all finally comes over it will be just enough since I want a more Spartan look.  It also made me fully realize how enormous the rooms in this house really are... they didn't look as large empty as they did once the furniture arrived and seemed lost in their dimensions!    And yes, I WAS Intending to Reveal some Sneak Peeks of the progress I've made in Styling thus far... only to discover I cannot locate my Photo Download Thingy!  I'm not even certain which house it's at actually with the Chaos reigning at the Old House and most things small and not absolutely necessary for daily living still boxed and in the Garages at the New House!  *Arghhh!!!*

So sorry, it will have to wait until I can either locate it or buy another one to replace the MIA device!  *Le Sigh*   I had run around Photographing small Vignettes I'd completed here and all... eager to Share dammit!  *Smiles*   I'd also had my Monthly Girl's Day Out Pilgrimage at the 'Sweet Salvage' Event too... so I have loads to Share backing up!   So I'm scouring my Photo Archives for some Lovelies of the Past I'd Photographed so that you do get some Eye Candy and Inspiration with the Story line.   I am SO Enjoying our New Home... it's so Peaceful and Serene here... and uncluttered... which is how I Hope and Intend for it to stay!   Which is also why the unpacking and arranging is going slowly and Intentionally... I'm not so concerned that everything is as it will be right away... just that it is carefully Curated and Edited coming in.

Since Patience doesn't happen to be one of my Virtues I had thought taking it so slowly would annoy me, but in actuality it has made the Process more Relaxing and Organic in how it is Transforming.  Nothing is rushed... in fact, the Pace is Leisurely with no real sense of Urgency now that the majority of the larger items I couldn't move by myself are now Safe and Secure here at the New Home and everything came together as it should with the Volunteer Force that The Son had Organized for me.  They took great Care and so only minor mishaps occurred, nothing Earth shattering, though we beat a huge Monsoon Storm by mere Minutes once we got everything downloaded here!  *Whew!*  Large Trees were being uprooted or snapped like twigs and tossed across the roads and The Son was navigating the Big Kahuna of U-Haul Trucks around it all like a Pro Race Car Driver as we raced to return it by close of business day... I was duly impressed.

All of the Young Men who Volunteered I have known since they were Pre-School age and are Lifelong Friends of The Son... it Touched my Heart that they gave up a Precious Day Off to Volunteer their Time and Muscle to get er done.   It took loads of stress off of Yours Truly... so being bone Tired and Sore the next day actually felt Good because the thing I had dreaded and worried over most was now behind us and accomplished.   Now I could somewhat Relax and take it easier since transporting the rest can take however long it will take and I don't Care what that Time Frame will play out like because I have a Peace knowing I can do it and get it done... eventually.

And having things coming together to make this house a Home Feels really Good... the Family now call this place Home and don't ask to Go Home anymore to the Old House.   I still spend a fair amount of time there at the Old Homestead clearing it out... and there are always a few tears shed as I linger at separating and saying Good-Bye... I've never been very good at Good-Byes anyway... especially when I Care for something or someone.   Old Morris, our Ancient Fur Baby is not going to make it over to the New Home... he is clearly so frail now that I'm not even going to try to move him... I will allow him to finish out his days at the place he knows and then bury him there on our Acreage.  I had considered putting him down... but in the midst of so much I just couldn't so I Pray he will cross from Time into Eternity on his own and swiftly... though he's tough as old boots and seems to be a lingerer... Scrappy Old Alley Cat that he is.   The End is never pretty and each day I expect to be his last.

So... it's been a mixture of Joys and Sorrows... which is how Life usually Plays Out... but I'm Choosing to Focus upon the Joyfulness now... I NEED it with everything that has been going on.  We finally got the Adoption Home Study completed... and Tomorrow the CPS Caseworker... another new one... comes by to pick up the mountains of paperwork I had to fill out in order to apply for the Adoption Subsidy on hard to place Kiddos we're Hopeful to receive?    All of the G-Kid Force's Medical Specialists had filled out their required paperwork on time and we'd gotten all of the necessary Appointments concluded before her visit.    Now... to get them dis-enrolled in the Old Schools and enrolled in the New Schools before the New School Year begins on August 5th... WOW... that was a brief Summer Vacay since they only got out of Summer School quite recently!

But ever so slowly things are getting done... and when I can locate the Photo Downloading Device I'll be able to Share some of what has gotten done thus far...  Hopefully Patience is a better Virtue for you than it is for Moi?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert at a New Location... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm glad you're safe in the new home, and everybody now feels it's Home! That's sad about Morris, but I think it's better the way you've decided he should end his days at the place he knows best.

    I hope you find that photo thingy soon ... I'm dying to see pictures! LOL

  2. Yes! I have missed you! So good to hear how things are progressing! So glad your son and friends were such tremendous help! Anxious to see the moved in pictures! Stay well!

  3. Fantastic to hear the big move went down mostly stress free Dawn....cant wait til you find your photo download thingy:-)) so we can have a peek at all your lively, interesting vignettes. Don't go working too hard and take care.


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