Friday, July 24, 2015

Sneak Peek Reveal Part II ~ New Home

What makes a House a Home?   When you're Moving you have a deeper Contemplation and Appreciation for that Question.   It's not just the People Sharing and Residing in a Space because you can do that away from Home and of coarse it won't Feel like Home at all just because you all happen to be there.

When The Man, with his Brain Damage, and The Grandson, with his Mental Health Issues, kept asking when they could "Go Home?" even after we had begun to spend more time at this Lovely New House rather than our Old Home it made me Question WHEN and HOW this location would actually Feel like Home and Transform from being just a Lovely House to Our Home?


I had even begun to have Concerns that the Transition might be more difficult for them than for us Gals than I had anticipated and what was Missing that would make it BE Home to them?   Then it occurred to me... when our possessions and the Familiar began not only to arrive in boxes, but to be set up and Decorated once again in Our Style... only THEN did they not only stop asking to "Go Home", but to be Comfortable calling this new Location HOME and want to stay here almost all of the time now.  No longer asking to return to the Old Homestead, which really was the only Home that the G-Kid Force had ever known before now.

Only when there was LESS of our stuff at the Old House and MORE of it at this New House did it BECOME Home to us all in a way where we didn't want to leave after 'visiting' for a while.   No matter how much we Loved the New Location and all of the benefits of it, it was not Feeling like HOME until our Beloved Objects began to take up Residence as well, along with us and Transform each room into a more Familiar and Connected Space with us all.

As much as I have Adored and Enjoyed Owning our Historic Old Homestead, now that it is emptying out it is Feeling less like my Home... and making it so that I long to return to the New Home where everything is not in Chaos and has begun to be Decorated Familiarly as our Home has always been.  Sure... there are Changes... and it's a Life Changer to Move... but now it just Feels like Home... and that is a Wonderful Feeling indeed once that Metamorphosis has occurred!!!

You begin your Daily Living and Routines once it Feels like Home.   No matter how much new stuff may have been added to Enhance the Spaces, it just begins to Feel Right to everyone.  You all begin to settle in and just go about your business, even if the Transformation is not yet complete.

Yes, that Random Crap from Here and There DID make the difference!   Apparently it IS a BIG PART of what makes a House a Home!!!   What you have accumulated and holds your Memories and your Heart... the things you surround yourselves with that are Beloved and Familiar can make any House, no matter how Humble or Grandiose, Feel more like YOUR HOME!!!   Until then it is just a structure really and that Connection isn't as strong.

Now there are more Smiles and less Anxiety among the Family... as they finally Feel like we DO have a New Home to come back to each time we leave... we no longer Feel in quite as much Transition and Limbo.    We are now able to successfully Detach from our Beloved Old Home, as difficult as that has been, and move forward completely without so much conflict of Feelings about it.

Now that Familiar items are getting in place... Familiar Routines can play out Daily that just make everyone more Comfortable being here.   Yes, we were Enamored with the Lovely New House... but until it began to Feel like Home it was like being in a Luxurious Hotel... you Enjoy your stay, but you long to Go Home eventually.

The Man and I have traveled extensively, all over the World in fact... but there is still no place like Home.   Home IS where your Heart is... and though you can Move and Create a New Home, it does take some time and a Transition period.   I was so used to Nomadic Living that I never really realized how Rootless I'd lived my entire Life... though that was Normal to me... until I'd actually settled down and settled into a Home that I resided in for Fifteen Years.   The longest I had ever stayed put... though The Man had grown up differently so he had stayed put until he joined the Military, I had always Moved around endlessly my entire Life... until I purchased that Historic Old Home and finally put down some Roots.

It is way different once you put down some Roots to Uproot and Move... I hadn't realized that until I finally had some Roots to a certain place and then had to leave it!    Yes, deeply Rooted it is just not so easy to be Transplanted, is it?   Those of you who perhaps have been Nomads and then put down Roots know just what I'm talkin' about!

As an avid Gardener I now fully realize why and how plants and Trees that have been allowed to take Root for a long time often have difficulty being Transplanted somewhere else... and sometimes can't thrive or even survive such a Move!    I now had a sense of what Homesickness actually Felt like, since I'd never had it as a Wandering Nomad... where ever I Moved... and frequently... the New Place  just became Home quite effortlessly... and probably because we HAD to pack light and start over so often the surroundings weren't as crucial to make a House a Home for us?

But now... now I knew... that because I had Enjoyed putting down deep Roots... and then had to Move... that I probably won't want to do it often... or with any Luck... ever again?!?   I want this Home to be our Forever One if at all possible... and not just because Moving, when you have finally had the Luxury of staying put long enough to accumulate a lot of stuff, was hard work.   But because the Attachments run deep once you become Rooted to a place you LOVE and want to make a Forever Home... a Dream Come True Home... and not just a Temporary Living Arrangement subject to Change without notice!

And as I Age I also realize that it is even more Important to me now, even tho' I still Adore Traveling, to have a Home to come back to.   Yes, my hands are still fairly strong... and my back is still fairly strong... so I wasn't yet to that Season of Life where I couldn't tolerate a Move... but for my Heart to continue to be strong it needs that "Home is where the Heart is" stability now in staying put.  In my Youth I suppose I didn't need that so much, but now I realize that I do.   I want a Home to just STAY in for the rest of my days if possible.

I do Feel like that place is HERE... I had thought it was the Old Homestead... but I was wrong.   And in recurring Premonitions, that I initially interpreted as just Dreams... I had been given that Vision for several Months before finally acting upon Letting Go and seriously seeking out a New Home.   The one that I kept Envisioning almost every Night for so long that it was really Strange... because I hadn't Dreamed of a Move in so many years that it caught me completely off guard.  Our Family has a long lineage of accurate Premonitions... and it wasn't until I realized this was a Premonition and not just a recurrent Dream that was prompting me to make a huge Change... one I wasn't even sure I was ready for!?!??!

At first casually I looked at Properties... but nothing seemed Right... no particular Location or Place seemed Right... well, until I heeded the Premonition in it's Accuracy that is!    In that recurrent 'Dream'  there was this House... near the White Tank Mountains... with lots of Arches... a Huge Bedroom with Hardwood Floors and an Inner Courtyard!    Granted there were some differences between what I found and what it looked like in Premonition State... but if you've ever had accurate Premonitions you realize that the Clarity is mostly with distinctive similarities and not with identical Vision of any Event or Place.   So... I focused upon the Distinctions that stood out... Location first... I didn't even know this Subdivision existed since it had been years since I had visited the Beloved White Tanks Park area... with Caregiving taking me away from many Freedoms I once had, like long Hikes in the Mountains.

Once I Discovered the correct Location... I began to drive around it looking for the right House... but I wasn't sure from the exteriors... though the particular Street just Felt Right... so I took note of the one Home on it that was for Sale and decided to look it up online to view the interior and see if any other similarities stood out that matched my Vision?

Not only did they, but I felt my pulse racing because I just KNEW this was IT... the Home I had those recurrent Dreams about that just wouldn't go away and visited me every Night in their Strange way... like a Movie that kept looping in my subconscious... a Movie I'd never seen... and yet, I was seeing it... before actually seeing it!  *LOL*   I talked to no-one about it for a while... because when I have these Premonitions it can Freak the Hell out of folks... well, except immediate Family who have Premonitions all the time too so they "Get It" as our distinctive Gift and take it dead seriously.

I knew that we would buy it... even before we stepped foot inside... though once we did, well, to me anyway it just Felt Right... like Home I was coming back to somehow... a Home that had been waiting for me.    Something that just took Time to Manifest into our Reality... and there's nothing quite like that... when what you are meant to have is finally yours!

And now I Feel Comfortable Sharing that part of the Story since I won't seem like such a Nut for Revealing it, even to those who don't Believe in Premonitions or heeding them.   The Man has come to expect me to have them... and to heed them when they are so strong... so it made perfect sense to him and he was totally on board once I Shared the Why of such a 'sudden' desire to Move and find this Mysterious Place I had Dreamed about for several Months before finally giving in... and Letting Go... and Trusting God with the Outcome.

It can still be Scary to take that Big Leap Of Faith and Act upon a Premonition from the Dream World... no matter how many times it has played out accurately and in your best interest.   I'm so Fortunate that my Family completely have Trust in my Premonitions and heed them without Question... since they have seen the Proof of The Gift numerous times... and not just with mine, but also Mom's, my Brother, Uncle Syd, Son... those who have it strongest in the Family.

When you have it for others its just easier to Act upon voicing it... and Acting upon it... than for yourself... don't know why, but it just is... maybe becoz until it's you it's just not that Personal and Life Altering, depending on what the Vision revealed and you should Act upon?!?  But I'm now Glad that I did not continue to try to Ignore it... and Suppress it... it wouldn't let me anyway, but I can be quite Stubborn.

And Today Princess T Shared with me that there is nothing she's going to miss about where we were... because where we now ARE just is so much better... that made me Feel really Great about Acting upon it.    And she's temporarily Claimed the Loft portion of my eventual Studio Space because I haven't had time yet to move much into it and Transform it into what it will be... so for now it's Camping Out and Play Space for a Princess with Big Dreams and Visions of her own... she often Shares them with me... I think she too has The Gift and is just realizing the Impact it will have on her Life and the Lives of others it will Touch in it's Mysterious way. 

But for now she's Concentrating on Childhood things and of Transforming her own Personal Spaces at this New Home of ours.... she's going for loads of Floral Accents and Whimsy.   She's Enjoying picking out her New things to Decorate her Spaces with and meld them with what is Beloved and already Familiar.

We're all rather Enjoying that actually... as our New Home comes together and just gets better and better.

And I do still have much to do... much to move over from the Old House... my Antique Dress Form Gals are among those finally making the Pilgrimage, one by one, since they're so darned heavy and awkward to Transport in the Jeep and we didn't end up having room for them in the U-Haul Pilgrimage of Bigger Stuff.  It was hard to leave some stuff behind for Later... especially some of my most Beloved stuff.

And to finally begin to dismantle that last Bastion of Space that was particularly difficult for me to Let Go of... my Art Studio Cottage Space... which I left for last to even touch and take anything out of, since I wanted to Savor it for as long as I could.   But it was now Time... Time to completely Let Go and say Good-Bye... and clear everything out... not in a hurry, but just as long as it takes to do it properly and get the Old House ready for Sale.

There will now be a New Bohemian Valhalla... at this Location... and it's ready to Transform into our Valhalla...

Yes, the things that make a House a Home are arriving and being set up as we go... which is a Wonderful and Exciting Feeling.   I'm really Jazzed about it and as more and more comes over it just gets better and better... and more Homey.  

As we Carefully pack and transport all my Precious Lovelies... and they arrive Safely and intact I'm relieved.  Sure, we've had a few mishaps... like forgetting to tell the Guys that my Hollywood Regency Style Antique Mantle/Bookcase has a hidden compartment that comes off... because I had completely Forgotten it had that... and so it fell off and broke during Transport... and will have to be repaired... OOOOPPPPs!    Well, nothing that cannot be fixed... though I must say my Heart sank when I heard the crash... and the looks on the faces of the Guys was Priceless, they thought they might be Murdered... a Mass Homicide at the New Home??!???!   But it wasn't their fault, it's such a hidden compartment that unless you're told you wouldn't even know... and if you Forget you wouldn't know either.   *Smiles*

And anyway, when you are an Incurable Collector you realize that it's the Imperfections that actually make a Piece have History and a Story... one that can be told many years later... so now that Mantle has a piece of Our Story and History attached to it, in it's Imperfection and Repair.    I often Wonder about the little Imperfections of my Collectibles and Antiques... like how and when did Chief Watta Pop get the Nose Job when he was a Drug Store Display back in the Twenties-thru Current Day?   *LOL*   We can only Imagine if there's nobody left to tell the actual Story and recall the Memory of that day. 

Making Memories happen some place is a vital part of making a House a Home... and giving some History to whatever you possess and where ever you happen to be... make loads of them my Friends... it makes Life so much more Interesting and Precious.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So happy to hear you are getting settled in and feeling comfortable!

    1. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit Kathy and to take a peek into our new Home... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What an awesome post....Your vignettes are fabulous. l love the bear head on the table, it's so much fun...also the lounge pic with the gorgeous poufs and industrial table. Princess t's florally curtain and owl bathmat look fantastic. So many lovely things you have Dawn and l can see how much you're enjoying putting everything together...l loved your premonition story too, life has many mysteries doesn't it. l wonder if any of your orbs will reveal themselves in time.????

    1. So far no Spirit Orbs in the New Home... but since I do Believe some may be Ancestors I do expect them to show up for a visit and to Celebrate with us. :) Dawn... The Bohemian


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