Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Slow Thoughtful Vision

Having some Health Problems to overcome has slowed my Vision down to a slow thoughtful crawl... and that hasn't been such a bad thing really.   Moving can be so stressful and with so many other things going on simultaneously, like the Adoption of the G-Kid Force, I was pretty scattered.   Having to slow everything down to a pace that requires patience and more relaxation has allowed the Vision to percolate and become much more thoughtful in it's Process.

 Source: Antiquities Warehouse

It has also given me Down Time that otherwise I wouldn't have taken.   When so much is going on taking voluntary Down Time doesn't happen, but involuntary Down Time forces you to just take stock of what you can reasonably do in a given day and know that it will just have to be enough for now.   I've had time to just Dream a bit... like of what Dream Purchases I would LOVE to procure for the New Home... like this San Francisco Hardware Cabinet at a Shop my Friend Robert works at.  YES... and an OMG... the dimensions of the New Home's Rooms could accommodate a Statement piece like that which never would have fit into this Old House!

I recently procured a 135 year old Antique Herbarium Botanical Collection similar to these Images I'd been Admiring... not often an entire Collection comes on the Market and at a great price so I was jazzed to 'Score' it!    My Antique Botanical and Cabinet Of Curiosities Theme will be expanding at the New Home and replacing some items I'll be discarding in favor of a different look.   And because so much will be Inspired by different Decor I'm in no hurry really to Style each room... preferring instead to allow a gradual Transformation to Evolve.

I'm enjoying a lot of Empty Space and so the slower Moving process is allowing me that luxury of not filling up any room fast.    Gradually I'll bring a load over at a time and build the Vision piece by piece... and it will take however long it takes... I'm in no hurry at all and that has been very liberating.    Actually NOT putting this Old Home on the Market too quickly has also been very liberating, because having it to store things in until I either want to bring them over to our New Home or dispose of them makes my life a lot easier right now.

There is a LOT to do and so it's going to take time... I suspect a lot more time than we originally anticipated and splitting time between two Homes has given the Family more time to adjust.  Which is particularly important for The Man and The Grandson, who do not handle Change well and need a lengthy Adjustment Process to get familiar with anything new or different.    For now they enjoy visiting the New Home for a few hours... but often ask to 'Come Home' after a while... to what is Familiar... this Old House... so detachment for them will also be a slow Process and that's Okay too.

I bought The Man a new Fabric Recliner... he found the new Leather Recliner too sweaty and so it wasn't practical for him... his new Fabric one is reminiscent of the ratty Old Recliner he'll have to leave behind, so he's much happier with the Feel of it.   And I managed to find a Fabric one that looks like a nice Club Chair and wasn't hideous.  *Whew!  LOL*    He finally got over the Cup Holder thing... which was a relief since I found them to be dreadfully tacky and like Movie Theater Seating!  *Smiles*   So now a Custom Leather Recliner Love Seat with Cup Holder will not have to be saved up for... Color me Happy!   I will inherit the New Leather Recliner since I'm not a sweaty Man and it suits me just fine!  *Winks*

The real Beauty of The Man's new Fabric Recliner is that it was our Favorite one and it just ALSO happened to be the last one and a discontinued Model, so we got it for even far less than the already low price of $358... FANTASTIC!!!!!!!   Dont'cha just Love it when things work out in your Favor like that?!    It's a brushed Suede Paisley so will go well with the other Decor... I think he must have sat in a hundred Recliners before we settled on a Favorite that he felt was comfy and I felt wasn't hideous and would be allowed in the New Home and Work with my Vision!  *Smiles*

You see, The Man could care less about Stylist Vision... he just wants a comfy Reclining Chair and a bigger screen TV... so the bigger hurdle was meeting MY criteria!   *Ha ha ha*   I've Compromised for so many years that in the New Home... no more Compromises... I want what I want and have a particular Vision to have it!  *Winks*   Besides, picking out Furniture with the Family is exhausting... EXHAUSTING I tell you... the Furniture Warehouses are vast and it's like herding Cats with these three!!!

Not to mention that with The G-Kid Force you have to give them Limited Options or they never Decide... they will change their Mind so quickly and often that if you don't limit the Options you will lose your Mind.   Being fresh out of the Hospital I was in no Mood for Cat Herding tactics nor indecisive Children... so I did my Due Diligence beforehand.    I picked out a 'Big Girl' Style Princess Type Bed and told Princess T, you can have this Style in either Full Size or Twin Size... those are your Options.   She chose Full Size since she'll have more room to grow into it and have Friends Sleep Over and Share it... good Choice.   She also got a top of the line Gelform Memory Pillow and 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress... Damn, I wanna sleep on that bed now, it's more comfy than ours!  *Smiles*


Granted, she pouted a bit that she couldn't have the Frozen Princess Bed that had an infantile Canopy and was gaudy as Hell... and she would have been "Over" by next year since I couldn't see any 11 or 12 year old still wanting a Bed that Childish and small.   Convincing a 9 year old who is soon turning 10 that the Bed she thinks is Cool now will be so NOT Cool in another year and certainly not during her Teen Years took my best Negotiation Skills, but I prevailed with the unexpected Help and Unanimous Opinion of her Big Brother, The Stylist, thrown in.  They don't get along but she Respects his sense of Style and what is Cool and NOT Cool.  *Smiles*   Now she's Delighted with her choice and it looks Splendid in her New Room... just in time for the Adoption Home Study too!  *Whew, that was a close one... so that the Lady doesn't think the Kids sleep on the floor!  LOL*

It also helped that the Model of her New Bed has matching Furniture she could eventually get when Gramma saves up enough to enlarge The Vision for her Room.  *Smiles*   I thought I had taken a pix of The Grandson's Choice... but I guess I didn't.   He was wanting Japanese Style for his room and had been dead set on a Japanese Bed Roll... which I wasn't so dead set on since it looked uncomfortable, Cheap and probably a Fad he'd soon tire of.   I didn't mind Japanese Style since he Loves everything Japanese... so convinced him, with my ample Charm and Negotiation Skills, that it would be more Practical to purchase a Japanese Style Futon instead, which he could then use as a Bed and a Sofa in his budding Man Cave Room.  I Guided him over to the Perfect one, a Contemporary Sleek Style number in Black faux Leather and Chrome with thick Red Leather Trim and a built in Blue Tooth Stereo System... he was SOLD on it... and it was well under $200 and on SALE!  *Happy Dance!*

Everything got Delivered Today and set up... I'll be taking more pixs and Sharing...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. When the youngest was thirteen, we bought her a new bedroom suite. I didn't even take her with us - what do you want most, I said. I want white and a vanity to sit at where I can put my makeup on. It's just easier that way, isn't it? LOL

    All of that set got sold or given away when we moved, but the vanity is down in the basement awaiting a new paint job. I wish we could have kept it all but storage prices are crazy up here. I think it's wonderful that you can take your time moving things - makes for less decisions regretted in the long run. :)

  2. Looks like things are coming together in slower healthier speed. That's good! God Bless Y.ou


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