Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wading Through Possessions

It's a very good thing I have been a Pathological Picture Taker and have a wealth of Archived Images I hadn't Shared in Blog Posts yet, because I doubt I'll be getting out very much for a while as I'm busy wading through possessions to Pre-pack, Edit and Purge for the Move.  I might be an Anomaly, or just plain Crazy, but I don't mind going through my possessions and can stick with it for hours on end.  It's almost like a Treasure Hunt because quite often I Forgot what I actually have!  *Smiles*   So... to come across it again is rather like the Thrill Of The Hunt being Relived and better yet, not costing me anything!

I have amassed an Impressive array of Found Treasures over a Lifetime and it doesn't bother me to consider Culling the majority of it now.   But I do still Enjoy spending Time with my things, even those that will be Sold Off or Donated now that we're Seriously Downsizing with a Deadline.    Right now I'm tackling the most ominous Spaces that had Intimidated me considerably when we decided a move was eminent... the Storage Cottage and various Outbuildings.   I just decided to focus first on what I dreaded most and get it over with... then the rest wouldn't seem so difficult.

A very Curious thing happened though... the Main Storage Cottage, which was what I dreaded wading through most because it seemed so overwhelming and packed to the rafters, has been relatively easy and not taking me nearly the Time or Energy I Imagined it would!  *Whew!*  In fact, in just a few hours of two Afternoons, while the Weather is Unseasonably Cooler and Rainy for June in the Arizona Desert, I've already done most of it!   There is no Air Conditioning in that Cottage, but with the double Schoolhouse Entry Doors opened wide, it's not so bad and I'm Enjoying The Process more than I thought I would.

I was Fortunate to have some really good quality Shipping Boxes and Bubble Wrap donated to me the other day by a Generous Vendor from our Antique Mall who was moving out due to a recent household move of their own.   And a Produce Clerk donate some Banana Boxes from our Local Grocer too... as well as Scavenging for Boxes early to ensure we'd have enough for Packing and for Donating possessions.   So I could begin the Culling of what will go and Pre-Packing of what is Beloved and will move with us in earnest now.

Princess T has been a huge Help since she Loves sorting, organizing and seeing what has been stored away that she's never seen and is being re-discovered as Gramma wades through stuff.   So it's been good Quality Time with her as well, since we're both Enjoying The Process together and therefore not longing for what we usually do or might be missing while we tackle this gargantuan Project before us.   We give the Guys easier tasks since neither of them can stick with anything for very long and tend to just get in the way and slow us down.  And we're on a Roll so we sequester ourselves away with instructions not to be distracted or disturbed with trifles that can wait.

And another Curious thing happened whilst us Gals devoted the majority of our Time to doing what needed to be done... the Guys actually began to Initiate some Pre-Packing and Purging Projects of their own with their possessions... Hallelujah!  *Whew!*   I had been concerned that we might have to do it for them... and I'd much prefer each of them to wade thru their own possessions and decide what they really want to keep or discard... since I'm NOT Attached to ANY of THEIR stuff... so they'd be potentially risking a lot otherwise!  *Ha ha ha*  

And it Helps us all to Let Go when we know the Proceeds from the Sale of whatever we Sell Off in my Showrooms or directly to those coming by the House, will go towards the Move and the Purchase of whatever new Furnishings we're Funding with it.   It is definitely a Motivator to have those Dream Items in Mind when you're wading thru what you have and really don't Need or Use anymore... or don't have that much of an Attachment to after all!   *Smiles*   We're Falling Out Of Love with a whole lotta things in our Quest for Funding those Dream Purchases for the New House!  *LOL*

We're also Discovering how much we don't really Need and how much of a burden having Too Much is and has been after all.   Now, that's not to say I'll probably become a Minimalist mind you... *Winks*... but we are heading in an entirely different direction Lifestyle Wise on Purpose at this Season of our Lives.   It really has been a long time coming... as an Incurable Collector I've Enjoyed the Journey and I'll probably always Love The Thrill Of The Hunt and have a Love Of Old... it's what I do best... but Discernment has gone to a whole new level now that I really WANT to Downsize considerably and do other things that also bring me Joy and Contentment.

One of the Catalysts for this Shift for me personally has been the recent Losses of so many of our Dear Friends, of various ages, who have passed from Time into Eternity... it has definitely given us all a deeper sense of our own Mortality.   Which in turn makes you Focus on what is most Important in day to day Living and what you aren't doing that perhaps you should be?!   You always think you will have Tomorrow... or even Today... but maybe you won't. 
I have unexpectedly Lost one of my Lifelong Friends recently... R.I.P. Dear Barbara... there is so much we Intended to do together, could have done and should have done that didn't get done Girlfriend... and now it's too late!!!!!   It hit me full force and gave me Pause. 
And The Son also unexpectedly recently Lost a few of his Young Lifelong Friends as well... which is even more shocking given these Young Men were in their Twenties and so full of Life!!!   R.I.P. Dear Ryan, yes, Liam too felt there was so much you both Intended to do together, could have done and should have done and didn't get done... and now it's too late!!!   It hit The Son and Family full force as well and gave us all even more Pause.

And often being Paused is a good thing... because you regroup and reassess a lot of things... and the busyness of Life can wait for a minute... because so much of it doesn't even matter anyway, does it?  Those things that take so much Time away from us and aren't really Important can mire us down and cause us to miss the most Important things to us as we're distracted by the stuff of Life and the Issues of Life consuming us.   My new Mantra now is a Quote I got online and Connected strongly to:
One of the first Art Projects I'm Planning in the New Home's Art Studio will be to Create a Plaque with that inscription on it and be reminded of this daily... because that's the direction I want to go.  No... I will still attempt to keep a clean Home in the new place *Ha ha ha*... but my Priorities of what to Devote the MOST Time to will definitely Shift considerably my Friends!

Because I seriously doubt that anyone on their Deathbed actually uttered the last Words of, " I didn't spend enough Time at Work doing _____________ or enough Time Cleaning my House!"  Whatever, you fill in the blank.   But I bet those that DID spend too much time at Work doing Whatever or Cleaning their House might just have some Lamentations about what they could have done instead, that now it's too late for and they'll never have that chance because Time has run out for them?!

Yes, having a sense of one's own Mortality can be a very Sobering thing to Contemplate... and I'm always Glad that I got the Opportunity to Contemplate it and Adjust my Lifestyle and Activities according to my own Priorities that really matter to me.   It's never too late to do that if you're still on this side of Time and Eternity... and it would be a good thing to be on one's Deathbed and have few, if any, regrets about how one spent their Precious Time on this side!

What about Living The Dream HAVEN'T you done yet?  Are you even moving towards it my Friends?  How much Focus and Time have you actually given to Living Your Dreams?  What has stopped you or mired you down?  What can you Change Today to begin the Journey towards Living The Dream you hold on the Canvas of your Imagination?  I'd suggest giving that some serious thought and Meditate upon it each day so that you can say that you ARE on track to DOING IT!
And Feather the Ideal Nest NOW... Nature does it every single Season of their Lives... they've got it Right... and so should we...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your blog has really made me think about my priorities, so thank you. Blessings

  2. Your right Dawn! It's easy to stay busy but we don't always make the wisest choices on what we stay busy at!


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