Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 29th Birthday Son!

So... Twenty-Nine Years ago Today I gave birth to my bouncing Baby Boy, all ten and a half pounds of him... ouch, yeah, that hurt!  *LOL*   Yes, Believe it or not he's a Newborn in this Photo and couldn't even hold his head steady... came out lookin' like a 3 Month Old!  *Smiles*

This was him on his first day on Earth... all Crazy Black Hair that stood up like a Rooster's Comb, swarthy Natural complexion that everyone always mistook for a great year-round Suntan *Smiles*... he was a handful right away and your Textbook High Maintenance Kiddo... but turned into an Outstanding Young Man.

One of his Cousins, my Brother's Oldest Son, was three Months older but they were the same size and everyone thought them to be Twins...  he always looked much Older than he was as a Child and now as an Adult people always mistake him as being much Younger than he is, how ironic!!!

Here he was with Proud Grand-Dad, my Dad... who always Championed him... even when every Teacher was throwing their hands up in Despair, Grand-Dad was his most staunch Advocate... well, along with me... after all, he's my Youngest... my 'Baby' {he hates when I still call him that} and he's somewhat of a Mama's Boy so in spite of a turbulent Youth I'm so Proud he turned out so Well!

In Tribute to 'Rawhide' Closing after all these Years, here's a blast from the Rawhide Archives Past of my Little Outlaw... his equally Wild Child Sister, our Youngest Daughter, and my Uncle visiting from North Wales... my Mom's Big Brother... and when I say Big I mean it... retired from the Welsh Guards and Special Forces, he's quite a Presence and a huge towering strong Man, even well into his Eighties now!   The Son always looked up to Welsh Uncle Syd... yeah, we sure look like a Motley Crew of Outlaws don't we?  *Winks*

I couldn't be Happier that he now has a Family and is doing so well...

And even being outnumbered by all the Estrogen in the household and raising two Teenage Girls and the Younger one he spoils rotten he's holding up pretty well and I don't get too many calls of, "What should I do Mom!?!" .  *Ha ha ha*   I still recall when he was a Pre-Teen and he once asked me, "Mom, if you were a Girl, what would you..."   um, IF I was a Girl?!   Yeah, guess our Sons see us as Androgynous Beings, I dunno?  *Smiles*   And I'm totally Okay with that... because being the Mother of a Son is such a Huge Blessing like none other...

Mwah... Happy 29th Birthday My Son!   Love you more than Life itself... may this be the most Memorable Celebration yet!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  2. It takes a lot of work to raise a boy but we have so much pride when we see the good man he has become. Happy Birthday to your son and congratulations to you for being a good mom.

  3. Wow he is a very handsome young man! What a lovely family he has too. It is so amazing to have a son!!

  4. I can tell a very bright spot in your life! congratulations to all!


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