Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Just like as I'm wading thru boxes in my Storage Cottage and Out Buildings, discovering things I completely forgot I even had... as I'm wading thru my Archived Imagery I'm discovering so many Lovely Images I forgot I even had and had languished waiting to be Shared!   That's what happens when you're a Maximalist with just about everything you do and have... you end up with some Amazing Excess you completely forget about!!!

I guess I've never really minded having Amazing Excess so long as it's paid for, I can afford it and I have it relatively Organized.   But it's a lot of Work to take care of a lot of whatever it is you've accumulated, no matter how Amazing and Beloved.  And Honestly, it's hard to consider anything Truly Beloved if you have completely forgotten about it, isn't it?   It seems wasteful and obscenely excessive in an illogical way to me if I cannot really Enjoy the Fruits of my Labor or cannot give it the Time, Care and Attention it deserves.   Amazing and Beloved things really do require Time, Care and Attention, otherwise they're really being Neglected, if even in a Passive or unintentional way.

I've had so much going on that even my newly acquired Found Treasures had just been put aside and virtually forgotten as I've dealt with the avalanche of paperwork and Life's Issues that had needed immediate attention and priority above all else.   When the busyness of Life becomes excessive we need more of a Sanctuary to Retreat to and relax than another Project or Labor Of Love to have to take Care of along with everything else.   That was the juncture I had found myself at in recent times and thus precipitated these major Changes we're now embarking upon.

So the main Goal will be to Create the Perfect Sanctuary to Retreat to at this New Home we're buying.   With just enough to Care for and surround ourselves with the Beauty of that it's Just Right and not too much.    A more Balanced approach to this New Life Adventure we decided to enter into at this Season of our Lives.    I FINALLY got The Man on board to begin Purging and Editing his own Personal Possessions, since I had not wanted anyone else to presume to do it for him and Cull what he might have a strong Attachment to without his Consent.   He had been using Avoidance and Procrastination in order to Cope with all this Change.   Even tho' he was Excited about the Changes, the Process and Work involved was Overwhelming and Daunting, which I totally understand and I don't even have Brain Injury that might make it all the more difficult.

Lord it certainly can be Daunting and Overwhelming when looked at as a whole and a collective... especially with the thermometer reminding you that daytime highs now are 116 degrees and humid with the Monsoon Storms!   Working up a sweat in that extreme means that only very early Mornings and late Nights are tolerable enough to be in any Spaces without air conditioning.   And since the Storage Cottage has no lighting or air conditioning... nor the many Out Buildings... only the Main House and Art Studio Cottage are areas that can be Worked during the bulk of the day now.   That really hinders Progress, but it has slowed me down enough that I'm forced to pace myself and take it easier, which is a good thing at my Age.  *LOL*

Being in no hurry when you'd really like to be done with everything can cause some inner Conflict... but in Reality, I need to be in no hurry and slow my Roll... so the Weather is forcing that upon me and I must comply.   It's breaking my Work day of sorting and Packing into smaller increments that are reasonable... because I can be totally unreasonable about the amount of Work I'd try to get done otherwise.   I know how I am... I can be a total Workaholic when it comes to something I'm intently Focused upon getting done... at the exclusion of all else.    And having to slow my Roll has also made me take more Time to go through things properly and thoroughly, which is also a good thing.

Since I can be a lousy Editor I often need to take my time to actually sort things properly the first time... so that I don't have to do it again or become too indecisive and touch things more than I need to or should before deciding which pile they go into... Keep, Sell, Throw Out or Donate?   I'm actually very Proud of myself at how much better I'm Editing now... exercising my Editing Abilities has certainly strengthened them.   The more I'm doing it, the better I'm becoming at it, which is a huge relief since it hasn't been one of my strengths and I needed for it to be better.

I've always Admired those that can Edit well and use Restraint... because it's just not in me that way so that it is Easy for me or even Natural!   Those of us with Excessive Personalities don't always want the Extremes to be as Extreme as they can get.   But they can get that way if we don't take Care and reel ourselves in when our Compulsions get the best of us and we're heading towards being wheels off the rails in whatever we're doing!  *Smiles*   It can have it's Advantages too... being any kind of way can have it's Advantages as well as it's Disadvantages... I'm just seeking a more Balanced Approach in my way of Being and not so many Extremes one way the other.


Seriously, I know I couldn't have accumulated so much Great Stuff had I not be so Inclined to Go Hard on the Thrill Of The Hunt and seek out the best Treasures at the best Prices... or even Free... because when it comes to The Thrill Of The Hunt... I just don't Tire or Wear Out easily, so I can go Long and have the Stamina.   I also find it to be Joyful and so no matter how dirty the job, or how long and uncomfortable it could become, I was still Down for it and Delighted to be just doing it.   I can totally relate to Mike and Frank on 'American Pickers' when they behold what others might cringe at wading thru and they've got their Adrenalin Racing and are viewing it as a slice of Heaven on Earth rather than a Nightmare!   *Smiles*

Yes, I have always viewed the Rusty, the Crusty, the Sweaty Dusty sites, the Abandoned, the Salvage Yards, Ruins and Neglected Spaces as Ideal Opportunities to discover Hidden Treasures and long Lost Diamonds in the Rough.   Saving something, Re-Inventing something, Salvaging and Gleaning are what I was Born to do because I never, ever Tire of doing it and it's Exciting to me each and every time.   Turn me loose on an Abandoned site... or to wade thru the Trash to find the Treasures and I'm off like a Bloodhound sniffing out the Good Stuff to be Found!   And it doesn't always LOOK like the Good Stuff to the Untrained Eye or those who don't Think outside of the Box or have an Artistic bent. 

Something doesn't have to look all sparkly, refined and Lovely to the masses for me to Appreciate it's Potential, it's Beauty, it's Possibilities!   Sure, I can Appreciate High End Treasures as well and those things that are more Mainstream to be used as Decor... but they're not always my first choices... on Purpose.   I am fairly Confident that even if I was extremely Wealthy, I'd probably still Love what I Love... I could just go to the ends of the Earth to locate it, that's all... and money would be no object when I Found it!  *Winks*

So... with the Possibility that Closing of the New Home could be just barely a Week away now... I'm Fantasizing about Painting a few Accent Walls and Niches... Packing up even more Stuff that will be joining us at the new Location... and beginning the New Journey Full On... without hesitation.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. O.K.! I'm hanging on to every exciting moment!

  2. Wow! What amazing treasures.


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