Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World ~ Part II

Though the Event wrapped on Sunday Afternoon I still have loads of Images to Share.  I particularly Enjoyed my Friend Minnie's Space this Month which was Styled and Inspired by Woodstock.  Well, of coarse that would be something I'd be drawn to like a Moth to a Flame, right?  *Winks*

I suppose I've never moved away from Enjoying and Connecting to this Style of Decor... it is always so Eccentric and a Bold Statement... it always makes me Smile and Feel very relaxed and comfortable in any Environment with this Aesthetic.

But I also find myself drawn to the Vintage Industrial Vibe as well... something about Warehouse and Loft Styling also Appeals to me strongly.   So I Wonder... could I somehow meld my gravitation towards Gothic, Boho and Vintage Industrial into a distinctive Style that would take the best of them all in a Tuscan Architectural Inspired Home?  Well... I think I'm certainly gonna try if we end up with the New Home.   I'll call it "Funky Gothic Tuscan".  *Winks*

Even though I used enormous restraint this Month, due to the Home Buying Thang... I have to tell you that the Vintage Suitcase plastered with great decals really wanted to come Home with me.  But when I'm on a self-imposed Sabitical from Buying, in order to move towards Living The Dream, I'm dedicated to sticking with the Mission Statement.

While also soaking in Inspiration and Exploring all kinds of Possibilities... because I'm really thinking that the potential New Home's Courtyard could definitely be Styled as a Zen Retreat... done all up Spa Style, whaddya think?   Yes, Eclectic will be the key word when it comes to Styling a New Home because there are so many distinct areas that could be Styled quite differently... like Traveling the World... but under one roof.

I have always been Intrigued by Homes that don't just Showcase one particular Style or Aesthetic and could take you to a different Dreamscape with each room... a different Atmosphere.   I Love how Unpredictable turning the next corner could be in a Home like that.   I think if the Occupant(s) infuse their particular Essence into each, it still somehow has a great Synergy.

I've never been one to play by the Rules when it comes to Style and Decorating ... because I always Wonder, "Who made the Rules anyway?"  And more importantly, why does their Opinion or Outlook really matter more than anyone else's??!  *Smiles*  I prefer to do what Pleases me rather than what might Please anyone else, especially in the confines of my own Private Sanctuaries.

That said, because each Home has it's distinctions and Character, I do know that I could Embrace something entirely different and Unexpected when it comes to Styling a New Space, which might not conform in the least to what I've ever done before.   And in so many ways, that is really Exciting to me... to Explore other aspects of myself as I come together with a different Property's distinctions and Unique Character.

I'm not even entirely certain which possessions will Go with a new Home and which just won't and therefore will go Bye-Bye when they're just not a correct Fit?   We've been discussing some of the Possibilities of starting from scratch with a Blank Canvas and what that could end up looking like?  We're not entirely sure yet and the Evolution of it is Exhilerating to contemplate.

I'd like to bring some larger than Life Statuaries into a New Home's Decor... so I've really been eyeballing those that Appeal to me and getting a Price Point to create a budget towards the acquisition of in the Future.   The Beauty of Contemplating a Forever Home is that you're more inclined to Invest in the Statement Pieces that will abide.

Lord knows I've got enough Smalls that even after an enormous Purge of the majority of them, I won't really NEED any more of those.  But Statement Pieces, that's another story... and so I've been concentrating more upon that kind of Decor now for Future Decorating Projects.

And Ambiant Lighting... because I've decided that the majority of my Chandies are probably going to be Sold Off ... *Gasp*... yeah, I know, I never thought I'd say that either!!!   But the existing Lighting Fixtures in this potential New Home are quite different than what I have here at this Old Home... and I'm kinda diggin' them... a lot actually... and how NOT Fussy they are!

While at the Event I was looking at Fixtures that would Compliment the Existing ones in the New Home and decided it would be more like this Lovely Example... than Chandies dripping with Crystals and overly Oppulent.    Not that I won't drag some of my Fav Oppulent Crystal Chandies with me... but it will be only a select few if we do move.   And the proceeds of the others I'd Sell Off would Fund the New Ambiant Vintage and Antique Light Fixtures.   That's the Master Plan anyways. *Smiles*

And having a Transition of a more Under The Tuscan Sun potential Environment is causing me to see what Objects I would like to Decorate with if I Explore a different side of My Style... Refining it to suit a different Space entirely.    Something like this for Example just seemed so RIGHT!   Of coarse you would have to Envision it with some Gypsy Flair thrown in... Naturally!  *LOL*

But... we'll just have to wait and see what direction everything goes... and until then, keep perfecting the Dream and the Vision of how it COULD be!?
Dreaming and Envisioning a Change in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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