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Sweet Salvage ~ Where In The World Event ~ Part I

When I wasn't totally Consumed with the Journey of trying to finalize the Purchase of a Fabulous New Dream Home, I did take some time this Month to attend SWEET SALVAGE's "Where In The World" Event, which I knew would be a favorite Theme for me.  It didn't disappoint, it never does.  I think I might NEED Storage Units like this once we're all settled in, I'm Excited actually to be considering a Blank Canvas to build upon again.

As usual I attended on Opening Day by myself for a Girl's Day Out unencumbered, to meet up with Friends there.   Then I returned as usual during the Weekend with a G-Kid in tow, this time it was Prince R who wanted to attend with me.  If I only have one in tow we have a Big Time and thoroughly Enjoy ourselves.  I had forgotten my trusty point and shoot camera at Home by accident *Gasp* and so Prince R challenged me to use my new Smart Phone Camera and begin practicing Photography with it.  With his assistance and guidance I began navigating Smart Phone Photography, which I knew would be superior quality, just not sure how skillful the person behind the lens {Moi} would be with it?!   *LOL*   Necessity is the Mother of Invention, right?  *Winks*   I'm such a Creature of Habit that sometimes I have to be forced to switch gears and learn or use something different.

So the more slender vertical Images are with Camera Phone taken on Saturday... mixed in with Old Trusty Point And Shoot Camera Images taken on Thursday... you be the Judge.  I'm leaning towards the Camera Phone which does not require a flash and has nice crisp Images... and now that the Young Prince guided me thru downloading to my Computer at Home, to where I felt comfortable Editing them for a Blog Post, I may just begin more Experimentation with my Phone's Camera Feature, it was so easy and user Friendly, plus, the Quality of Image blew me away, I felt somewhat like a Skilled Professional with the Outcome!  *Bwahahaha!*

Look, I've got Pottery growing out of my head!  *Smiles*  Young Prince isn't that Concerned with what's in the Background when he's using his... or how it might interface with his Subject Matter?!  So I guess you could say that I'm a Pot Head in this one!!!  *Bwahahaha!*  

Both days I spent a considerable amount of time Socializing and discussing our prospective Move with all my Friends and Extended Family... it is Bittersweet... but for the most part, though everyone will certainly Miss this Old House... and Tears have been shed... we're all very much looking forward to what the Future might hold?!?   And a big Housewarming Party if things work out with the acquisition of New Dream Home.   Not to mention a big Party 'Pick' at this Old House when that time comes to Liquidate Possessions and Inventory that won't be moving with us.

My Friends and Family have all been so very Supportive... and I am Hopeful that having less to take Care of in the way of deferred Maintenance with a very large Old Home, will give me more Time to spend with Family, Friends and to Create my Art.    Not to mention work on losing more weight and Improve my Health,  since it's still pretty Painful to see all that spare cushion I don't need to be carrying around with me in the midsection especially!  *Grimace!!!*   If we're having a Fresh Start, well, the absence of distractions left behind might give me more time for those things I really would prefer to spend my time and resources doing more of... I'm looking forward to that very much.

I Believe the Blank Canvas will assist me in the Minimization and De-Cluttering Process that I've been on a Journey with for a couple of years now.   After Enjoying so much Success with Transforming my Art Studio Cottage, after stripping it down to a Blank Canvas and rebuilding upon it, I think having an entire Home with that emptiness is just what I need to begin anew and shed what has been excess or unnecessary.  The Art Studio Cottage turned out so well that I could actually move in and Live there with total Peace about every aspect of it... it is the Essence of me and my Style... so to have an entire New Dream Home to do the same with... well, it's very Exciting indeed!!!

So at this Month's Event I was far deeper into Inspiration Mode... for the Possibilities of what might be great to Style the prospective New Dream Home with, since it's Character is way different than this Old Home, so it will probably Transform in a somewhat different way and Altered Style to suit the Architecture and Character of the Home.   Each Home has an Essence that is it's own... and melding it with your Essence Creates a Distinctive Style in each Home you might have ever lived in and Decorated.   It is an Evolution of Place and Person coming together so that it is just right and Feels like Home.

I think that for me the largest Purge will be in the Smalls I possess... though I will be Keeping those I absolutely J'Adore or have major Sentimental Value, my Goal is to Edit very carefully and Let Go of a lot.   My Vision is to Cull the Hoard considerably and the G-Kid Force are on board to keep Gramma accountable during this Process as we change Homes and build a New Environment.  One or both of them will be with me daily as we meet our Self Imposed Goal of Culling a minimum of Ten items per day from here on out... and Ideally Twenty items or more per day.   It has been going well and there hasn't been any Anxiety associated with it... I'm far more Excited about starting over than what must Go.

It is looking very, very Good that we will get this New Dream Home and the Goal of coarse would to be in it by the end of next Month, which is looking quite possible at the present time.   I had reached the Peace of being totally Content whether I stayed here or moved there, so there is no Negative Outcome in my Heart and that is a very Good space to be in.   I am ready either way to precipitate Major Change.

So, though I have numerous Posts I Intend to do about this Wonderful Event this Month, if I am not Blogging often, it is only because I've got many irons in the fire right now and don't have as much singular Focus at the Moment... not because anything in particular is wrong.   Our Personal Struggles in fact are under control at the moment, which is a good thing since buying Real Estate and making a Big Investment in our Future and the Changes that go along with all that, needs more Focus and my Undivided Attention for a while.   The Family is realizing this Reality and has given me some space to do what I need to do for us all without vying for the Spotlight and Center Stage.  *Smiles*

I'm Grateful that everyone has as much Excitement as I do and nobody is moving Forward under Protest.  Any time you are Moving that can be an Issue and I was Concerned it could be, since Friends and Familiarity will be left behind along with a lot of possessions.   With the exception of this Historic Home though, there is nothing I'm leaving behind that will be particularly missed or cannot be replaced by something Better and more Positive... so I'm in High Gear to move Forward.

Of coarse with a Big Move comes Expenses, and so I've trimmed the discretionary Budget considerably beginning Immediately... which seems to be easier for The Man and I than for the G-Kid Force.   They Understand why it must be this way for a while during a huge adjustment and major transition, but Kids will be Kids and the impact for them isn't fully comprehended economically of coarse.   I have explained that having a Mortgage from a long time ago that is just about paid off is far different than having a right now Mortgage.   But that after Liquidating our other Real Estate Investments that have lots of Equity... and flipping a lot of unnecessary Treasures we won't be packing up and taking with us, things will level out well and be better than back to Normal.

I know you might find this hard to Believe, but I can be extremely Frugal when I need and want to be... and this is one of those need and want to be Moments in Time for me so I don't feel particularly Tempted to stray from my Self Imposed Restrictions that are quite rigid at the moment.  My entire Focus is on getting what I want... and what I want right now is that New Dream Home... I'm tenacious like that and extremely driven and relentless towards my Desired Outcome.  I have already Negotiated my Best Deal and had it Accepted in it's entirity, which was cause enough for Celebration, so I don't need more than that for right now!

And yes I will soon be Sharing some interior Images and more of the New Dream Home... my Facebook Friends have already gotten a Sneak Peek Reveal... suffice to say that the Wow Factor is definitely there for our Family... and it just Feels Right.  Be sure to come back for even more of the Event... I've still got a lot to Share from there as well my Friends!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ex-cit-ing!!! How do I get to your Facebook site?

  2. I'm excited for you, Dawn! I culled a LOT when we moved, and I find now that I only have things displayed I truly love in the new place, I have no desire to fill the empty spaces back up again. It's quite minimal in here! And there's still more that I'd like to unload, if you can believe it - and the majority of the walls still remain white. ;)

    If you have any Gothy looking vintage fabrics you're dying to get rid of though, I'd love to buy them off you. We do need more comfy pillows. :)


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