Sunday, May 3, 2015

Of Kimonos And Klutter...

As Promised I'm Revealing the three Wardrobe Items I Purchased at 'Junk In The Trunk', starting with the Fabulous Red Cut Velvet Kimono Jacket from 'Blue Bird Vintage'.   I Plan to wear it with a Simple Black Tank Top and Black Leggings... perhaps a Belted Accessory... or maybe just a Striking Necklace. 

It's a Deeper Jewel Tone Red than it's Photographing, I like Red and Black together in Wardrobe or Room Decor, it's so Seductive a combo.   I remember my Mom and Dad's Boudoir always being predominantly Decorated in Red and Black and I was Mesmerized by the Look.  From an early Age I thought it looked so Opulent and Sexy, like a Movie Star's Bedroom might look.  Mom always lounged around in Gorgeous Silk or Velvet Kimono Style Gowns, which made her look like a Movie Star too in my Eyes.

Mom has always been very Sassy and Fearless about Style, Wardrobe and Decorating the Home.  She didn't follow Trends and she didn't Care to Set them, she just did her... and with the utmost Confidence and Style.   I'm really Glad I was Exposed to that kind of Self Confidence and Fearlessness of being totally Authentic to Self and whatever you like best.

With Mother's Day coming up very soon I'm thinking about how I Miss my Mom so much and Wish we could make another Mother's Day Road Trip out to Cali to see her.   We always have so much to talk about and I still Enjoy hearing her Stories of long ago, when she was a Young Free Spirit in Europe... oh the Wild Times she Regaled us with!   Nothing I ever Wore or Decorated with ever Shocked Mom, she just let you do you when it came to Style and Experimenting with and Exploring what your Style might be... and I followed that lead with our Children and Grandchildren.  Maybe that is why Young People have always Adored her, she doesn't Judge by Appearances and Aesthetic.

Source: Pinterest

But back to Kimonos and how darn Sexy and Fierce I Believe they always look on a Woman... well, it probably helps to be holding a Pistol and wearing a Bandolier with absolutely nothing underneath the Kimono to look THIS Frida Fierce and Sexy... *Winks*, but you know what I mean!?!  *LOL*

But as well as Kimono Jackets I have a Penchant for Accessorizing too... so when I spied these Aprons from 'Old Brick House Vintage Market'... well, I thought they'd make a Great Layering Accessory by wearing them Belt Style over other Upcycled Wardrobe.   So... I bought two of them since the price was so reasonable and they were Created in a size that can accommodate the Big Woman too... which I always Appreciate!

This is Apron Belt No. One with a Striking Velvety Rosette Accent...

And this is Apron Belt No. Two which has a more Simplistic Organic Style to it...

Love them both and think they will look Lovely worn Kimono Belt Style over some of my Doily Dresses or just over a Simple Tank and Leggings.

And now for the second Topic of my Post... Klutter...  yes, Intentionally mis-spelled since a Beautiful Mess just looks different than an Ordinary one... but a Mess nonetheless!  *Smiles*   And right now my Living Spaces are one Hot Extraordinary Mess!   Which is why this Cute Card that was Created by my Talented Friend Terry Parvan was so apropos and I hadda have it for Inspiration.  

"Embrace the Glorious Mess that you are."

That should be my New Mantra since that is precisely what I've been trying to do now, rather than the constant Quest for continuous alleged Self-Improvement.   You see, it's difficult not to try to Improve those areas of your Life and Character that you see as a Negative Trait.  Like being Chronically Disorganized... since I so Admire those with Superb Organizational Skills and Wish I could be more like that... but I'm NOT... and Fighting against it is like Fighting a Losing uphill Battle really... and can be quite Exhausting and Frustrating... rather than Embracing the Glorious Mess that I am.


I've tried Valiantly to be more Organized and De-Klutter... but Typically it doesn't last very long since my Nature seems to be the Polar Opposite of Organized and Klutter Free.   As a Maximalist I always have a LOT... and I Confess, I LIKE a LOT... I find it far more Comforting and Comfortable an Environment than a Minimalistic one.   I like layers upon layers of Beauty and find it more Stimulating for Creativity... that's apparently just how my Mind Works.   But there is a Fine Line between Maximalism done Well and a Kluttered Existence.  I don't like Klutter... or Clutter... I like for things to be in Place and Orderly... even if it's seeming like Orderly Chaos by most folk's Standards.

If everything seems Styled and has a Place to BE, then I'm Content with a lot being anywhere, it's the Piles I don't like... or anything on the floor that shouldn't be.   Even tho' the Young Prince's Observation was quite Astute as he told me that the way I Decorate, the Eye has no place to Rest.  *LOL*   Does every square inch have to be Decorated with something?  Well, yeah, in my World it does... it's very hard for me to leave a Blank Space anywhere... tried it... didn't feel it was Complete... wanted to ADD something all the time... and usually did.  *Winks*

But it's those damned Transitional Piles that drive me Bonkers... you know, when you either are bringing something IN and have no place to put it yet... or it hasn't yet gone into Storage until it's needed... or you're taking something OUT and it hasn't quite gotten out the door yet.   Those are the things that make me Depressed, Disorganized and Despondent... and probably a whole lotta other 'D' Words that Describe the range of Emotion and Feelings I have when I am surrounded by it or Feel it's Taking Over my Spaces and multiplying to a point of Overwhelming me!

Slowly but surely some of what is being kept and staying around is being Organized into areas, Storage Containers and the like... Hopefully so that I can easily Find it whenever I might Need it?  And that's the Other Thing about the Chronically Disorganized... we always seem to Feel like we MIGHT just NEED it some day... even if it's a totally Random thing we can be Obsessed by and Accumulate into tiny Hoards.   Yes, I be the one who will have tiny Hoards of things like Crystal Chandie Prisms... Old Buttons... Scrabble Tiles... Metal Monopoly Game Pieces... Colorful Dice... Beads... and other Bits and Bobs for those One Day Projects... or JUST BECAUSE and I cannot even offer a Logical Explanation!!!  *Smiles*

Colorful Hackey Sacs anyone?  I have never Played Hackey Sac... but I just like the way they Look... so a 'Collection' built up... totally Random Stuff... sometimes with absolutely no Rhyme or Reason... I'm like a Pack Rat or Human Magpie when it comes to what catches my Eye and I drag Home until it Constitutes a 'Collection'.   I have Sold Off or Gifted entire Collections... some of them massive... so it's not like the Attachment remains Strong Forever... sometimes it does... but mostly and generally it doesn't after a Time when the Letting Go just comes easily and I'm just Over It.

Miss Priss likes Hanging Out with me when I'm wading through my Klutter... I think it Amuses her... this Curious Mistress she has who piddles around with and piles things constantly.  Cats have a Natural Curiosity so anything with a lot of Movement catches their Eye... and when I'm Attacking the Klutter, well, there is generally a lot of Movement going on and things Changing Up, so she's got to be in the thick of it to see what's going on NOW??!?!  *Ha ha ha*   She's not the only one who seems Interested... the Kiddos have to be smack in the midst of whatever it is I'm tackling or busy doing.  So tripping over Cats and Kids as well as the piles is quite the Obstacle Course!!!

And then of coarse I bring in MORE don't I?!?  *Le Sigh*  Because it's what I DO and I can't seem to Help myself or Change that either.   Yes, I might Refrain for a while, but not a long while, apparently it is my Drug, this Accumulating Lovelies Thing and Creating my Magical Little Fantasyscapes within my Spaces.   And yes, here's another of the latest ones brought Home from the Event... a Deconstructed Doily and Seam Binding Tied Lampshade Skeleton.   I'll be Tea Staining the Lacey Crochet since it's too Pristine a Colorless Palette for me and My Style... but it shall now join a little New Pile around this Old House... and so goes it...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... the Chronically Disorganized Bohemian


  1. Oh your new wearing apparel is delightful! Also noticed your new cover page! When did you do that?

    1. Well, Marlynne I used to Change my Cover Page Banner frequently but had gotten lazy in recent times, so it was long overdue and I did it just the other day. Change is Constant around here, we're always in a state of Transition and Metamorphosis. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I think I need a card like that for my Sewing Room Wall. ;)

    1. Yes, that Card should be made into Posters I think... every Creative Space should have one to remind us how Unique and Special we are just as we are! *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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