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Junk In The Trunk 2015

Okay, so I admit it, as long as this Wonderful Event has been going on I was still a "Junk In The Trunk" Virgin and this was my First Time!  *LOL and a Gasp!*  In previous years I'd attempted to get there but things just didn't play out in such a way that I actually arrived.   This year was a bit dicey as well, since the Jeep's Air Conditioner went on the Fritz and it was gonna cost way too much to fix it after all the other expensive recent repairs The Man's Jeep has siphoned off the 'Pickin' Budget.   Note to Self: NEVER buy another Jeep... too High Maintenance and too much goes wrong all the time and costs a Fortune to fix... and then it goes wrong again... and again!   So the Vehicle and I definitely are on the Outs with each other and I really Miss my Beloved Truck that was in The Man's Catastrophic accident.  *Le Sigh*

Our temps are up well over triple digits now and the Event is in Scottsdale in the Far East Valley... I live in the Far West Valley... it's a Big Wide Valley to traverse.  So I had the windows rolled down like I was drivin' a Convertible or something... with my hair a blowin' in the wind and it feeling like I had the Blow Dryer on Hot setting blowin' in my hair!  *Whew!*   But the Event is inside a Lovely Air Conditioned Facility and I was Relieved it was not an Outdoor Venue where I might just spontaneously combust!  *Winks* 
 The Moment I arrived I knew I was gonna LOVE this Junquing Extravaganza, get totally Junque Drunk, Inspired and fill up my own Trunk with Amazing Junk!  It did not disappoint, though the Crowds were enormous and made Photo Ops a Challenge... and getting in and especially out of the Booths... so Forgive me for the Quality, or lack thereof, of most of the Images!

So many of my Wonderful and Talented Friends were there as Vendors, so quite a bit of Socializing was going on as well.  *Smiles*   I want to profusely Thank everyone for so Graciously allowing me some Photo Ops to Share with you all here in the Land of Blog, in spite of being Mad Busy Serving their massive amounts of eager Customers.  I missed the Early Bird Crowds and got there after 10:00 A.M. and already many of the Vendors were practically cleaned out of their original Inventory!   Note to Self: Get there as an Early Bird next time because the Inventory moves out those doors rapidly!   Shoppers had carts so laden with Great Junque they looked like the Clampet's Old Truck packed for the move on the Classic Series The Beverly Hillbillies! 

Just some of the Wonderfully Talented Old Friends and New Vendors whose Images appear in this Post are from:
AquaMarina Antiques
Rust And Roses
Vintage Bliss
Blue Bird Vintage
Rusty Saturday
Jack And Cat Curio
Dos Fannies
Dragonfly Dreams
Redhead Sadie Vintage
AZ Vintage Girl
Zinnia's At Melrose
Grungy Galz
The Shabby Junker
Designs By Ashley
Grace Abounding
Vagabond X-Change
The November Store
For The Love Of Old
Many, many more Fabulously Talented Friends and their wares were also there, but for once I was focusing more on the Shopping and Beholding than the Pathological Picture Taking!  When it's your First Time you tend to be totally gobsmacked and a bit Overwhelmed by the Experience!   There was so much to see and over 150 different Vendor Booths to visit... so it was quite the whirlwind Marathon Shopping slash Photo Coverage of as much of the Event as I was able to manage!

The Event has expanded considerably I'm told and now runs for two days, so if you didn't get a chance to visit Today, well, you can go Tomorrow.   With absolute certainty it has expanded considerably with the amount of Vendors and Visitors according to the Seasoned Veterans of previous Shows!  I had the Pleasure of talking with many Vendors and Visitors who have made annual Pilgrimages to the Event each year as well as several other First Timers like myself, who will definitely be back now that we know how Awesome it all is!!!

Some of my Friends I don't get to see that often since they don't live right here in the Valley so it was a Delight to get to Shop in their Spaces and spend some time catching up.    I completely Forgot to Photograph the Amazing Red Cut Velvet Kimono Style Jacket that I bought from my Kindred Spirit Friends Natalia and her Daughter at Blue Bird Vintage.   Be sure to check out their Website for the upcoming Rendezvous Vintage Flea and Garden Market during the 4th of July Weekend Event in Eagar, Arizona.

These Jackets and Shawls were so Gorgeous it was difficult to choose a Favorite... and Natalia's Beautiful Daughter Models them so Stunningly... in fact I'll probably need more for my Wardrobe in the Future.  *Winks*   But you'd be very Proud of me for using as much Restraint as I did at this Event.  It probably helped that I was parked in the Lower Forty of the Overspill Parking so it was quite the hike back and forth to the Jeep to load anything I couldn't resist!  *Smiles*   And that it was so crowded that you couldn't really navigate Booths or Aisles whilst juggling your Haul like a Circus Performer!  *LOL*

Another Special Treat was Meeting Blog Friends from out of State like the Lovely and Uber Talented Rita Reade of Mamabellarte.   Always so Special to Meet our Blog Friends in Person isn't it?  You already Feel like you've known each other so well before you ever get together in the flesh!

And might I also add that the Food was just as Fabulous as the Shopping!   I had these delish Sliders that came in a Combo Trio of Filet Mignon, Roast Duck and Pulled Pork... YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I washed it all down with some equally delish Pomegranate Lemonade.   All that walking had stirred up quite an appetite so I was Relieved that the Food Trucks had such a Wonderful assortment and quality of cuisine so that I didn't have to leave the premises prematurely to knosh down and restore my energy for more Marathon Shopping!!!

Now... had the dreaded Budget permit I probably would have done some major damage to the Bank Account... because finding this much Fabulousness and so many Vendors under one roof and in one visit is a rarity that you have to Seize the Moment of.   So unfortunately there was much that I would liked to have come Home with that I had to just Admire and yet leave behind.   Such is the case when you go to Huge Events with so many choices that exceed your ability to have it ALL!  *Winks*

And there were some Display Items that I would have liked to have coaxed the Vendors out of... such as that Amazing cluster of Vintage Millinery on this Signage!   Those Velvet Roses REALLY wanted to come Home with me, yes they did!  *Smiles*   I looked in vain for Vintage Millinery that might be for Sale but if there had been any, well, it had already been snapped up by the Early Bird Shoppers I'm afraid.

I can only Imagine how much more there had been when the doors first opened... and how Amazing the Vignettes looked in the very beginning.   They still looked Amazing to me when I showed up to Photograph them and Behold them, but the Vendors all told me so much had Sold that it was a mere Shadow of what it HAD looked like... and judging by the enormous Crowds still there eagerly hauling things off, I can certainly Believe it!

Now... it's not as if I really NEEDED anything at all... but you know that's never stopped me before, right?  *Winks*   But since I am totally Content with what I already have stashed here at Bohemian Valhalla, well, the sense of Urgency to get more is greatly diminished nowadays.   Especially as the Great Edit and Purge of 2015 is in full swing, meaning for every one item that comes in,  five must go out in my self-imposed Accountability Mandate!  *Smiles*

Now, if you WERE seeking something specific, the variety of Inventory was all encompassing and you probably could have easily found it.   And some things that generally are more difficult to Source, like Vintage Dress Forms, well, even they were in abundance, so no excuse not to 'Score' that one you might have been Jonesin' for and couldn't find before.

In fact... some things that I always Seek could be found in abundance at this Show and I was totally Jazzed about that even though I didn't come Home with hardly any of it.  It was just nice to finally see things that are my Preferred Aesthetic in such abundance for a change... like Wonderful Taxidermy specimens, of which there were so many I was in 7th Heaven!!!   And quite a few were Pimped Out like I prefer them to be... with Top Hats, Tiaras, Crowns, Bling, Millinery and Spectacles!  Color me Happy, it was like being at Home!  *Ha ha ha*

Pimped out Skullies, which are always SOOOOO My Style were also in abundance, either for Sale or as Wonderful Displays.   It's always a complete Joy to see the Mutual Appreciation of Styles and Things you Love most, isn't it?   I don't feel nearly so Misfit when I see so many other Kindred Spirits in one spot who Share a like-minded Aesthetic and Style Preference as my own.   It's like finding Your People at one Gathering, you know?  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, some things were particularly difficult to leave behind because they are so very My Style and would have felt quite at Home in Bohemian Valhalla along with all my other Beloved Oddities and Quirky Creations.   Such as this Vintage Mannequin Head Hat Stand... LOVED her, was extremely Tempted to Adopt her... but it was so early upon my arrival that I wanted to at least do a full round of all the Event before firmly deciding upon which pricier Treasures I couldn't Live without.  Didn't wanna bust the Budget too early and then regret it later when I saw something else and was out of Cash.  *LOL*

It is a Risk I know... especially when something might not be there when you go back... but I have to do a Marathon Once Over an entire Event before I go for the Big Stuff... especially if I don't want to carry too much around with me or break the Bank too prematurely.   Something would have to be so To Die For that I couldn't possibly walk away... and that rarely happens anymore since I already have so much and so little Space left anyway for MORE.   So Discernment is key at this Season after having spent Decades Refining the Collections at Home.

I knew that The Man would J'Adore this New Zealand Red Deer Mount... it was Magnificent and absolutely Enormous, as big as most Elk Mounts!!!  I was suitably Impressed even though we'd never have enough room for anything this large at this Old House.   But just look at the Rack on that fella... Lord have Mercy... I could definitely Envision Pimping that Beauty Out My Style.   The Sweet Vendor told me she'd owned him many years and reluctantly decided to part with him IF he found a New Home... but if not, well, she wouldn't be too Sad about bringing him back Home either.  *LOL*  I can SOOOO Relate to those Sentiments about some things we Reluctantly Let Go of and don't really Care if they Sell or not, can't you?  *Ha ha ha*

And of coarse there was an abundance of Creepy Old Dolls and Creepy Old Doll Body Parts...  I was totally Enamored with them ALL, natch!  But, though I know you will find it very hard to Believe... I did NOT bring one Home this time!  *Gasp!*   Yep, it's twue... I just Admired all of them...

And Photographed a few... without really Feeling the NEED to Adopt not a one of them and take them Home with me!   Sometimes I have to pat myself on the back because of the Restraint I Displayed against all odds and under tremendous Temptations!  *Ha ha ha*   It helps that I already have so many of these at Home and in the Studio now that it's become quite the Hoard and like a Creepy Old Doll Creation Museum or something!   *Winks*   But I do LOVE them and Enjoy looking at them, since each is Unique and has a distinctive Personality all it's own... even if I don't Feel the Need to buy them ALL!  *Smiles*

But Cut Velvet Kimono Style Jackets and Wraps... well, that's harder... just coming Home with one of these was difficult... because in Truth I would have liked to of filled my Closets with them!  *Ha ha*  I do Plan to Stage a Photo Shoot in my Art Studio Cottage of the three Wardrobe items I did Purchase at the Event and have one of the Mannequin Gals Model it for me so that I can Share how Lovely they are.... so be sure to come back for a Sneak Peek before I'm actually wearing any of them.

I actually spent a considerable amount of time when I first arrived just Window Shopping and seeing where all my Friends had set up their Spaces so that I could say Hi and Photograph as many of them and their Vignettes as I could before I went into Shopping Mode.  *Smiles*   I also wanted to Scope Out all the New Vendors that might Share a similar Aesthetic and be Kindred Spirits.  Since this is the size of Event where you just know there has to be some New Faces you don't yet know about and definitely won't Forget after you Behold their Talent, their Styling and their Wares that are just Your Style and make your Pulse race to be able to Shop at!

I definitely saw some Vintage Suitcases that I would have liked to have added to my enormous Collection of them at Home and in the Studio... but I Resisted... not easy when you see so many with the Striped Butterscotch Fabric Loveliness that makes your Eyes Sparkle and your Tummy do Acrobatics.   I really did want this Striped Beauty in the middle... but the thought of carrying around a Suitcase so early in the Show wasn't Appealing to me and my Memory Issues and all, I was reluctant to have pieces Bought and Held unless I knew the Vendors well, lest I Forget to pick it up!  *Smiles*   I knew Friends would see me again to Hold any Purchases I might Forget about... but some of the other Vendors I may never see again or even Recall buying from, so didn't wanna Risk it.

Gorgeous Deconstructed Lampshades abounded, which I was Delighted to see... and Yes I did end up Buying one, which I completely Forgot to Photograph before I bought it because the Booth was so Busy with Shoppers swarming around me that I didn't wanna Risk not having it in my Hot lil hands!  It was one of those Scenarios where if you hesitated even a fraction of a second while lining up a shot, someone could Claim it from right under your nose.   So, when I saw The One I hadda have, I just didn't take that Chance.

It was actually quite a Relief when I finally decided that I'd Bought all that I Intended to... so that I could just Relax and not be in Shopping Mode at all.   And just Visually Soak everything in, taking my time to Wander Leisurely and wait for Crowds to thin out a bit in some of the Spaces that had been too hectic or even impossible to get into... or out of.   I was VERY Glad I had chosen NOT to bring either of the G-Kid Force, it would have been too much for them with the crowded Shopping Mania going on and they wouldn't have been Comfortable.   Sometimes it was a bit too much for me and I had to just detach and find an open space not swarming with Shoppers.   I can be somewhat claustrophobic when any Popular Event gets Crazy Busy.

And this Venue was Crazy Busy the entire time I was there, with no letup so I wasn't quite prepared for that part of it.   I'm still so Glad I went, but at times it was too Intense for me given the amount of people in attendance making it a Challenge to properly view things or get to linger long enough to examine a potential Purchase before deciding.  I don't like to Shop with any sense of Urgency, it's just not the way I choose things I want to Buy... so I usually take my time and don't have a snatch and grab Urge generally.

I'm usually Okay if someone else gets to it first... because it's quite likely I already have one, or more, anyway... somewhere at Home, right?  Or something at least similar.  *Bwahahahaha!*   And if I don't... then it's probably not all that high on my "Wish List" anyway, since my Passionate Collections began years ago and I've not strayed from my General Aesthetic all that much over all these years... I like what I like and it remains pretty constant.

And I don't know about you but I personally Enjoy Beholding things of every type of Style and Aesthetic, even if it's not my Preferred one, or a Color Palette I currently use and am more drawn to than another.   I can Appreciate any Style, Aesthetic or Palette if done Well... and these Vendors ALL did is so very Well, I Applaude each and every one of them... it was a Pure Delight to Experience it!  And to capture just a fraction of it all thru the Eye of my Lens to Share here in the Land of Blog to Cover the Event and Introduce you to these Talented Individuals.


It's very, very Rarely that I've seen something I've never, ever seen before... having lived all these years and seen and Experienced so much.  But the Individual Creativity is always so Inspiring... and there are a lot of Fresh takes on Old Things and I really like that.   Each Vendor's Essence is in their Sense of Style and how they Decorate a Space or Create something... so each Space and Creation is Unique to the Individual whose Vision it was.  Upcyling, Re-Purposing, Re-Inventing the wheel, bringing things back again... it's always so very Stimulating isn't it?   I never get tired of talking to Creative Souls and hearing the Back Stories of what Inspired them.? Or to Junqusters and hearing about the forrays that led them to a Fabulous find they're Offering?  The History and Stories of each Piece is so Fascinating.

And I know you're Wondering if I'm going to Reveal any of what I 'Scored' aren't you?   Well... here is the Antique Taxidermy Piece that came Home with me... aren't they so Cute?   I'm going to build them a Gypsified Nest in the center between them.... and put a little Crown or Tiara on her and a little Top Hat, Monacle and Bow Tie or something on him.

My first Purchase of the day had actually been this Sweet Decrepid Marie Antoinette Style Lamp... no longer functional but in a Decadent State of Benign Neglect and Decay, just the way I like it!  The Remnants of her once Oppulent Gown Lampshade now in tatters, I just Loved everything about her and the price was definitely right so I didn't hesitate to bring her along early on.  I will Upcycle her and utilize her as a Display Piece for Jewelry rather than as a Lamp, so I'll be cutting off her extension cord and Creating a Crown for her to wear... as well as Gown Embellishments from Vintage Fabrics and Trims.

My Total Haul included an Octagonal Shaped Vintage Cigar Box, a Deconstructed Lampshade with Doily and Seam Binding Accents, the Marie Antoinette Lamp, the Red Cut Velvet Kimono Jacket, the Taxidermy Ducks and Two Fabulous OOAK Vintage Fabric Aprons that I'll utilize as Kimono Style Belt overlays on some of my Wardrobe.   And now... well, I'll just let you stroll Silently with me as we Soak in some of the other Visuals and Creative Energy that abounded at Today's Event...  ENJOY...




Thanks for coming along Virtually my Friends... and remember, there's still one day left to make it out there to West World for "Junk In The Trunk" Day No. 2!!!   Happy Junquing!
Blessings to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. How stunning. I wish I could have been there, but alas, I live on the other side of the pond. We seem to have identical tastes (could we have been separated at birth? lol) blessings


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