Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Sensory Break ~ Things That Make Us Feel Good

Sometimes we just need Sensory Breaks... you know, those things that make us Feel Good.   For each of us it might be something different and it's Fun to Explore exactly what it is that Delights the Senses for you in particular and for those you Love?   I try to Encourage Sensory Breaks for our Family as often as we might need them... and find new Delightful Places, Things and Experiences that will make any or all of us Feel Good.  I'm always on the lookout for what might provide a nice Sensory Break in our Routine and bring Sensory Pleasure to Soothe the Soul and bouy the Spirit.    We found this one on a random Road Trip trawling the City one Sunny Day while aimlessly driving around to find Beauty in our World.  The bright Smiley Face and Hippie VW Carcas caught my Attention and we had to go in for a closer look.

It's a little Funky Restaurant and you can be sure we'll go back for a Meal there soon... Ambiance while Dining is half the Sensory Experience for us.   Lately The Man and I have taken to Mornings aimlessly driving around to find Beauty and have Sensory Breaks while the G-Kid Force are in School.  It's a great time to bond as a Couple and to get him out in Life again without the Anxiety that he sometimes still experiences in Social Settings and Public Places now.   Being the Nomadic Souls we've been all of our lives, just being out on the Open Road Traveling exhilerates the Senses and makes it a mini Adventure with Destinations unknown.  Where ever Serendipty takes us and what might lie around the next bend are things we have greatly missed since his Health declined and increased Disability restricted his mobility and inhibited taking long Trips too far from Home or from known Medical Facilities should he take a bad turn. 

I also try to spend Quality One-On-One Time with each of the Trio I'm Caregiving for so that they can have that Individualized Attention and have it be all about them exclusively.  Therefore having them not quite so much resenting my "Me Time" when I must escape and make it all about me for a change... or having to Share me with each other and vie for that Attention and Exclusivity of Relationship.  The more you're in Relationship with, well, the less of you there is to go around after all!   And when they're not competing against each other I find that it's Quality Time, which is really a lot more Special than just the Quantity of Time available.  When each of them has their 'Turn' they are a whole lot easier to Travel with and spend Time with since there is a whole lot less Drama going on.   Sometimes there's even no Drama... no being Difficult... no Stress... and I Revel in those Moments of complete Peace and Enjoyment Together.

It makes up for those other times... when things are more Chaotic... more Challenging... more Stressful and Difficult.   It would be Nice if there could be more Time spent like this actually... it's a Goal to increase these Sensory Breaks whenever possible and re-connect with those things that just make us Feel Good to be Alive.   It's often the little things we Appreciate most anyway and can fondly recall as being particularly Memorable and Poignant. 

Taking the Time to be in The Moment... Purely... to stop and NOTICE things... and point them out as a Sensory Pleasure.   The Sights, the Sounds, the Smells, the Tastes, the Touch and Feel of things.  So much of it is gratuitous... given or done Free of charge... just there for us to Experience if we but pause long enough to Savor it and soak in it's Essence... and our Essence... melding together for that Moment in Time.

We can even make something Beautiful out of what we find... even if it be Temporal and fleeting.  Remember making Dandelion or Daisy Chains as a Child and festooning ourselves with Crowns and Bangles Created from them?   Or of picking Bouquets of Wildflowers, Flowering Weeds and Cattails, Collecting Twigs and Pussywillows, Seashells, Sea Glass, Rocks and other Interesting Natural Treasures that abound all around us.

And what about Art, the Creating just for the sheer Joy of Creating something Beautiful to add to this World.  It too need not be permanent to bring us Positive Energy and Great Satisfaction.  So break out the Colored Pencils, the Chalks, the Paints, the Crayons, the Glitter and whatever other supplies will Inspire you to be the Creative Being you were meant to be... bring it forth with abandon and just have Fun with it!!!   You don't have to be at all attached to the outcome... or you could be... whatever... it doesn't really matter whether you keep it or not.   The Doing of it is what is Important... and the Sharing of it can be equally Important I'm finding out, through the input of others who are  an Encouragement to us when they relay how we may have Influenced them in Positive ways as well.

I have found that you never know who is watching... who you might Influence, Inspire, Connect to in a Meaningful way even if you are not Aware of it.   You never know the Lives you might Touch in a Beautiful or Significant way with your Essence and what you choose to Share with others.    My Friend Amy Created this temporary School Slate Chalkboard Art Sign as a Sweet Advertisement for the mound of Vintage School Slates she was Selling... I thought it Beautiful and Inspiring... even though it was never meant to last... and it made me Smile and Delighted the Eyes with it's Simple Beauty and Raw Artistic Talent.   Because a part of your Essence is indeed imparted into everything you Create.   And as the Sensory Break of Creating Feeds your Soul, it can also Minister to the Soul of whoever Beholds it for however long it lasts!

I suppose that is why I've also always been Attracted to 'Collections' that can be Touched and which bring Sensory Pleasure of one kind or another... I Encourage many of my 'Collections' to be Interactive in fact with whoever is Admiring them or Intrigued by them.   This is after all no Museum... this is our Home... our Life... our Passions and our Loves... all under one roof... or at times, spread around Freely... and Shared... so Enjoy!
Because, Yes, a visit to the Land Of Blog is indeed a Wonderful form of Sensory Breaks too... of Creativity and Sharing Life Experiences, Beauty and Passions... all those things that make us just Feel Good and Grateful to be Alive!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I think you've got things figured out right! Taking advantage of your mornings with your husband and one on one time with each!


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