Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories Part IV

So yes, we went back Today to the Event, just the Young Prince and I, since Princess T was wallowing in Epic Diva Drama and there was no way I was Dealing with that all day!  Haven't been Feeling 100% still, you just don't bounce back from being really sick so well once you reach a certain Season of Life... and I guess I'm at that juncture of Slow Healing?!  *Le Sigh*  I'd Hoped to 'Score' with the Red Head Lady Painting, but apparently she'd gone Home with someone else. *Winks*  This Vignette had in fact been one of my Favorites at the Show, it just Appealed to me strongly.

I do however, always return on the Weekend more to have time to Socialize with my very Talented Sweet Friends at the Show and talk Shop.  About what Inspired them, the back end Story to some of the Amazing Inventory and Creations.   To me it's often all about the Fascinating Story of a Piece that brings it to Life in a way that will be most Memorable, even if you didn't go Home with it.  My Friend Sweet Minnie, in particular, Embodies the Style, Vibe and Aesthetic in her Fabulous Creations and Lifestyle that I can Connect to on a Personal level as Kindred Spirits.

This Young Lady Shares so much in Common with me she could have been one of my own Offspring!  *LOL*  Yes, she fits right in with the Bohemian Valhalla Clan and we Totally "Get" each other and what makes our pulses race and our Spirits Sing!   And she has such a Sweet, Gentle and Generous Spirit to be sure.   While I'm Adopting these Grandkids I should just go ahead and Adopt her too 'cause she's a Keeper!  *Winks*

I want to profusely Thank Sweet Minnie for the unexpected Surprise she had for me... and which the Young Prince helped me beyond being indecisive about!  *Smiles*   He Thinks things through way more deeply and analytically than his Impulsive Gramma.  He and Minnie agreed upon the outcome of her most Generous Surprise and you can Color me beyond Happy and Grateful!  Mwah and a Big Hug you Sweet Thing... and you'll have to get on over here and wade through some Secret Stashes in the Art Studio Cottage to come up with some Goodies of your own GF!  *Winks*

This Event's Bold Boho Spirit, especially in the Boutique and Fashion End of it, well, it was Pure Bohemian Valhalla for me!  Lemme tell ya, if I was a few sizes smaller, I could have gone Mad in that Boutique and absolutely filled up the Closets with Beautiful Colorful Gypsy Couture and Boho Style absolutely Perfect to Usher in the Summer with it's Vivid Hues and Pretty Prints!!!  And the Unique Accessories just made the Heart Flutter and bring a Smile to the face with their Unique Upcycling and Indie Fashion Sense. 

Yes, it would be an absolutely Perfect Ensemble for Summer to have these Eye Popping Fabrics, Flowing Comfortable Style and equally Intriguing Bling... Totally Loving the Frida Necklace and Doily Pocket Accents of this ensemble! 

If it had come in BMW Size... it SO would have been mine!  *Winks*

The Young Prince liked the Boho Summer Maxi in the background of this frame and thought it was Perfectly My Style.   The Print was exquisitely Boho and reminds me of the Free Spirited Bygone Era I recall so well.

So yes, we were hanging out in the Boutique Area for a very long time again during this visit too.

Luckily the Young Prince Enjoys Fashion as much as I do and can Appreciate the Design of OOAK Gypsy Couture Fashion and Accessories and discuss it with us intelligently.   He'd be a Great Fashion Designer since he has Mad Creative Skills and a Good Eye for what looks Flattering on the Female Form.   He can often be the Eye and Voice of Reason when I'm selecting Wardrobe and Accessories... and he was Today able to talk me into the best choices for what I would bring Home.

We had a lot of Fun and a very full day in spite of me being still enough under the weather health wise that we had to cut our day out short and not meet up with The Son and Family later for more activities.   I really Hate when I don't have the degree of Wellness to do everything I would like to do on the days I can get out and Enjoy myself.   But the day was very Satisfying and Fun nonetheless.

It was probably a Good Thing that I only had the one and more Sensitive Child in tow Today as well, who could manage not to Feel Let Down when we had to call it a day rather early when I began to not Feel so Well to continue.    Princess T would have been a whole other Story had I begun to not Feel so Well... especially when she's in Epic Drama Mode like Today!  *LOL*

Sometimes I Wish I had some other Spaces to Decorate in different Styles, especially when I see something uber Cool like this Old Roulette Wheel, probably from a Traveling Carnival.   I could certainly Style a Room in Carnival Kitsch and feel very much at Home in it... what a Fun Vibe that would be in a Game Room actually, to go Carnival Kitsch in the Styling of it.   I already have a Collection of Carnival Kitsch Prize Chalkware Pieces.   This would also be Great for a Kid's Vintage Carnival Party Theme!

The Young Prince really liked my Friend Terry Parvan's "Winifred Street" Hearts... especially that one that said, "Know in your Heart you are Loved".  In hindsight I should have Surprised him with that one, since it is so appropriate, though I did let him choose some other Goodies from the Event that he wanted.

See some of those Huge Natural Crystals in the dish in the foreground of my Friend Myko's Space?  Well, he got a Gorgeous and Clear one of those.    Myko and Julie both Design such Great Vignettes at the Shows and their Inventory and Sense of Style is Killer!

And how Cute is that Vintage Signage our Friend Ron is standing under?  "Recommended by our Guests" is certainly an appropriate phrase for these Monthly Shows put on by my Talented Friends at The Sweet, that's for sure!   And yes Ron, you're Cute too... and Princess T is gonna be so upset she acted up now and couldn't behave, so missed the chance to hang out with her Favorite Friend!  *Winks*

One thing I don't think a lot of peeps know about these Shows is that they offer a wide variety of Fantastic Designer Books and Magazines that you can't find hardly anywhere else.  Most of the Big Box Bookstores are sadly lacking in the Design Sections of the most Popular and sought after Authors of cutting edge Design and Style.   Or any of the Great European Styling Magazines... but you can always find them here to add to your Library.

How Cute are these Colorful Altered Art Upcycled Vintage Trophies that Kim's Daughter Created?   These would be so Cute in a Girl's Bedroom to Inspire her and add to her Youthful Vignettes.

And I'm always drawn to the unframed Art by the Unknown Masters that abounds at these Shows.  I definitely need more Gallery Space on my Walls and anywhere else I can prop up some Art!  *LOL*

And how Adorable is Garden Art tucked around the Home and beside Fresh Bouquets of Flowers for Spring?   Yes, I'm definitely overcome by Spring Fever... maybe THAT'S what's wrong with me?  *LOL*

Whatever it is... I just gotta get Over It soon 'cause it's definitely cramping my Style and keeping me Grounded far too long when I want to be flitting around like a Social Butterfly while the days are so Glorious and the Energy so Fresh and Vibrant.  *Smiles*

And don't think absolutely everything was in Living Color... there were also Amazing Colorless and Neutral Vignettes and Inventory as well that would look Splendid in your Home just in time for Summer.   I don't know about anyone else, but for me, if I'm going to be MORE drawn to White and Pastels, it will be during Summer because it evokes a Beachy Cottage Vibe to me.   Humnnnn, I Wonder, is Beachy even a legit Word since Spell Check doesn't seem to recognize it?  *LOL... and I know where your Mind could go with that Question in the way of Urban Slang!  Ha ha ha*

Loved the over-sized layered Mirrors over that Fabulous Old Mantle.   I've never met an Old Mantle that I didn't Adore... I'd have Pretend Fireplaces all over the house and would squeeze one in the Bathrooms if they were only big enough at this Old House!  *Ha ha ha*   In fact, if I could install the Real Deal in the way of Fireplaces in a Custom Home... well, I'd probably have one in every room including the Bathrooms... I'm such a Pyro like that when it comes to the Enchantment and Ambiance of a Fire or Candles in the Hearth.   And we live in the Desert, so it's not as if we often need the warmth of a roaring Fire in every room, Mother Nature heats it up plenty in Arizona!  *Smiles*

But I still like to Snuggle... and so if I can't have a roaring Fire in every room, well, I can have a Hoard of Lovely squishy Down filled OOAK Pillows can't I?   I have to constantly rotate my Pillow Collections because otherwise it would look like a Bedouin Harem around here!  *Winks*

All these Fun Funky Prints remind me of Colorful Middle Eastern and Northern African Style in fact... like a day spent sauntering through a Marrakesh Marketplace!   I can almost smell the Exotic Spices, can't you?

And I can't help but think of a Stately Gentleman's Club and the Ambiance that The Man would J'Adore in a room of our Home when I see my Friend Robert's exquisitely Masculine Styled Vignettes and Space.   This Winged Club Chair would be a Perfect replacement for The Man's Old Recliner if I could only get him out of it long enough to swap it out with something I really dig like this piece!  *LOL*   You know how Men get with their Favorite Chairs though, those things have to die a long, slow, painful death... put a Daisy on it and give it Last Rites before you can pry them out of it and talk them into a replacement Favorite Chair!  *Smiles*

But perhaps at one of these Events he'll Discover the Perfect Replacement and be on board to finally Let Go of said sad, aging, worn out Recliner?  In the infamous words of Comedienne and hilarious Entertainer Judy Tenuta, "It could happen!!!"


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good afternoon. I'm new to your blog, and I love it. I love Boho style, and that's what I always wear. (Even though I'm 69) I do a lot of embroidery and Crazy Quilting, and I also knit and crochet. I have MS, so have lots of days when I'm stuck on my daybed, so stitching (and my on-line friends) keep me sane. I will look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for the gorgeous pics. I live in a tiny village in Norfolk, and we don't have much in the way of markets here (apart from farmers' markets) so it's a real treat to see what 'goodies' there are available in the rest of the world. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Blessings from the UK

    1. Welcome Lesley and Thanks for stopping by! We lived near Norfolk for a few years in the 1970's when my Dad was Stationed in England with the USAF. Such a beautiful area and so much History abounding! Count me as one of your new on-line Friends! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Hi Dawn! Just came over from Karen's blog and her monthly trip to Sweet Salvage. She was right - you do love color! : ) You've got some wonderful pictures of all the beautiful and colorful items at Sweet Salvage. I really love seeing the whites and neutrals Karen shares, but seeing the colorful thrown in there is wonderful, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kathy and Karen gave me a great Shout-Out on her Blog, she's so Sweet! She does the Colorless Palette so beautifully that when I want a Zen Retreat, well, I go on over to her Blog or her Lovely Showroom at Rusty Saturday! Sweet Salvage has a lil somethin-somethin for everyone which is why it is so madly popular, nobody is disappointed no matter what their preferred Style and Aesthetic. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. So sad about the red head painting! My pick too! But you came out well anyway I'd say!

    1. Yes, I did... shouldda snagged Lady Redhead right after I Photographed her, but sometimes I just get so caught up in the Moment of my Photography! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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