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Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories Part II

This is the second time I'm Creating this Post... Blogger is being so temperamental that I might not risk Scheduling it for later lest it be wiped out yet again?   You won't mind a couple of Posts in a day will you?  *Winks*  Usually I Create a few when I have the time and just Schedule them to hit at various Future Dates... when Blogger is cooperating nicely that is.  When I'm in the Mood to Blog and Write I can be quite Accomplished... it's like any other Art Form really, and when I'm not Feeling It then I refrain and wait for the Desire to return.

Absolutely J'Adored the Bohemian Art Prints my Friend Cyndie of "Vintage Envy" was offering, I got a couple during Opening Day and Cyndie will Save her Display Prints for me for another time after she takes them down when the Event is over.   There was just something about this Era's Photography of Bohemian Beauties that is so much more Enchanting and Artistically Ethereal to me than Modern Photography.   So I do Collect any Bohemian Goddess Images from this Era that I run across... Thrilled with Cyndie's Prints of these Bygone Era Beauties.

In fact, the entire expanded Boutique Area Captivated me and I spent an inordinate amount of time there, which is Typical for me.   Loveliness just abounded and due to Budget constraints I only came away with the Lovely Vintage Velvet Violets Millinery Bouquet, my two Bohemian Beauties Prints and an Ephemera Pack.    Not that I didn't see several Lovelies I would have liked to have taken Home, but perhaps another time.
Photographing all of this Event's Lovelies was Satisfying enough... Collected Images of Lovely Things can be almost as Pleasing as Owning some of the Pieces.   I suppose that is why I've always been drawn to Photography... as well as Magazines and Books with loads of Beautiful Images between the covers.   My Library and Photo Archives are probably as vast as my other Collections that bring me equal Joy and Inspiration.

Though it was mighty difficult to leave this Peacock Tapestry Gypsy Bag that Minnie Created with me in Mind behind!    In fact leaving any of her Beautiful Bags behind without being Tempted to bring Home just one was quite the Challenge even tho' I have Bags galore.

Spring and Color just go together so Naturally... and tucking cut Flowers in various Bottles and Containers around the Home is particularly Appealing during Springtime since there are such an abundance of Blooms everywhere you look this time of year!   Harvesting a few to tuck into my Vignettes is a staple every Spring... and I also like to Collect Colorful dried Blossoms in Canning Jars to Display as well... then make Potpourri with later.

Visuals like this make me want to get into the Art Studio and begin cutting up my Old Tapestries for Artistic Projects!   Exotic Old Tapestries make Beautiful Boho Bags, Soft Comfy Bohemian Pillows and a variety of other Lovely Fabric Art so I pick them up often for my Stash in the Studio.

So many Treasure Hunters were on the Lookout for Spring Fresh Furnishings for their Outdoor Living Areas.   There is something about Spring that makes you want to Move Outdoors and spend more time there doing Life... Dining Al Fresco... beholding Nature in all it's Glory.

I was thinking that this particular Vignette would look Amazing in an Outdoor Living Area near Poolside if you have a Water Feature on your Property.   It just made me Feel like when you go on Vacation somewhere Tropical or Seaside.   I actually have a Stash of those large Vintage Green Industrial Light Fixtures that I Hope to install in one of our Cottages turned Conservatory Style Potting Shed one day...when it's no longer being used for Storage and we do some Restoration work to the structure.

Because I have a lot of Outbuilding Structures and Possibilities for Grandoise Future Projects here at Bohemian Valhalla I LOVE being Inspired with Events like this that get my Imagination racing as to what could be done one day to Transform some of the Buildings that aren't being optimally utilized nor Transformed right now.

And even those Vignettes I probably wouldn't re-create here at Home I still Loved to be Inspired by, such as this Amazing Wall of Clock Faces Vignette... very Mad Hatter and would be Fun to Decorate like this for a Mad Tea Party Theme!

We haven't had a Mad Tea Party in quite some time so we're definitely overdue for one.  Princess T and I Love to Host them even if our only Guests joining us are her toys.   There's just something about the Ritual of Tea that is very Soothing and yet Celebratory at the same time.

Loved these two Floral Oils in the enlarged Boutique's Fitting Room... Romantic Style coupled with the Industrial Element of Corrugated Tin Siding really Appealed to me.   I've thought of Converting one of our smaller Storage Sheds into a Mini Al Fresco Dining Area with Corrugated Tin Siding on the Interior and unframed Art we like hanging around.   Perhaps an Obnoxiously Ornate Chandelier hanging overhead above a Rustic Harvest Table surrounded by mismatched Vintage Wooden French Bistro and Antique Needlepoint Armchairs.   With Exotic Persian Rugs underfoot of coarse.  Yes, my Mind works like that... Random Decorating Ideas melded together like a Mad Scientist gone amock in the Laboratorie of Styling!  *LOL*

And Speaking of Laboratorie Style... I Photographed this Vignette and Intended to go back and get the Print of the Eggs and then couldn't find it!   Either it was moved or Sold... so I'll have to ask Myko if she has another similar one?   Sometimes I just get so caught up in my Photography that I totally Zone Out on my Shopping!

How Funky Fabulous is this Vignette my Friends?!   I recall those Abalone Shell Chandies Gracing many of my Friend's Homes in the early Seventies... some enormous ones hanging almost clear to the Floor!   And that Pink Victorian Ceiling Tin Wall Panel... To Die For!

And doesn't this Sweet little Vignette just make you want to load up the Kiddos and go for a Picnic in the Park?!?   Princess T has been hounding me for a big Picnic in the Park... we've been to various Parks lately but sans the Picnic Supplies and Games... so she's right, we're overdue on that too.

Also Loved this Wall of Frames... I have this 'Thing' for Ornate Old Frames and have a Hoard of them stockpiled because I can always find so many uses for them.   Frames also Sell well in the Showrooms so I have been able to part with some of my Excessive Obsession with them.  *LOL*  These were Selling fast and furiously too so I barely had time to Photograph the complete Wall of Frames Display!

And of coarse it's always a Joy to spend time with my Delightful Creative Sweet Friends who Create the Magic of these Events each Month!   The Warehouse Section had a complete Re-Do after new Coolers were installed, just in time before the sweltering heat comes with a vengeance!   We've been given a slight reprieve from the record breaking temps we had begun to have as a Cooler Front moved in for a couple of days, so Opening Day was Breezy, Balmy and much Cooler... absolutely Perfect in fact!!! 

The entire SWEET SALVAGE Team always completely blow me away with their Vision and Talent in Creating these Amazing Themed Events each and every Month.   Next Month's Theme will be "Where In The World" and the Designers will choose exciting destinations that will inspire the most Creative Vignettes to take you on a World Tour right here in the Arizona Desert!

And remember to visit their Blog and Facebook Pages for the announcement of Contest Details since every Month you could be one of five Special Guests to get in early for a sneak preview before anyone else!

And there are four Fabulous Days that each Event runs through beginning the Third Thursday of each Month through Sunday.  With new Merchandise being added and constant Styling being done daily so you could attend each day and see a completely different array of Inspiration and Treasures! 

In fact, many of the Artists are Creating OOAK pieces throughout the Event and bringing them in, so even if a particular Accessory is Sold Out one day, be sure there will be more coming in to replenish the supply for the Show.

And be sure to come back for a Trilogy Post of "Color Stories" 'cause I'm not done yet!  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. I so enjoyed your color stories from Sweet Salvage - so different than the ones on Karen's blog. I live in Flagstaff so I seldom get to Sweet Salvage and have saved a boatload of money because of that. I'm writing this comment to let you know that I am definitely interested in smallish ornate frames whenever you decide to part with any in your collection. Just let me know with photos and maybe I'll pay for it over the phone with shipping costs included. My email is: satena at yahoo dot com.


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