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Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories Part I

"Color Stories"... just the Title of the Theme always makes me know that it will be among my Favorite Events at SWEET SALVAGE.   I am, after all, a very Colorful Gal and Color saturates my World and embodies my Style and preferred Aesthetic!  *Winks... those that know me recognize what an understatement that truly is!  Smiles*

Now... most people have a Favorite Color... but for me there is no actual Non-Favorite Color if it is done well in a specific Color Theme or mixed with the Rainbow tastefully.   Color can stand alone Beautifully and grouping like Colors has always had a certain Appeal to me in Vignettes particularly.  Grouping like Colored Objects just brings a cohesive element to Styling and makes it all look like a Collection.

That said, mixing it up with a Rainbow of Colors and Patterns can have an equal Appeal to me when done Tastefully and Artistically.   My Friend Minnie's Fabulous Gypsy Bags are a Prime Example of the Bold use of diverse Fabrics, Colors, Textures, Patterns and Styles mixed Skillfully into Wearable Art.

A Vignette such as this reminds me of just about every Bedroom I occupied as a Child because I always amassed a Collection of Colorful Duvets, Pillows with a wide variety of Prints, Styles and Textures.   Being around such Visual Stimulation always Inspired my Creative bent and some of my first Memories of Art Projects were of the Favorite Patterns and Graphics of my Colorful Collections.

As I Matured I Refined my Style to Create Atmospheres and Surroundings that I felt at Home with as an Adult, but I know that it all Evolved from Basic Instincts that were always just there deep inside my Soul.   I truly Believe that everyone has a Connection to specific Environments for Mysterious reasons we might not fully Understand but definitely are Naturally and Instinctively drawn to.

Even though I am certainly NOT a Masterful Panoramic Scene Photographer, I HAD to Attempt to capture the Visual and Atmosphere my Friends Myko and Brett Created.  This Fabulous Vignette, which Skillfully and seamlessly blended Amazing Treasures of Vintage European, Mid Century Modern and Vintage Industrial Elements, Displays how a diverse mixture can go together and take your breath away!!!

Yes, I could Dine in an Atmosphere like this daily and never, ever, tire of my Surroundings, couldn't you?!?   In fact, Gathering of Friends and Family in a room Styled like this would be Wonderful and Stimulating, wouldn't it!?!   Those Enormous faded Teal Antique French Chateau Shutters on the far Left in particular were absolutely Stunning!!!  *Swoonfest going on... if only my Ceilings were vaulted and tall enough! Smiles*

And if you looked to your Right this was the other half of the Room... Okay, so that French Counter Piece stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to stand and fondle it for a while.  You can't really tell by my Image, but the center has glass doors and the interior behind them has stair-step shelving to Display whatever you put in there!   Honestly, you Rarely get an opportunity to find Fabulous European Furnishings of this Caliber out here in the Wild West!   In a Word... Magnificent!!!

But of coarse, me being me and all, with the added fact that Bohemian Valhalla is already packed to the rafters with Furnishings and chock full of Tchotchkes, I tend to gravitate towards Fashion and Accessories, so I linger in the Boutique Area longest.  The Boutique Area has expanded and you can definitely Color me Happy about that Pleasant Surprise!

I mean there is definitely no Down Side to MORE Bling... MORE Wardrobe Fashions... MORE Accessories... {BTW: LOVING this Bohemian Locket Necklace... natch!}

MORE Fabulous Gypsy Bags and MORE Decadent OOAK Hand-Made Pillows... I never seem to quite reach my Saturation Point with such things, how about you?  *Winks*

In fact, I Suspect that some of the Boutique Area Goodies came Home with me, don't you?  Can you Guess which ones my Friends?   Which Boutique Bounty I just couldn't Live without adding to my Cache at Home?  *Smiles*   Let's see if you know me so well that you could just look at something and it Screams DAWN!  *Ha ha ha*  I'm not kidding, many of my Friends say that when they see something TOTALLY ME now.  

Well... in all Fairness, at this particular Colorful Event a great many of it Screams DAWN... but let's just for Fun see if you can single out the ones that Screamed Loudest and thus couldn't be Ignored nor Resisted?  *Winks*   Temptation abounded all around me, but I am so Proud of Self {Patting Self on the Back actually} that I managed to Resist so much and stick to Budget!  Yes, me showing Restraint, in a Color Saturated Environment, DAMN!


And it doesn't necessarily have to be Colorful to capture my Magpie Eye... to me the so called Colorless, Non-Colors and Neutrals can have equal Appeal.   As Wednesday Addams would aptly say, "Black is such a Happy Color don't you think?"  *Winks*   I Adore mixing Black and Sepia with my Bold Jewel Tone Colorful Style, it gives the Eye somewhere to Rest and catch one's breath.

My Friend Pamela's Vignette of Delightful Smalls ALWAYS Appeals to my Artistic side... so you can be sure I did come away with some Supplies for Future Projects from her array of Lovelies.   Is it the least bit Surprising her Chosen Color Story involved Pink?  *Winks*   Yes, we are most definitely Yin and Yang Friends when we go out 'Pickin' together... her being Pastel Light and Ethereal... and me being The Dark Side Quirky and all.  *Smiles*

Okay, so a Spoiler Alert... I am ALWAYS on the prowl for Vintage Millinery Florals... and that is one thing you can take to the Bank that I will Throw Down on and lunge Insanely for should you even remotely Attempt to beat me to it or lock gazes with it.    Fair Warning, just sayin', might be Wise to get out of my way since I have been known to slightly Lose my Mind over such things in my Quest for them.  Normally I'm not one of those berserk Crazy Shoppers, but this can cause a momentary lack of Control and Decorum.  My Moment of complete Insanity!  *LOL*

Otherwise I am rather subdued as a Shopper no matter how Amazing the selection.  I almost always have the Sense and Outlook that there is plenty of Loveliness to go around and I don't need most things that badly that I would Create a Spectacle of myself to obtain them.  *LOL*   But I do so Enjoy the Entertainment Factor of those with such Mad Passion that they totally slip out of Sanity for a Moment in the Zealous Pursuit during the Thrill of their Hunt!  *Ha ha ha*

And I'm really Hoping you do get the Opportunity to visit my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE one day, if not for this Month's Event, perhaps for another.  I shall continue to regale you with "Color Stories" Posts since naturally I took a gazillion Images to Share with you so you can Live Vicariously thru our Adventures there this Month.

And even if you're not a Colorful Person, I'd still highly recommend this Month's Event because the entire Rainbow is Represented... along with the Colorless, Neutral and Nature Inspired Palettes as well... a lil somethin-somethin for everyone!!!

So be sure to come back for Part Two of the Series of "Color Stories" and behold what might Inspire you to begin or add to your own Unique and Personal "Color Story" my Friends?!?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Your not going to tell us what you picked? I'm thinking one of the gypsy bags and religious sculpture and millinery flowers?


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