Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rejuvenation... One Space At A Time

Now that I knew I wasn't moving out of Showroom One Fourteen it was time for an Attempted Rejuvenation of said Space.   Actually all of my Spaces desperately need it... at Home and at the Mall, so one Space at a time I'm tackling it all... and weighing my Options Carefully.

It's akin to eating an Elephant one bite at a time, so you definitely have to possess a hearty appetite for Work that is going to be quite intimidating in it's magnitude.  It is not for the faint of Heart, since both Showrooms and my Home have been in a state of deferred maintenance that just got out of hand.

In between my slogging away at it all I've devoted some time to Pickin' for Found Treasures and have 'Scored' some good ones to bring in and Freshen things up a bit rather than just moving and shuffling existing Inventory around.

A Friend Sourced this Great Vintage Japanese Pinball Arcade Gambling Machine for me and Surprised me with it.  One of the great dilemmas is having sufficient Space for all that I want to add to Inventory... and the desire not to drag anything back Home once it's left the premises since I don't want rotating Storage of things going out and coming back in again. 

To be sure the 'Pickin' part is what we Enjoy the most and have a lot of Fun with.   The G-Kid Force often join me for a 'Pick' and their Enthusiasm doesn't wane like it often does with Editing and Purging of my Personal Collections and the Hoard at Home, listing Inventory and getting it Showroom bound.  I agree, The Thrill Of The Hunt is a bigger Rush than wading thru what we need to just Let Go of.   So, we often meet up with and join regular 'Pickin' Friends and Bird Dog for each other.  Another Friend this day Sourced this hilarious Redneck Barbie!   *LMAO*

When you press her preggy bellybutton she talks and she's so NOT P.C. that I do Wish I'd seen her first or Bartered with my Friend for her.  Because I'd of kept her and any time I'm Feeling Down, well, I'd just Cheer myself up by looking at her because this just makes me Smile.  Now the Kiddos know what they can try to get me for a Gag Gift that I'd totally Enjoy and Appreciate.  *LOL*

I've reconciled myself to keeping my existing Rooms and seeing it as a Positive rather than a Negative or a Disappointment.  But each seriously needed quite a bit of Work and not having a Blank Canvas to build upon is a particular Challenge.

It's just not so easy to make it look different and as I got deep into it I wasn't even certain I wanted it to look totally different anyway... just Rejuvenated.   It always takes so much longer than I think it will, so for three days now I've been foofing and feeding the Booth Beast and devoting way more Time than I expect to.

One of the Upsides of our Mall is that it's Open 9am-9pm seven days a week... one of the Downsides of our Mall is that it's Open 9am-9pm seven days a week... which means there is no before hours or after hours available to make any Magic happen without having to do it around Customers and during Business Hours.

There is just something about Being There that seems to draw Customers like a Moth to a Flame... which is always good for business because when I'm there I can Sell more and converse with prospective buyers and get to know them and what they might be seeking.

But that's not all that conducive to getting my Work done and not having constant interruptions either... it's like trying to clean my house when the Kids are Home... a Lesson in Futility.   I Love to Socialize and meet our Customers or chit-chat with my Dealer Friends, but it always leads to me being further behind in my Task at hand.

I don't have a lot of Free Time to get away and devote to my Retail Spaces, so I try to Schedule those visits during what I Hope will be less busy times.  When everyone isn't showing up just when I get momentum built and the Showroom tore up and disheveled as I Clean, Style and Re-Stock Inventory!?


But that almost never happens... I swear... the Moment I get busy with it... it's like I rang a Silent Dinner Bell or something or yelled Come Get It!!!   I don't know how this happens... I can sneak in stealthily and as inconspicuously as possible... covert Ops begin and whalla... next thing I know I've got a crowd showing up right in the midst of my Madness!

I've tried Blockades... Crime Scene Tape... Signs indicating Work In Progress... to no avail... so I just resign myself to Attempting to Work around a steady stream of Curiosity Seekers stopping by and just try to Work around them.

Hey, if they're carting away Treasures to Buy then it's all Good... nothing stimulates Interest quite like bringing in... or taking out... loads of Merchandise.   It seems to give a sense of Urgency or Discovery to the Shopper stopping by... of being either the Last Chance to snag something... or the First One to Discover it.

Today was no exception to that Rule... and it did seem to bring Fresh Energy to the Shopping Experience for several peeps that dropped by to see what I was up to in there?  *Smiles*

I'm also still Attempting not to just Source Inventory that is MY Thing and Cater also to the demographic coming in and what they're totally Loving and Seeking.  This is indeed a delicate balance... because I won't Source what I don't at least Like... but I know what Sells best from my Showrooms and I cannot ignore that either.

So you will see way more Pastels and Romantic Touches in my Inventory than you're typically gonna see me Decorating with at Home or Sourcing for myself.   My Customers really Love the Romantic and Light Palette and I have to Confess it is so Pretty when massed together and is very Editorial.

I follow a lot of Great Romantic Inspired Blogs in fact... and my Library has several really good Books with the Romantic Vibe or French Nordic Style that is Visually quite Pleasing to me even tho' my own Aesthetic and Home/Art Studio Environment is quite different.

I think one of the Attractive things about a Retail Space in fact is that you have more Freedom to Experiment and Style with a Variety of Looks, Palettes and Styles or Eras.   It can become more of a Fantasyscape that is ever Evolving than your Personal Spaces might ever be.


I can and often do become more a Creature of Habit when it comes to my Personal and Private Spaces, because I have more of a Constant about what I'm drawn to and feel most Comfortable in the Environment of for extended periods of time.

My Experimentation with Decorating at Home hasn't always worked out for extended periods before it eventually comes full circle and back to my Bohemian Roots and the Colors I prefer to surround myself with at Home or where I Create.

And so when I get Input from Customers about what they'd like to see me Offering, I pay Attention and that has ensured stronger Sales than just going off on my Weird and Wonderful Tangent just because it would Please me more, but perhaps not be as well Received?  One day maybe it will be Full On Me... but for now it's not the right Timing I Feel... so I'm holding back considerably.  Because Full On Me can be Fascinating to Behold as a Curiosity, but not what most folks are Feathering their own Nests with necessarily.  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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