Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Peacocks At The Park

One of our Favorite Parks to go to is the Historic Saguaro Ranch Park in Glendale which still has many of the descendants of the Peacock Flocks that have roamed the grounds since the 1800's.  Many of the Historic Ranches and Mansions used to have them, alas, due to twisted Criminal Urban elements that decimated the majority of the populations on killing sprees, few remain now.  Thankfully Saguaro Ranch Park has been successful in protecting it's Peacock Flocks so that the General Public can still enjoy these Magnificent Creatures.

Many of these birds are so used to the Admiration of visiting Humans now that they'll Show Out and Show Off right in front of you.  Especially during their mating Season when the Males are deep in the Mating Rituals of Strutting their Stuff and Competing for any and all Admirers.   This particular one had not been able to get the Attention of the Lady Peacocks no matter how hard he tried, because the G-Kid Force had distracted the Girls with feeding them all Wild Bird Seed.   So he decided to do his Dance and Feather Quiver for us instead, Entertaining us for a full forty Minutes!   We were mesmerized and I got some of the best Peacock Pixs EVER of this Male Peacock Strutting his Stuff and Posing Proudly for the Camera.  You could see he thoroughly Enjoyed being the Center of Attention and we thoroughly Enjoyed his Performance and the unique Photo Shoot Op it presented with him being so close we could touch him.

In fact, I got so carried away Photographing and Admiring him, I almost completely forgot to Photograph the G-Kid Force!  *LOL*   Or the majority of the Beauty of the Historic Ranch Site except the Vineyards and Farm Hand Quarters closest to The Show being put on for us by the Peacocks!   What a Glorious and Fun day out it was at the Park with all the Peacocks, I was Glad that the G-Kid Force had suggested the Outing, reminding me that when we see the Mating Rituals of all of God's Creatures, Spring is most definitely in the Air.

Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Beautiful Pictures! Their color is gorgeous!

    1. My Favorite things to Photograph are Wildlife, Nature and Children... each is so Pure and Natural and that comes across so well thru the Eye of the Lens. Dawn... The Bohemian


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