Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our Desert Easter Blessings To You

Easter... it is a Holy Time of Celebration for us of Extreme Importance... and Extreme Gratitude!

Though our Faith may have been Tested throughout the other Seasons by the Issues of Life, with Trials and Tribulations that are the Human Condition, it is at this time we Reflect upon Who Sustains us through it all.

It is by His Example and Sacrificial Love for Humanity that I am reminded to never give up... not on myself or on others.   He Sustains me... my Hope... my Faith... my Life... with the Knowledge that I am Beloved... and that He Loved us all enough to go to the Cross on our behalf.

I don't take that lightly.   As a mere Mortal I have at least in part some reference to how Painful Sacrificial Love can be... but oh so worth it on the behalf of those we Love enough to make Sacrifices for.

The depth of our Love can often be measured by the depth of our Pain... and how far we are willing to go on behalf of someone Beloved to us. 

And it's not easy... and it's not comfortable to willingly make Sacrifices and die to Self for others... but by Jesus Wonderful Example I am fully Convinced it Pleases God when we do.

Almost any Mother can tell you that Motherhood is often a place where Sacrificial Love Blossoms and comes forth most Beautifully in it's Display of what it should Look like... and Feel like.  The Maternal Instinct to Sacrifice and Protect is just that Strong and Natural to most.

And speaking of Motherhood... Easter is also a Seasonal Reminder of New Birth... as it is so Evident all around us during the Spring and around this Holy Holiday.   The Easter Eggs to us Signify New Life... New Beginnings... and the Circle of Life being Complete.

The Hiding of them to us Signifies that often you have to Seek these New Beginnings... New Opportunities... a New Life in Rebirth.

For some those Hidden Beginnings might not be too difficult to spot and find... or recover... for others it might take more Seeking, diligence and tenacity before the Discovery is made.

In our Garden it's as if Easter is the Signal to Nature to Spring forth it's Magnificence and Show Out in such a way that your breath is taken away by the Natural Wonder of it all!!!

And here especially... in our Arid and Harsh Desert Environment that can be oh so inhospitable and unforgiving... the fact that the Natural Show is so Vibrant, so Unbelievable and will come forth without fail during times of plenty or of extreme lack and drought is so Inspiring to me.

And all of Nature comes Alive in this Harmonious Balance and often brief Window of Opportunity that is presented each Spring.   Arriving just before Easter Celebrations begin... as if Ushering it in on Mother Nature's Wings.

I stand in Awe no matter how many times I've seen and Experienced it before... it is no less breathtaking now than the first time.   No less Magnificent... and it is there for us all to Experience and Enjoy, if we choose to.   Just like the Loving Embrace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ... and  His Invitation to come into Relationship with Him to Experience and Enjoy, if we choose to.

We choose to... we always have... and I couldn't Imagine NOT choosing to... it Completes us.   It makes us Partners in the Grand Plan and the Great Commission.   Respect and Reverence for God and for all of Nature... it is as it should be.

And though certainly flawed and still Works in Progress... we do Hope that our Light Shines Brightly as we are Guided by His Great Love and Wonderful Example to follow towards our Purpose and to reach others on His behalf with the Good News. 

Because each of us can Blossom where we are planted... regardless of the Conditions surrounding us, it need not suppress our ability to Shine and be as Special as we were Created by the Creator to be!!!  We are all diverse in our Human Condition... and in Nature as well... but we ALL have Purpose and Shine in our own Special Ways.

Yes, some will Shine in seemingly Perfect Splendor and Visually Pleasing ways that are quite Eyecatching and Appreciated by many...

Others may Shine in more Modest yet still Visually Pleasing ways... and perhaps not be as Appeciated in their Commonality and more Subdued Presentation...

And some others will Shine and yet blend in with their Environment seemlessly so as to almost appear Invisible... yet their Purpose is nonetheless Important... even if it's not always so Apparent.

And some will Shine in most Unorthodox ways that can be puzzling in their Metamorphosis as they go through their Stages of Life... each Stage being unrecognizable from the next...

And however YOU were Meant to Shine my Friends I do Hope you fulfill your Purpose... and continue to Seek it if it is not yet Found and is still a great Mystery.   Taking the Time and Opportunity to Rest, Replenish, Recharge and Renew yourselves when you must and are able to.

I got a real kick out of where this Wild Dove chose to take the Time and Opportunity to Rest, Replenish, Recharge and Renew... right in the middle of the Human hustle and bustle going on all around her!!!   Evidence that sometimes you just have to be Brave and Confident enough to do it where ever and when ever you have to my Friends!!!

And remember that you need not be Perfect or in Good Shape to Remain in Purpose either... as even a Damaged, Bruised and Battered Butterfly that is still Bravely taking Flight and In Purpose will still be a Beautiful and Pleasing thing to God and to those around who Witness it's Living Testimony indeed!!!
Easter Blessings to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well said! Happy Easter Blessing to you and yours also.


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