Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Get Back To The Fluff And Fashion

Since I can't sit with an uncomfortable Post of mine for more than a Minute I try to swiftly move past them.  Especially since I have to gird myself Today for an impromptu Meeting they sprung on me Yesterday Afternoon, with the Young Prince's Mental Health Team to re-evaluate his Services, Progress and Condition.   So let's get back to the Fluff and Fashion so I can buoy my Spirits and clear my Mind before bracing for all that.   Deep Breath.

Sure Wish I could still wear Skinny Jeans and not Mom Pants because this pair would look Fierce with some of my other Wardrobe.   Alas, Skinny Jeans seem a Lifetime away from this Gramma ever squeezing into any again... so fast forward to ACTUAL Wardrobe Possibilities and not Fantasy Pants.  *Smiles*

While I was on the Far East Side I had taken the Opportunity to stop by AUDREY'S since my Talented Friend Katy had her New Clothing Line, SACRED HEART STUDIOS, there now.  Katy is one of the few Fashion Designers that considers the Real Size Woman in a meaningful way when Designing her Awesome Clothing and offering some in our Sizes too.   So I snagged this Lovely Tank Top for my Wardrobe Expansion.

I've had to Edit and Purge a considerable amount of my Wardrobe due to it being flat worn out or no longer fitting comfortably.   The Battle of the Bulge wages on in my Diabetic Post Menopausal Post Hysterectomy War that I've lost an incredible amount of ground to.   If I Invest in replacement Wardrobe that I absolutely J'Adore I am less likely to become a Prisoner of that War longer than I absolutely have to.  Breaking Free from the Bondage of Obesity proves to be more of a Challenge than I ever expected, so it's been a long Journey back and forth between Weight Loss and Weight Gain.   This Fabulous Ensemble being Modeled by the Mannequin was the second Piece I chose... because Seriously, wouldn't you do ANYTHING to still fit into this?

Actually I wasn't certain I even would fit into this since the Manne is much more Svelte than I, but many of these Hand-Made OOAK Pieces are more or less Designed to be One Size Fits Most, so I was Hopeful I'd fall into the Most Category?!  *LOL*   And the Geisha Style Wrap Belt portion was Killer but since I no longer have a Waist I wasn't sure how I'd pull that off successfully, but into the Dressing Room I went to find out!!!??

Okay, so I wasn't actually a Vision in it all on account of my whacked Body Shape right now, but it did fit and Comfortably.  So I will Rock it anyway and Work on becoming the Vision sometime in the Future... or on the Canvas of my Imagination until then... Humor me in the meantime.  If you can Flatter with any Measure of Sincerity I'll Receive it, even if we're both being Delusional about the Reality being less skewed than it really is.  *Ha ha ha*  Even though I have had to Purge a considerable amount of Wardrobe, getting a couple of new Pieces is a good New Beginning to build a better Foundation upon.

And with two Pieces secured, well, I was able to Admire the other Gorgeous Pieces of the Line that I couldn't swing or couldn't fit into without too much lamentation about how I Wished I was Smaller again so that the Options wouldn't be so limited for the Killer Looks I'd like to be able to Rock.   I'm not trying to ever be a size six again or anything ridiculous at this Season of Life, but a Healthier Weight is definitely a long term Goal of mine.   Maintaining it an even loftier Goal since I have had dismal Failure in the past when I've lost a lot of excess weight and gotten to Goal before.  Only to have it creep back on so stealthily you barely notice until it's gotten a firm hold again and destroyed all your hard Work.

I am still Hopeful that Weight Management will become easier as I continue to Work out my Health Issues that certainly have become a barrier to Fitness and Wellness.   A bit of New Wardrobe is like a Good Medicine to propel me towards that eventual Goal and attempt to hold my ground with more Success next time.  I'm an Eternal Optomist when it comes to Self Improvement you see.  *Smiles*

To be sure there were ample Selections for Real Sized Women in the Line so I finally had Options in Pretty Wear that I actually Love the Look of... rather than the hideous Big Women Lines out there being Mass Marketed as allegedly Fashionable and Flattering.   I'd rather go Nude than wear some of those attrocities of alleged Fashion.  I mean REALLY, when they're Creating hideous Wardrobe for larger Women do they really Believe we or anyone else is Attracted to it?  Do they even Care?  I doubt it so I Celebrate any Designer that knows we want to Look Good too and caters to our demographic!   We are a terribly Neglected demographic of Consumers and it's a missed Opportunity for the Fashion Industry given the percentile of Real Sized Women I see abounding in America.

Okay, stepping down now from Soapbox since I Promised this to be a comfortable and Uplifting Topic Post after the obvious discomfort of the last one.   *Smiles*   I mean how could you NOT be Uplifted and Inspired when Shopping a Line that has racks of OOAK Loveliness like this to choose from?!?

I at least Feel Beautiful while wearing it even tho' the Visual is still trying to catch up with that Feeling sometimes.  *Smiles*   I had some Photos taken during our Easter Get Together and I hadn't realized until Confronted by the Evidence, just how Worn Out and how much of a Toll the Chronic Stress, Pain, Illness and Strain had taken a Toll on my exterior.   Lord Jesus, I couldn't erase those frames quick enough because it just made me weep that I actually looked as bad as I felt and it was becoming painfully evident.   Gotta do something about that Stat!!!

So I'm digging in my heels to insist upon more Ministering to Self as well as to the others and the various Agencies will just have to Deal with it.   I don't know how that will Play Out, but to go on like this is slowly killing me anyway so I don't Care anymore what anyone else thinks or says about it.  If they're not willing to be part of the Solution then they're just part of the Problem and I'm eradicating Problems anytime I can eliminate them, as excess baggage we don't need weighing us down further on this perilous Journey we're on Together as a Family.

But I will accept the Weight of these Awesome Tablecloth Weights designed with Vintage Cuttlery.  *LOL*  Yep, bought that top set you see here, think this is a Splendid and Clever Upcycling of Vintage Cuttlery, which I have been Collecting and amassing for some time because the Possibilities of Creating other things with them as well as Typical Use is very useful.

I'm Wondering if The Man is thinking upon joining The Young Prince and I at this Meeting we gotta have and leave for in about fifteen minutes, because he's been hovering around me here?  *Smiles*   Usually he can't hang for these more potentially Stressful necessities we must Endure, he gets Anxiety, but he's trying to be more Supportive lately even if it's just by being Present and I Appreciate that.  Unity of Purpose is Powerful when trying to hold it down and keep it together as a Family in spite of any and all obstacles.   It's extremely Isolating and Exhausting to go it Alone with no Support System in place but having to Deal with it all.

I never know if Services will Continue, Increase, Decrease or be Cut... so many variables and each of coarse has it's particular ramifications to the Clients and their Families.   We'll see... and what ever will be will be... Que Sera Sera... {As I break out in Song :) }

The reluctantly Left Behind Piece during this excursion... was this Wonderful Carpetbag Creation that I've Admired and Wanted before.   But I was here for desperately NEEDED Wardrobe, Bags I have an Abundance of and aren't a NEED, so alas, there was no real comparison to what would have to be Left Behind.  *Sob*   But... mebbe next time???????  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What beautiful clothes! I hope everything went well today for a change, Dawn. :)

  2. I love your selections, and ones left behind also! What a great place to shop! I hope the meeting went favorably!


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