Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Now Officially A Collection... And Arizona Dreamin'

They say if you have three or more of something it is Officially a Collection.  I just procured my third Ostrich Egg, so it's now Officially a Collection.  Each of my Ostrich Eggs is totally different, one is blown out and hollow, one has an unhatched mummified Ostrich inside, and this newest acquisition is Faberge' Style Egg Art and totally Blinged Out and absolutely Fabulous.

Imagine my Surprise when I found it whilst Goodwill Hunting and for a pittance!   We weren't even going to be Thrift Shop Trawling until Princess T insisted she needed new Wardrobe and Shoes since she's growing like a Weed.  We had just dropped the Young Prince off at Paternal Relatives on the far East Side for the Weekend, so why not, it was now our Girl's Day Out and we were reveling in it.

I was totally Jazzed to procure said Egg and the low price made my Heart skip a beat and squeal on the inside!!!   I practically snatched it out of the hands of the Elderly Male Clerk showing it to me from behind the Jewelry Counter, though I was trying to play it off as Cool, Calm and Collected!  *LOL*   It was definitely one of those Angelic Singing Host Moments as my Magpie Eyes glistened at the sight of beholding the Bejeweled Golden Egg!  Yes, this Egg HAD to come Home to MY Nest!

And here is the "Collection" in all it's Glory at Home... though it doesn't yet have a permanent location... lately hardly anything does as I'm deep into a Home Purging and everything is in complete disarray and chaos.   But just having those "Keeper" items here and there in haphazard temporary Displays encourages me that one day perhaps everything will be in Order and just enough instead of too much that needs to be Let Go!?!

Lately I've been Fantasizing a lot about how I'd like the End Result to look in each room.  Even though it is indeed a gargantuan Project of Epic proportions, because I have let everything get way out of hand, I am Hopeful that eventually I can become a lot less disorganized as I work my way towards the lofty Goal I've set for myself?  For a Human Magpie it is no easy feat since we simply cannot resist bringing Home shiny and interesting objects every so often.

And this type of shiny AND interesting Object that would Create a Collection, well, it was certainly not getting left behind or I would have been in Forever Regret Mode of passing on the opportunity.  Yes, it is worth relinquishing the required five or more other items for in the Great Edit and Purge set of Rules I've Enforced for myself.   Okay, so lets take a peek inside shall we? 

There are three little padded bed options in three hues... not quite sure what they ever held, were supposed to hold, or even will hold in the Future... but it matters not.   The interior glistens like an Ice Cave with encrusted Icy Crystal Glitter.   See... I told you it was Fabulous!!!

We had a Wonderful Girl's Day Out and hit a few other Favorite Shops on that side of Town, which I will regale you with in Future Posts.  But our main Focus this day, while it was Cool and very Breezy, so we rode around with all the windows down and the brisk wind blowing through our hair, was to Indulge in Dreaming and Visual Fantasies about the Perfect Neighborhood and New Home.  You see, we LOVE this Historic Old Home of ours... but in recent years we no longer like how the old neighborhood has seriously declined... and since we can't pick it up and move it... well, we have Fantasy Quests about Greener Pastures, even if we never actually Act upon them. 

Now... because we LOVE this Old House and it would be tough to replace or give up, we're extremely Picky about any Fantasy Dream Home that would replace it mind you... because we can be, since we're only Indulging in Visual Fantasies of the Highest Calibre.  *Winks*    But we found one that took our breath away... and even though the winding Mountain Roads around it were like the Streets of San Francisco and made our Hearts race too since we're both rather squeamish of rollercoaster type heights and cresting roads that look like they drop off into nothingness giving you a Belly Flop feeling... this was The One we Fantasized about owning Today.


It was a corner Home resembling a Castle or Fortress with the combination Rock and Pueblo Style Architecture... this was the side view as you were going UP the steep Mountainside...

Rounding the corner on the equally steep decline DOWN, that was a tummy mid air suspender, was the entrance... with Lovely Turrets and plenty of Chimney Counts and Outdoor Patio Decks on the upper levels.  *Swooning*   And the Neighborhood was so Eclectic, Peaceful and the Views all around it Fabulous beyond Belief! 

Yes, we both were Imagining what the Interior must look like... your Imagination can be so Fertile it might even transcend the Reality of ANY Interior.   Princess T was picking out where her Room would be located in said Dream Home.  *LOL*   Yes, if I was going to give up this Old House, it would have to be to move to something like this, in a Neighborhood just like this one, that's for sure... and it's Fun to Dream about Possibilities.

And about what it would be like to have this View?!!?!??   Yes, this is the back side of said Dream Home as you looked up at it from the Street directly below... as it is perched on a Glorious set of Mountainsides in the North Phoenix area we'd definitely consider Movin' On Up to, like the Old Jefferson's Sitcom Ditty would chant!  *LOL*   Well... mebbe one day...

With Blessings and Visual Dreams... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've found some real treasures at thrift stores too! That house looks like a dream for sure!

  2. Not sure where you traveled to find this wonderful home you have North Phoenix you say.....perhaps in the Sunnyslope are?

    Stay well


    1. Just outside of Sunnyslope actually, in the North Mountain region... Love that area and very Eclectic mix of properties... from Modest to High End. Sunnyslope itself is not where I'd want to live becoz it's had it's fair share of going downhill fast. Dawn... The Bohemian


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