Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms Part IV

As I always do, I simply must Share with you the Image of the Favorite 'Dream Piece' left behind that if Resources were ample enough and money were no object, would have been mine!  *Smiles*  Yes, there's always that 'To Die For' Piece that is out of reach and you Lust after and over, this one was certainly mine for this Month's Event.

It literally took my breath away when I saw it since you never see these Pieces coming up for Sale... EVER... an Antique Museum Quality Specimen Cabinet!!!   OMG... I was almost afraid to look at the price in case it was affordably within Budget, since I wouldn't have anywhere to put it without getting rid of something else since our Home is at Saturation Point for large items and I no longer have a Truck to transport such things either.

Luckily it was way out of my range but not completely out of my League... in fact, for what it was I felt it was priced to Sell and I was just lamenting I would not be the one to buy it!  *Sob*   It was missing some of the Original Drawers but twenty of them still remained with glass tops and even those are 'To Die For' items by themselves if you are an avid Specimen Collector or have Cabinet Of Curiosities Style.

Yes, it is certainly Pieces like this that I Save Up and Trade Up to procure whenever I can... alas, I hadn't sufficient lead time to do either and at an Occasional Sale it probably won't be around again even if it didn't find a New Home for this Month's Event.  *Pouting*   It would be one of those items I'd Lust after enough to put on an extended Layaway if I could Negotiate it with the Vendor, that's for sure!  I'd be hawking all kinds of Treasures I'd Purge from my Home in order to Fund it.  *LOL*

And honestly, if Antique Storage OOAK Pieces is your 'Thing' then you would have had a Field Day, particularly in the Warehouse this Month, because it abounded!   Great Vintage and Antique Industrial and Commercial Storage Units that just don't come up for Sale very often and are hard to find or Source even if you Search far and wide.

And who couldn't use Cool Vintage or Antique Storage Pieces to Organize your Chaos, right?  *Winks*   I know I'm on a Mission to Organize mine better so Storage Pieces have been on the Top of my 'Need More Of' List.    Spinning Storage is just an added Bonus, though I could certainly see the G-Kid Force spinning it for Entertainment Value and stuff flying off from centrifugal force, so maybe not so Practical at my place.  *Ha ha ha*

I'm an absolute Sucker though for anything with an abundance of small drawers and cubbies... especially if it also has Cool Pulls... and Labeling capabilities to better Inventory my stashes of Treasures in a more Orderly fashion.

But you really have to Strike when you first lay Eyes on much Coveted Old Storage Pieces because they tend to Sell rapidly and don't last long because almost everyone seems to be vying for the Choice ones... so the Yellow SOLD Tags were being slapped on most of them even as I was Photographing them!!!

In fact... just look at all the Yellow SOLD Signs once I stepped back for a more Panoramic View of just this one Vignette!!!    And those are just the large pieces most folks don't haul off with them, the Smalls were disappearing even more rapidly like Scotch Mist!!!    If I really want a Small I'm almost afraid to attempt to photograph it first lest someone snag it out from under me as I'm lining up the Shot!?  *LOL*    Yes, that has actually happened... if your hands aren't on it it's Fair Game to whoever has the quickest grab and presence of Mind to Claim it as theirs first!

This Month I was also totally Infatuated with the Small Antique Loveseat Sized Sofas.  I suppose back in their Era they were considered Full Size since Furnishings used to be much smaller at the turn of the Century, but nowadays they'd be considered Cozy sized.   Love the Deconstructed ones best even though they're not entirely Practical.

But there were also some Beautiful Pristine Upholstered ones as well... particularly liked this Deep Green Velvet one... with Gilded Ornate Wood Accents...

And of coarse some Lovely VINTAGE MINNIE Pillow Creations.   I already possess an Insane amount of Gorgeous Pillows... but it's always Tempting to pick up more when I see the Divine Creations my Friend Minnie comes up with!   Her Needlepoint Line with Ticking Ruffles were some of my Favorites at this Event.

And of coarse you can't think Spring without Tricking Out your Outdoor Living Spaces now can you?  The Courtyard Area had so many Gorgeous Outdoor Living and Garden Pieces and the day was Glorious for sitting out there being Inspired by it all and having Brunch from the Gourmet Food Trucks conveniently parked around the Event.

And even if you don't happen to possess a Green Thumb or haven't had the Time yet to do so Starts of your own Wheat Grass and Herbal or Floral Displays, the Sweet Gang had done it for you and offered a Selection of Inventory resplendent with Wheat Grass, Fresh Herbs and a variety of Living and Cut Flowers.
This particular Bouquet of Fresh Cut Arizona Wildflowers was so Vivid it really was a Showstopper!  I have a particular Fondness for Wildflowers anyway and often grow them in our Gardens since the Native Species thrive.   During the Rainy Season they spring to Life in abundance out of the barren Desert and it blows your mind to see a Sea of them where once there was not a hint of Life in a usually parched inhospitable environment that you wouldn't think held dormant things so Delicate looking and Vibrant just waiting for the Rains to come!

Had to go back for another gander at the Deconstructed Sofa... I could just Envision this sitting out on a Covered Arizona Room or Conservatory surrounded by Plants and Architectural Salvage Decor.

I'd have to throw a few of Minnie's Fab Pillow Creations on it and Walla... long curled up periods of Reading, Enjoying the Sounds and Sights of Nature or Naps would be beckoning to you!!!

Just the Visuals are Appealing to me too... I just LOVE a Good Outdoor Living Space don't you?

Well, it's Time once again to draw to a close since these boots were made for walkin' and I have to pick Princess T up from School now, first day after Spring Break so both Kiddos were back in School now... and Prince R has an Appointment Downtown so gotta run my Friends... come back again for Part V of the Series...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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