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Sweet Salvage ~ Back Roads And Blooms Part II

Natural Elements combined with Oppulence, does it really get any better than that?  I think not.  To be able to combine Found Treasures that Nature gives up for our Pleasure and find ways to incorporate them into our Style and meld them with Man-Made Treasures in a Complimentary way is Pure Genius in my Humble Opinion.

You see, to me almost everything in Nature is inherently Beautiful regardless of how Simplistic it may seem, or how Complex.   So it can go with almost any Style and still Show Out or Compliment our Man-Made Objects that we Adore and find to be Beautiful, Functional or any combination of both.  I had Promised you more of the Lacy Rock Creations that my Friend Cynthia's Sister had Created... and so here they are... such Exquisite Eye Candy made from something as Simple as putting Ornamentation on a Stone!
Our Family has always been Collectors of Rocks and Stones... so what a Beautiful way this would be to Decorate some of the Stones that we particularly like the Shape of and we feel would make a Lovely Backdrop to Lacy Crochet remnants and Appliques, which we also always seem to have an abundance of!   Nature Freely gives up the bounty of Rocks and Stones almost anywhere you want to find some to bring Home for your Collections and Preserve Memories of particular Outings.  Now you don't have to Inhibit your Kiddos from dragging an abundance of them Home for Future Projects if this so Inspires you as it did us!?!

And some of the Bird's Nest Creations were equally Inspiring at the Event.  I Confess that I'm always Tempted to Save any I find in Nature Created by our Naturally Talented Feathered Friends, but the sterilization of the Real Deal can be somewhat of a Challenge and so you might not want to risk it and opt instead for Lovely re-created ones by Human Artisans?   It is easier... I've got a Real Bird's Nest STILL sitting out on the Front Porch awaiting the sterilization process before I can risk bringing it Indoors for Display Purposes, I found it Months ago... any Parasites should have already died of Natural Causes by the time I get around to actually sterilizing it!  *Bwahahaha!*

And so many of the re-created ones look so authentic that it's not always worth the bother... and Sweet Little Faux Bird's Eggs look equally Realistic now too.  Oh the marvels of Modern replication of Natural Elements can be pretty Amazing too, can't they?!   Perhaps you are also a Collector of other Natural Elements such as exquisite Woods or Dried Botanicals?

Or perhaps Shells, Sea Glass, Pearls, Corals, Starfish, Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars and other Found Treasures from the Sea?

I have a Collection of all of the above actually... and Sea Fans are among some of my Favorite Natural Elements given up from the Reefs... so Delicate and Ethereal and in so many Hues.  This one was a particularly Impressive Specimen in a Lovely Shade of almost Sepia Bone Color.   I probably should have bought that one but I've been searching for large Black Sea Fans lately or the Dried Crimson colored ones.   I might reconsider this one if it's still there when I return with the G-Kids before the Event ends?

Another Favorite Natural Inspired set of Displays were these Old Rusty and Crusty Farm Impliments mounted to Barn Wood coupled with Gorgeous Dried Roses and other Dried Botanicals.   There were a trio of them I would have liked to have bought, since three makes up a Collection, right?  *Winks*  But the dreaded Budget did not permit such an Indulgence of purchasing an Instant Collection this time around and I have yet to Score that Big Lottery Win.  *Smiles*  This one with the Magenta Dried Roses, Twigs and Grasses...

This one with the Coral Pinkish Dried Roses and Twigs...

And the third one with Ivory Dried Roses and French Lavender.   Aren't they just Organically Beautiful?   I couldn't have chosen a Favorite out of the Trio, I would have wanted all three to group together in an Eyecatching Rustic yet Romantic Wall Display. 

In fact, there was so much I would have liked to have come Home with that I was quite Proud of myself for showing such Restraint and only choosing a few new Found Treasures during this Month's Event!   You know, I can go a lot of places and not really feel the Urge to buy very much or anything at all... but when I come to THIS Event each Month, that is definitely NOT the case!  *LOL*

If I tell The Man or my Friends that I PROBABLY won't buy anything this time around they always look at me in that manner that says it all without even really having to add, "Yeah, RIGHT!"  *Smiles*    I am more discerning about Purchases with my Five-To-One Rule in place, knowing that for every piece coming in, well, five must Exit Stage Left from our Home.   That does make you more accountable and less inclined to Impulse Buy and therefore select only those things that you Truly Love and will be Keepers.

Which is precisely why I limited myself to only ONE of these Beautiful Lacy Stone Creations as a Sample so that any others entering our Home will HAVE to be Created by the G-Kid Force and I as Art Projects we can do together.  That means a hefty Collection of them would take Time and Effort... of which we are in short supply of both so it's not as if it will get out of hand right away!  *Ha ha ha*

Not that I REALLY NEED any more Future Projects mind you... but I like to keep my Options open of which Projects we'd like to try our hands at during our Creative Moments... so we continuously look for things to be Inspired by that we MIGHT do one day.   And if we don't get around to it... well, at least we have that Lovely Sample as a reminder of a Great Project that is still pending.  *Winks*

I know if you Enjoy Creating Lovelies and have a huge Stash of Supplies awaiting Production of your next Projects you probably have a Laundry List of Great Future Projects too, huh?   I don't always remember to look at my vast Pinterest Boards or Inspiration Books that hold all of the Great Ideas I've seen and want to Create something similar one day... I don't always look back at my Photographed Archived Images either... but if I have a Sample Lovely to Remind me that is Displayed around the Home, well, it sticks better in my Mind and stays closer to the Top of the To Do List.
And some things I've just got laying around the Property waiting for me to get Inspired to do something relatively Simple with, like this Vintage Sink Planter.   Or is it just me that has several Antique and Vintage Sinks laying around the Property?   *LOL*   Simple solution to utilizing mine will be a trip to the Nursery to just pick up some Plants to stick in there and put Dried Moss around the container that holds them.   Easy Peasy... so put that one close to the Top of the Laundry List of Spring Projects I could actually get done in short order and not procrastinate about... *Smiles*
Well, Clearly this is going to be a Series of Posts about the Event since I have a gazillion more Images to Share... so be sure to come back and join us again, ya hear!?!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Show us where you put your sink with when you get the flowers in it!


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