Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Should Probably Be... But... I'm NOT!

Since our Location of THE BRASS ARMADILLO ANTIQUE MALL is having our Third Anniversary Sale this Weekend coming up, I should probably be busy pricing Inventory... but... I'm NOT!  Rather, I've been gawking at the other Vendors great new Inventory coming in.  Especially the Vintage Industrial pieces that are swoon worthy for Studio Storage, like this great rusty and crusty storage drawer tower my Friend Michael brought in this week. 

And it's not as if I haven't got stacks and stashes of Inventory scattered all over my Property that should be Showroom bound.  But I find the Inventory Pricing Process to be a yawnfest and so time and labor intensive... and with the Weather being Spring Glorious already I've distracted myself with what I find to be more Pleasurable instead.   And that doesn't mean I've been Lazy mind you...

I've thrown myself wholeheartedly into a total revamp of the Front Porch and Garden at Home, totally Transforming it.  Whacking the weeds that had grown waist high on some of the Acreage with all the unseasonable rains we've had... Cleaning up debris... Gardening and Purchasing new Pots and Plants.   When it's nice outside I don't mind hard Work IF I can be outside in the Sunshine doing it... but it just bothers me to be inside when the outside is beckoning strongly.


So... though I've been Admiring what Inventory my Friends Michael and Brett have been bringing into their Spaces for the Big Sale Event... I've been lax at pricing my own Inventory.  Because doing it outside isn't all that convenient and I end up with too many interruptions by the Family to be all that productive with it anyway.   Even trying to Create this Post has had too many interruptions Truth be told... it's as if they can't stand to see me doing something that isn't all about them!  *Winks*

For some unknown reason Gardening doesn't provoke them to interrupt as frequently... probably because I could delegate Work their way and they want to avoid that like the plague!  *LOL*   I Love Gardening and being outside Working so I don't mind not having eager Volunteers to assist me... and since I can do that with little or no interruptions I've been focused in that direction while the Weather is Sublime and I can be at it for quite some time without fading.

Yes, I will probably be doing a Reveal Post in the very near Future of my Porch Transformation in Progress because I'm quite pleased with the results thus far.   But for now I'm conflicted about the NEED to get more Inventory into my Showrooms in time for the Big Sale since sales have been strong and I really do need to re-stock and replenish.   And not just be slacking and admiring what others are busy doing while I'm feeling rather like a Slacker by comparison because I've been avoiding what I should probably be about doing as well.

We have been having a lot of Fun at the Mall... Steven is such a Good Sport that when we found a Manne Head that had a striking resemblance, well, he was Game to Pose with it.    Not sure yet whether our Mannequins are turning into Employees or our Employees into Mannequins... pretty Twilight Zone really don'tcha think?  *Smiles*   

Though not such a dead ringer my Male Manne Head that I just brought into Inventory DOES have the right Name!   Next stop... The Twilight Zone!  *Winks*   And yes, I HAVE been bringing in New Inventory... just not in the volume I should and need to.   And, it's been Selling briskly so it seems like a never ending task, which is a Good Problem to have actually... but also means I need to devote more Time to it... and Time is something in short supply around here lately... I either need more hours in my day or Staff... or BOTH!  

I had a nice new mound of Vintage Luggage in one of the Showrooms and it kept turning so quickly that now I'm about out of replacements... and not really any Time to go Pickin' either for those items that Sell so strongly my Stashes are depleted as well... so whaddya gonna go?

Sold all my Band Hats as well and no more Stash... but you can still find at least one in my Friend Michael's Space and it's a beaut!   So... I should probably be getting Lunch ready for the Crew here too... and since clearly I'm NOT, they are not gonna let me forget that it's something that I can't keep putting off indefinitely like the other stuff I should probably be about doing... *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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