Sunday, March 15, 2015

Delayed Sharing...

Since I also Share on Facebook sometimes I get confused about which Images I've Shared where?  So Forgive me if I replicate a few sometimes.   Some Images are worth risking a replication and since I'm having a Major Sick Day and can't sleep because of it anyway, I'm combing thru my Photo Archives in search of Beautiful Images of Delayed Sharing to compile this Post with.  Such as my Friend Karen Valentine's Beautiful Booth at RUSTY SATURDAY.  Karen does the Colorless Palette so well and it Creates a very Serene Environment with Romantic Flair.

Yes, I'm about as Sick as I ever recall being and I don't know if I picked something up being around large crowds... or if I ate something that terribly disagreed with me?  Suffice to say I'm now Sick as a dog and absolutely Miserable... so Escaping to the Land of Blog gives me something Uplifting to do as my body battles whatever is ailing me.   I'm rarely Sick, but when I do succumb I tend to have a bad dose of whatever it is that totally takes me out of commission... this is a time such as that.  Right in the middle of the Kiddos Spring Break so they're mortified that I'm sidelined since we'd planned so many things to do together while they're out of School.  The Young Prince's week off ends Tomorrow since the High School has a different Holiday Schedule... Princess T still has another week of Break.

Prince R is also old enough to be compassionate about how Sick I am... Princess T however, is at that Age where you'd think I got Sick on Purpose just to ruin her Spring Break!  *LOL*    Like anyone would go thru all this on Purpose and be in such Misery just to spite her... Seriously Kiddo!?!??!   I'm not trying to avoid doing things with her that badly *Smiles*... but she's convinced I could just rebound from this ailment like a Spring Chickie and get with the Program!   *I Wish!!!*

With the Center of the Universe revolving around all Nine Year Old Girls I should expect this... but it still tends to hurt my one little Feeling, you know?!   *Winks*  I'm looking and feeling like Death warmed over and this Kid is only worried about what we're missing or having to cancel on account of me being so Sick!   Because when I'm down she knows everything comes to a screeching halt around here... so right now she's not exactly in my Good Graces either with the incessant question of, "Are you Feeling better yet?"   No... No I am NOT... anyone with Eyes in their head can clearly see that and I'm not a good enough Actress to fake this.   I'm thinking that this is definitely NOT the Kiddo that I'd want picking out my Nursing Home or taking care of me in my Advanced Old Age, or I'm totally screwed!  *LOL*

And I know... I know... she LOOKS so damn Cute, Loving, Sweet and Innocent that you'd never think she could be such a Cold Beast Princess would you?   And she Cleans Up so well in Public that most of her Fans can hardly Believe my Sinister Stories about her Dark Side.  *Smiles*   I Pity the Fool that falls head over heels in Love with this one when she grows up... that poor Man better have deep pockets, a tough skin and be up to a High Maintenance Gal with an Attitude, that's all I can say!  The Devil Wears Prada has NOTHING on this Kid and I'm not looking forward to the Teen Years when Hormonal Imbalance and Intensified Dramatic Behaviors set in!  *Le Sigh*  But in her defense she must have felt Guilty later Today that she's been lacking in the Compassion Department and so she went outside with her chalks and wrote how much she Loved me up and down the Street.  *Smiles*  Yes, it was Touching... she does have her Endearing Moments.

Yes, when you're a Full Time Caregiver with no backup you can't afford to get Sick so I dread when I do.   Not just because I Feel Miserable and don't have anyone to take care of me for a change... but because everything does come to a screeching halt and the trio here needs someone who could be a replacement when I'm down and trying to recover.   The Cavalry is not coming tho' so I need to bounce back as soon as I'm able... and Hope that this doesn't take me down further than I already am?!   I spent almost all of this Sabbath Day Sleeping since I felt absolutely drained and weak from being so ill and being up all Night being wretchedly nauseous and such. 

But it has been like a Good Medicine while I was up all Night doing the Bathroom Runs, to re-visit some of the Images and Places we recently visited before I began Feeling like this.  It was a Welcome Distraction while I was Feeling so Dreadful.   Enchantment and Beauty really do buoy the Spirits... Positive Energy has a Healing Touch that I always try to tap into during the more difficult times and situations that come up that aren't so Lovely.

And if you've come for a visit here Today not quite Feeling 100% either, well, I Hope that this will provide a respite from whatever you're up against and Dealing with?   Even tho' it's one of those 3:00 in the Morning Posts that might not make a lot of sense later to me... the Images will speak volumes even if I can't find the right words to go with them.  My 'shorter' Edited Posts have made it so that I have a lot of Archived Images awaiting a Post... and sometimes I forget about them or which folder they might be resting in awaiting their debut here in the Land of Blog?

Spring is such a Cheerful Time regardless of what is going on in mi Vida Loca or how I actually 'Feel'... I do find renewed Energy and Hope every Spring that New Beginnings are Possible to attain.   I probably set more Goals and Plans in Motion in the Spring than at any other Season.   I at least start many things even if finishing them becomes somewhat of a Challenge due to the Issues of Life interfering with the Grandiose Plans I have on the Canvas of my Imagination.  *Smiles*  My Projects set in Motion are abounding this time of year in fact in various stages of completion!

Right now I've been trying to finish the Studio Makeover in the Bedroom and Bathroom parts of the Cottage, which languished over the Winter and stalled out after the Main Room was completed.  I've got Spring Cleaning going on in the Gardens and in the Home... so there are a lot of irons in the fire... and I don't like being sidelined by illness either and having all those Projects in a state of suspended animation.   I actually Enjoy having a lot of things going on since it stimulates my Creativity.  I would rather a Project be Initiated than never acted upon, even if the timeline of completing it is rather vague and uncertain.

The Great Edit and Purge has slowed down but is still very much on the forefront of Goals I'm determined to accomplish in due time.   So much has gone out that I'm Feeling pretty good about it and detaching from even more with the building of momentum in the Project fueling me onwards.  I've embraced the Reality that I shall never be a Minimalist and I'll probably still end up Keeping too much by most folk's Standards... since I am a Human Magpie and so it's just my Nature.  But Curating the Collections has been empowering and quite liberating.  I haven't even missed what has been edited and purged.

And I have to admit that Visiting The Land Of Blog has helped me to see how others Edit, Curate and show Restraint in their Decorating and Collecting of Found Objects.   I do Note what I like best about each Image or Space and how that could help me to Transform my own Spaces?   I'm definitely a Work In Progress, but then I suppose most of us are, aren't we?  There is always room for improvement and transformation.   And as soon as I'm feeling better I'll be right back at it in earnest... because I have even more delayed Sharing to bring to you my Friends.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. So sorry your sick! Gosh you did a terrific post to be feeling so bad! Hope tomorrow is a much better feeling day!


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